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  3. Take a look at the CEO and management team at $SLW:

  4. $SLW why is this trending?

  5. Take a look at the CEO and management team at $SLW:


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  10. $SLW Great time to do credit spreads. Consolidation (seems to be the common theme)

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  12. $SLW struggling to climb

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  18. $SLW This will be a rough ending for MEA ls this week. $PAAS $AA $meta

  19. $SLW Strength Triggers a Near-Term Buy Signal that Has Significant Upside Potential (for The Miners) https://www.mptrader.com/middayminute/SLW-Strength-Triggers-a-Near-Term-Buy-Signal-that-Has-Significant-Upside-Potential-for-The-Miners-201511193235.html When $SLW has...


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  23. From yesterday: A Seasonal Trade in Silver http://energyandgold.com/2015/11/18/a-seasonal-trade-in-silver/ $SI_F $SLV $SLW

  24. $SLW was waiting for 11.50. Might not get it

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