1. $SLCA $FMSA $HCLP $EMES still good to me

  2. Covered Call Alert: US SILICA HOLDINGS $SLCA returning up to 17.55% through 16-Dec-2016 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2016/06/24/covered-call-alert-us-silica-holdings-slca-returning-up-to-17-55-through-16-dec-2016/

  3. $EMES low market cap for frac 277m. $slca 2.6bil $fmsa 1.3bil $hclp 581m. Look for $emes to soar.

  4. $SLCA awesome day here. 52 wk high. i love this ticker.

  5. Trades $LJPC $X $SLCA $AMD $HST http://www.upstockstrading.com/2016/06/upstockstrading-daily-newsletter-trades-3/

  6. $SLCA 37 Calls SELLING Activity expiring on 15th Jul, Vol 932 @ IS


  8. $SITE $SLCA $CRUS $PATK $DW $NVDA $CSAL $NANO $FONR each day I find myself selling more and more, buying nothing. Some I sold early but $$$

  9. I am hoping my new pick is a good @MTCH for my portfolio. Hoping to stay long for a couple weeks. Also added some $SLCA


  11. Торговая идея по $SLCA : Шортить по 35 с целью 34.40

  12. $VEEV $UBNT $ZEN $YNDX $BSFT $SLCA $TXN $TYC winners winning, mostly for investors tho, hard to chase

  13. $SLCA from blog, nice and high.

  14. $SLCA #breakout #resistance 34.73 detected 9:34 AM, Jun 23 EDT; recent #support 32.69 https://goo.gl/VIfqea

  15. $slca got stopped out 34.6 oye this range ha

  16. $slca took some long 34.8 for a daytrade

  17. $SLCA decent intraday flag.

  18. We have breakout! $SLCA $KBH $SGY price broken 60 days high. https://goo.gl/BMAIin #stocks

  19. $SLCA 52 wk high

  20. $EMES $SLCA $HCLP $FMSA point higher

  21. $SLCA go baby go

  22. $SLCA why the ah drop?

  23. $SLCA $FMSA $HCLP want higher.

  24. In Strong Long-Term Up Trend via @SparkFin http://sparkfin.com/share/decks/2c7fd286-53f5-4ab5-be57-0e7225e158a2?timestamp=1466548360.0&range=1d&u1=a221132c-1641-44fb-8642-6a55f2599c2a $AMD $RYI $SLCA $YRD great list

  25. $SLCA on swing watch Weds as we are seeing a move up in materials. Looking for this to break 34.70