1. @chessNwine: Stock Market Video Recap from Earlier: http://y.ahoo.it/XhkUSpon $SLV $SPY $STUDY

  2. Stock Market Video Recap from Earlier: http://y.ahoo.it/pEv0J8zh $SLV $SPY $STUDY

  3. $GLD $SLV Check it out, every 8 PM Japan BOJ in Action.. They are manipulating in Criminal Circle, Japan, London, USA. Check 8 PM candles.

  4. $SLV is trading at support! but be careful http://y.ahoo.it/B43VsFuC

  5. $AGQ $SLV could not fill gap as $GLD did..BTW-i abhor being bearish on metals http://y.ahoo.it/6RLIqsSc

  6. $GDX $GLD $SLV rebound tomorrow. $SLV $10 clowns can go to sleep forever. $19 and change for a moment, if you get lucky.

  7. Look a likes, misery loves company! $GDX $GLD $SLV $AAPL Oh Nooo! #Gumby #Sluggo #Pokie http://y.ahoo.it/XGED1CTk

  8. UPDATED $SLV $AGQ $SILVER chart - Just starting downward trend - hold on to your skirt http://y.ahoo.it/aSJ2zK0v

  9. $SSRI $PAAS $SLW is Trading with the price of $SLV and same on $GLD and the $SIL $GDX $GDXJ $RING All Miners are not created equal IMO Gifts

  10. $SLV is trading at support! but be careful http://y.ahoo.it/wzuMBmhq

  11. Looks like $SLV has a bit lower to go before a possible bounce. http://y.ahoo.it/aTdyavHY

  12. Soon you can use your Physical Silver / Coins to buy a Big Mac at $MCD , and you will still owe a few bucks - #phyiscalmeansjack$%^& $SLV

  13. @OMillionaires: $SI_F under $22 and things will get very interesting $SLV $AGQ #SILVER

  14. @skyzer Don shoot the messenger -its headed to sub $10 $SLV

  15. @DarkPools and that would matter to traders of $SLV why?

  16. $SLV - new decline low set, stop level improved http://y.ahoo.it/z9QBqbOc

  17. @traderblast $slv may go to $9, but an ounce of real silver delivered to your door will still be $20+

  18. $SLV @traderblast SLV $9? Too high, we can go to $Zero, bro, keep charting. But At $9 I think FED and FOMC might have to Dig $SLV themselves

  19. $SLV http://y.ahoo.it/f4SQIJks from http://y.ahoo.it/ou9rdtc3 We re looking for a DROP of 50% from here to $9ish.

  20. $SI_F $SLV $SILVER noting spot mkt did not print a lower low today / feel it best to avoid for now http://y.ahoo.it/hK2zJQsw

  21. how s that for Freudian slips: false PROPHETS, not false PROFITS.... $SLV $GLD $SI_F $GC_F

  22. sad to watch the continued cognitive dissonance in the metals rationalization. charlatans and false profits abound $GC_F $SI_F $GLD $SLV.

  23. NEW POST: Stock #Market Recap 05/15/13 {Video} http://y.ahoo.it/l10zyFfw $ALU $CMG $FSL $GLD $GOOG $IWM $NFLX $QQQ $SLV $SMH $SPY $TXN $Z

  24. $SLV @chartseer new low for silver Well excuse me, to be exact New low for SLV, not for Silver, What does it tells you? SLV is fraud.

  25. $SLV new low for silver http://y.ahoo.it/RqCzlaNm