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  4. Silver streamer $SLW , Bearish in S/T, if S at 25.09 fails then next level of S at 23.90; Swing Position

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  6. Rolling up $ANF, Switching out $GLD for $SLW

  7. $SLW covered ah yesterday. Not tracking silver down

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  10. $SLW Bearish Megaphone Top suggests that stock price may fall from the close of 25.32 to the range of 23.40 - 23.80 if S at 25.09 fails.

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  15. $GG $SLW 8/18/2014 http://y.ahoo.it/fAAn8hW6 NWO Agenda 21 boarder failure UN armor trucks & military weapons police murder gold & silver ponzi

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  17. $GG $SLW 8/18/2014 TGLDX $44.67 +0.35 >-.50% What do you get keeping money in the bank? In the stock market before 2008? Obamacare? Options?

  18. $SLW not going down while $SLV does. I don t understand

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  20. Bought to close $SLW with 2% annual gain #options #trade

  21. $SLW last time silver was at this level, slw was hitting 19 s- there is a major disconnect with the metals and miners

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  23. $SLW Wow! put in an inside week, will have to watch. $XME has been rising. http://y.ahoo.it/TvonuiWP

  24. $GG $SLW 8/15/2014 TGLDX $44.52 -0.29 the next bankster fall 1% growth GDP Janet Yellen peddle to the metal miners in the lead on the way up

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