1. $F $GPRO $MSFT $TWTR $APOL $CELG $GILD $TMO $VNTV $CHD $UA $SNE gbsn director gets 1.9 million shares

  2. Does a Blockbuster Movie Make a Blockbuster Trade? Words of caution on the podcast: $DIS $TWX $LGF $SNE http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/199437/does-a-blockbuster-movie-make-a-blockbuster-trade?cid=SM-stocktwits-HL-199437

  3. Wow, $SNE is near $20 now? This Bear market sucks since I feel like this stock is worth more then that, but it could be a good opportunity.

  4. $SNE Sharpening Its Focus on Streaming and Online Game Services With A Consolidation http://senecaglobe.com/sony-corporation-nysesne-sharpening-its-focus-on-streaming-and-online-game-services-with-a-consolidation/313514/

  5. (VIDEO) Embrace Darkness With New Dark Souls 3 thrilling Trailer! | $SNE $MSFT http://www.bidnessetc.com/63078-embrace-the-darkness-with-new-dark-souls-iii-trailer/

  6. New Street Fighter V TRAILER with Nash, M. Bison, Necalli, and Ryu! Feb16 launch PS4 $SNE http://www.bidnessetc.com/63065-new-cg-trailer-for-street-fighter-v-comes-to-life/

  7. ALERT: New Stochastic signal created on $SNE - Direction: High at 2418.25 - Time: 23:46 - Strength: 9.

  8. Don t see too much synergy between $UA and $GPRO. $SNE is a better fit. http://www.benzinga.com/news/16/02/6225822/gopro-trading-higher-barrons-mentioned-sony-under-armour-could-be-interested-in-a

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  12. $AMD - VRLA Virtual Reality Event Mirrors The Explosive Growth Of The VR Industry $MSFT $SNE $SSNLF $GOOG $AAPL http://www.forbes.com/sites/moorinsights/2016/02/08/vrla-virtual-reality-event-mirrors-the-explosive-growth-of-the-vr-industry/amp/

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  15. On The Fly: Top five weekend stock stories - $F,$GPRO,$MSFT,$TWTR,$APOL,$CELG,$GILD,$TMO,$VNTV,$CHD,$UA,$SNE http://thefly.com/landingPageNews.php?id=2324404&headline=F;GPRO;MSFT;TWTR;APOL;CELG;GILD;TMO;VNTV;CHD;UA;SNE-On-The-Fly-Top-five-weekend-stock-stories

  16. Kung Fu Panda defends top spot as undead Jane Austen misses - $DWA,$FOX,$FOXA,$CMCSA,$CMCSK,$DIS,$LGF,$SNE http://thefly.com/landingPageNews.php?id=2324388&headline=DWA;FOX;FOXA;CMCSA;CMCSK;DIS;LGF;SNE-Kung-Fu-Panda-defends-top-spot-as-undead-Jane-Austen-misses

  17. Box Office: Coens Hail Ceasar DOA, Kung Fu Panda Holds #1 Spot $CMCSA, $DWA, $DIS, $LGF, $SNE, $VIA http://www.livetradingnews.com/box-office-coens-hail-ceasar-doa-kung-fu-panda-holds-1-spot-131132.htm

  18. Box Office Battle: Kung Fu Panda 3 expected to remain on top - $DWA,$SNE,$VIAB,$FOXA,$FOX,$DIS,$LGF,$VIA,$CMCSA,$TWX,$CMCSK

  19. Watching $SNE is fascinating to me. I feel like it s undervalued after their latest earnings and strong PS4 sales. Especially in the US.

  20. How Major Studios Are Advertising During Super Bowl 50 $CMCSA $DIS $FOXA $SNE $VIAB $TWX http://www.benzinga.com/news/16/02/6220193/how-major-studios-are-advertising-during-super-bowl-50

  21. $AMD Reveals World s First Hardware-Virtualized GPU Product Line. $AAPL $FB $SNE $SSNLF $MSFT http://www.streetinsider.com/dr/news.php?id=11266583

  22. $SNE Expects Dual-Camera Feature To Become Popular In 2017- $MFL $NEWR http://senecaglobe.com/sony-corporation-nysesne-expects-dual-camera-feature-to-become-popular-in-2017-nysemfl-nysenewr/313243/

  23. ALERT: New MACD signal created on $SNE - Direction: Low at 2599.25 - Time: 04:00 - Strength: 10.

  24. $HIMX $KOPN $SNE ,you nuts..short this here..go for it

  25. $HIMX Proprietary Trader, why don t you just stay on $KOPN , AR/VR will have more than one, or, two, players. Think Sony $SNE Walkman.