1. $SKX What do you think that will be the price after the split?

  2. $SKX Not great relative strength, but heck, I ll take it. :/ Better than nothing.

  3. Skechers U.S.A healthy balance sheet with low debt $SKX:

  4. $SKX As of Friday’s close, shares are now +100% above their 2/12 BUY PRICE of $65.86.

  5. $SKX (+100% profit) broke below its 50DMA and did not participate in Friday’s rally.

  6. Selections such as $STZ, $SKX, $PANW, $ULTA and $EPAM are a few to still consider as pontential buys.

  7. $NKE sold as soon as new highs hit. $FL $SKX $UA $LULU might get hit too

  8. $skx out stop -25%

  9. $skx long gap fill

  10. $SKX come on sketch rally

  11. For the current price to be considered fair value, $SKX has to grow roughly 22% per year for the next 10 years.

  12. Big Wave Trading Weekend Update $STUDY $BIS $SRTY $ANAC $SKX $PAYC $COKE $ABMD $TVIX $NFLX $WFM $CBS $BIDU $FIT $MU

  13. $skx 10wma breakdown. sidenote:bit biased as i have no idea who wears sketchers ha

  14. $GPRO $SKX $SPY Looks like a correction not a bear market

  15. $SKX This is a great entry point, plus you will get the 3 for 1 split that s coming. Added more yesterday and adding more today.

  16. $SKX p/e of 32 too high. Wait for it to come down for a good entry point.

  17. $skx 3 for 1 10/16 $iwm close 108 we go 60% short$QQQ and $spy posting , fin basing, $iwm and $dia and $gld not good Wolfe RE s rec rails

  18. $SKX Don t forget LA Gear split as well, then it quickly went downhill. Greenberg will be laughing all the way to the bank, AGAIN!

  19. $SKX With the deadline to own before the split being 10/2, I am expecting a pretty good rally tomorrow

  20. $skx Expect to see the company DOMINATE in the future

  21. $AAPL $GPRO $SKX Wow... Tesla is getting slaughtered. The bubble has finally popped. How low can it go? $TSLA

  22. Vetr users have downgraded Skechers U.S.A.,... to a BUY Rating (4 stars), giving $SKX a target price of $146.21 https://www.vetr.com/research/NYSE:SKX

  23. $SKX looks vulnerable to plunging .. 75 anyone ?

  24. $SKX Back to green

  25. MT @dpinsen: Advice from an old economist: Worry about what you haven t been hearing about http://seekingalpha.com/article/3541486-building-a-black-swan-proof-portfolio $AMZN $CELG $UA $SKX