1. Farhnom Report Feb 7, 16 $USDCAD #YELLEN $SPX $DXY $SLX $UNG $BRF $EWI $GDX $XBI https://farhnom.wordpress.com/2016/02/08/farhnom-report-february-7-2016/?platform=hootsuite

  2. $SLX its about F**king time!

  3. $SLX Bought 100s on Tuesday. Anyone else calling a bottom?

  4. Farhnom Report Jan 31, 16 #BOJ #NFP $GBPCAD $SPX $TWTR $XPO $USO $SLX $DBA $BRF $EWI $GDX $XBI https://farhnom.wordpress.com/2016/02/01/farhnom-report-january-31-2016/?platform=hootsuite

  5. Why I Am Not Worried About The Market $CEW $DBC $EWH $EWZ $FXI $KBE $SLX $SPY $USO http://seekingalpha.com/article/3834796-worried-market

  6. $SLX VEDL.BO Down -7.99% and RIO.L -3.92% in international, day early with the short, but it s coming down today.

  7. History tells us wheither we should be buying or selling here: http://crackedmarket.com/2016/01/what-does-history-tell-us/ $SPY $SLX $ES_F $QQQ $IWM $QQQ

  8. $SLX No help from China

  9. $ADM $ALL $CAG $CSX $FPI $HCP $KMI $KORS $NAT $POT $RSO $RESI $SDS $SIR $SLX $SQ $TAN $USO $WDC still long not selling N IT W WIN IT!

  10. Oil isn t the only commodity at multi-year lows: Copper $JJC, White mtls ($PALL $SPPP $WITE), Miners ($SIL $XME), Steel $SLX.

  11. $ADM $ALL $CAG $CSX $FPI $HCP $KMI $KORS $NAT $POT $RSO $RESI $SDS $SIR $SLX $SQ $TAN $USO $ WDC long not selling

  12. New Post - Is It Time To Fade The Rally In US Steel Corp (X)? http://www.seeitmarket.com/time-to-fade-the-rally-in-us-steel-corp-stock-x-15120/ by @MitchellKWarren $X $NUE $AKS $SLX

  13. Another strong day for global equities. $XLE, $SLX, and $XME lead. $TLT and $VIX lagged. #DetrickDailyScorecard

  14. $SLX Taxes on Chinese imports. Not very likely but rumor could influence $SLX http://www.ibtimes.com/us-calls-256-tariff-chinese-steel-imports-2237808

  15. It Could be Another Rough Year for This ETF http://www.etftrends.com/2015/12/it-could-be-another-rough-year-for-this-etf/ $SLX

  16. Stocks related to a recovery in China are leading the Santa Claus rally. $CAT $ZMT.CA $SLX $COPX

  17. Tis the season for steel stocks to move higher! $SLX $X, $NUE

  18. Steel stocks are recovering from deeply oversold levels $SLX $X. Year end bounce on beaten down stocks has started

  19. $SLX and the companies within it will stabilize and move up on the recently passed transportation bill #2016guesses

  20. $SLX ETF announced a special dividend date of December 21, 2015 and will pay out a dividend of 1.043 for each share - http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/slx/dividend-history

  21. Commodity/Sector/Currency all-time lows (post etf debut): $COW $GLD $IAU $SLX $OIL $FRAK $DBC $SEA $FXC.

  22. Farhnom Report Dec 13, 15 #FOMC #ECB $DXY $NZDUSD $SPX $NDX $RUT $TLT $USO $KOL $SLX $FXI $EIRL $EWD $EEM $XLU $OIH https://farhnom.wordpress.com/2015/12/13/farhnom-report-december-13-2015/?platform=hootsuite

  23. $X $SLX & affliate spaces ww

  24. $IWM $IBB $XRT $XLE Red. $TAN leading $GLD $XME $SLX not so bad

  25. $CMC $NUE $SLX > $MT $X $GGB $VALE c