1. $SNGX Starting to turnaround.

  2. $SNGX Such a deep, well funded and developed pipeline, can t believe the market cap. Kirk too!

  3. $SNGX Call CEO, agree payment structure, release DD, commission news released next day. CEO and directors sell, jbem sells, BOOM. Stock tank

  4. $SNGX When are they going to fix the darn ticker on ST? This has been wrong for weeks now!

  5. $SNGX pretty bold claim joshpatten. You know it s a lie and was clearly identified in jbems email this morning. This spam just be deleted.

  6. $SNGX ....Stockpalooza.com leading the short list of stock promoters, garnering $150,000 in compensation.

  7. $SNGX https://stockpromoters.com/news/pump-helps-soligenix-stock-to-jump-148.aspx

  8. $SNGX $SYN $AVXL all have the potential to explode

  9. $SNGX coming back! Also, AVXL!

  10. $SNGX added

  11. $SNGX My 1.79 will most likely hit and then ill stay tight on my around 2 cost average.

  12. $SNGX Usually, the buy zone is slightly between what the bashers and the pampers say it is.

  13. $SNGX alright fellas it s almost in the buy zone.....patience

  14. $SNGX No near term catalyst for a long time. Could drop to $1.50-$1.60

  15. $SNGX my watchlist is a bloodbath today, this is the only green on one of them

  16. $SNGX more bleeding.....

  17. $SNGX no words but deeds please

  18. $SNGX and I m not wishing anyone bad on here including Irishman lol even though he called me stupid and moronic...good luck to everyone

  19. $SNGX I m still bullish long term as in 2016-2017 but my pick for this year is cprx look into it you ll thank me later

  20. $SNGX support is usually in the 1.50 range that s when we were always buyers and usually sellers around the 1.80 level

  21. @jbem777 $SNGX The selling pressure has been relentless since day 1. Unbelievable. Any idea why?

  22. $SNGX I wish you guys had consulted me and pusher84 on this stock s tendencies and trading patterns before getting in

  23. $SNGX get ready to pull the trigger if u want a position in this. Another 20 cents before I get in. But not yet. Not yet

  24. $SNGX still bullish LT but looks like it wants that $1.75 50ma

  25. $SNGX The selling pressure has been relentless since day 1. Unbelievable.