1. $SMSI 1,80-2$ monday on good earnings

  2. $GIG And $SMSI hold both for earnings. SMSI turned profit last Quater expecting higher profit this Q. Expect revenue improvements for GIG

  3. $SMSI Interesting it s still holding at what I bought in at. Can t hold forever so maybe a small move before the weekend and I am out.

  4. $SMSI Short sellers are down, on average, .08 per share. It only takes one short to cover to start a intraday squeeze.

  5. $SMSI When is earning report?

  6. $SMSI Intraday Short squeeze coming. Intraday SqueezeTrigger Price: $1.47. 20% short volume on the day.

  7. $SMSI like i said! Over 1,50 And Will close green

  8. $SMSI little bit of a pick up

  9. $SMSI this Will close Above 1,50 And maybe green. Mark my words

  10. $SMSI There s roughly 51.2K in short interest today at an average price of 1.46. Any quick surge in PPS, they all get burned.

  11. $SMSI added 5k on 1,435

  12. $SMSI Ran out of gas. That s all folks

  13. $SMSI, $GPRK And $GIG all ready for Nice breakouts. Add SMSI Above 1.60. Gprk Above 5.10 And gig Above 1.48.

  14. $VGGL expecting a wild swing in this today maybe a 2.5-3.5 range $SMSI another one cthat can move but earnings coming cd hld it hold it bk

  15. @valdo_427 on my watch list $GBSN (there s no such thing as enough) $SMSI $ENZN on my the FCK list $NYMX $SPHS $BIOC

  16. $SMSI @mw92101 Read the article. Don t see how ur getting a negative from it.

  17. $SMSI read mashable article on FI Google news is not good. This is a blatant pump and dump.

  18. @jbmarwood: This week s picks $SMSI http://jbmarwood.com/this-weeks-stock-picks-04-19-15/ Saw a nice profit on $SMSI yesterday

  19. $SMSI going up before an earnings rpt. Rumors everywhere

  20. 20 Biggest Gainers today: $GEVO $GBSN $DSKX $CAMP $ZHNE $CCIH $PKT $AEC $TRMR $UEC $SMSI $ONVO $VSI $NKA $BVX $VASC

  21. Gainers-2 $MCHX 14%, $SMSI 14%, $DWCH 14%, $LEU 13%, $AMSC 13%, $VASC 13%, $VSI 13%, $UEC 13%, $ATRA 12%, $TRMR 12%, $VGGL 12%, 11%

  22. $SMSI added another 5k on 1,50 target 1.90-2,20$

  23. $SMSI Short Squeeze Trigger set at 1.51

  24. $SMSI Watching 1.56 for upside volume breakout. Swing target above $1.73, takes us to $2.50 minimum.

  25. $SMSI small position of 3k at 1.50 let s see how the news affects this one.