1. $SLW 15`s nice overnighter...baa

  2. $SLW What s going on after hrs, gold mines gaining.

  3. $SLW Get on the precious metal choo choo!

  4. $SLW What a friendly stock, not used to this kind of treatment. This is gold s moment, $1300, here it comes, I m gonna need a truck.

  5. $SLW picking this up in 13s is nice.

  6. $SLW Hold the line and consolidate!

  7. $SLW Just got in and I m already green! I m gonna like it here.

  8. $SLW Lets see how this ends today. Maybe $13?

  9. $SLW Will get my feet wet 2morrow on this puppy and will come back this summer with 2 suitcases. Think this is an exellent $maker.

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  13. $SLW I m hoping to buy at $10.5. I missed my chance 20th January. Finally a red day!

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  20. $SLW has risen too far too fast and might be due for a pullback.

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