1. Chart for $SKUL athlete Mick Fanning s publicity level post-shark attack, article below shows missed mktg opportunity

  2. $SKUL - Aaayyyy! You d think they were going bankrupt... I don t care what the analyst say this isn t gonna be 14$ anytime soon.

  3. Earnings announcement: $SKUL is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Aug 6 2015

  4. $SKUL - want to buy in at this 7.50 but see nothing to suggest it is going anywhere but possibly down.

  5. $SKUL -seems to be stuck here near the $7.50 level. Needs positive news before heading up.

  6. Skullcandy hires Harman vet to be its engineering chief http://seekingalpha.com/news/2630845-skullcandy-hires-harman-vet-to-be-its-engineering-chief?source=tweet $SKUL $HAR

  7. $SKUL wth is going on?

  8. $SKUL I doubt this stays under $8 much longer, leading up to Q2 release.

  9. Who noticed the recent management buying at Skullcandy? $SKUL

  10. $SKUL waiting on this to be back to $8

  11. @bobsmith19801980: $SKUL - low volume day not helping the $ - AND I REITERATE, LOW VOLUME...BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...

  12. $SKUL Yikes... this is some anemic volume. Purchased some at 7.48. I got the last run up above 8 correct. Heres hoping that happens again :)

  13. @bobsmith19801980: $SKUL - JUST LIKE LAST THURSDAYS... low volume day not helping the $

  14. Skullcandy $SKUL received a Buy rating from Seeking Alpha 3-star Blogger Travis Brown https://www.tipranks.com/email-alert/45e20839-78e4-4182-972b-f6e598c657bd

  15. $SKUL - low volume day not helping the $

  16. $SKUL revenue growth of 18% for 13- 14; Turtle Beach 4%... $HEAR sales -49% for Q1 Y/Y & mere 16% gross margin. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3290845-bullish-sentiment-for-turtle-beach-corp-deaf-to-losses-and-skullcandys-resounding-growth

  17. Bullish Sentiment For $HEAR: Deaf To Losses And $SKUL s Resounding Growth by Travis Brown. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3290845-bullish-sentiment-for-turtle-beach-corp-deaf-to-losses-and-skullcandys-resounding-growth

  18. $SKUL this is all over the place.

  19. $SKUL Institutional ownership up 13.11% Q/Q, with 2,393,850 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/SKUL

  20. @bobsmith19801980: $SKUL - looking to add at the end of the day if it stays below 8. - Just added 1000K @ 7.92

  21. $SKUL - looking to add at the end of the day if it stays below 8.

  22. Skullcandy $SKUL received a Buy rating and $14 price target from D.A. Davidson 4-star Analyst Andrew Burns https://www.tipranks.com/email-alert/14aa9a0f-5666-40de-92d0-8fce8e0295e5

  23. Skullcandy s buy rating reiterated at DA Davidson. $14.00 PT. http://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NASDAQ/SKUL/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $SKUL

  24. $SKUL Just got my new Skullcandy Grind. Sound great.