1. $SNSS - http://y.ahoo.it/YUIZo01u - Upside Blowoff - 15 Minute Down Reversal - Red bar after 7 green bars

  2. $SNSS bargain price at these levels

  3. @micheleciani $MACK not double-blinded, $SNSS double-blinded. Does this change opinions on $MACK at all in favor of $SNSS

  4. @Meddoc2006 There s no FDA meeting on Sunesis this yr. There s no ADCOM. $SNSS r unblinding data in 3Q, so 9/30 is the last date of Q3 14

  5. $SNSS Anticipation will start to build before ADCOM on 9/30

  6. $SNSS Short term move will be above $8

  7. $SNSS Reentering

  8. $MACK $SNSS 2 Biotech Stocks to Watch: Merrimack Pharmaceuticals and Sunesis Pharmaceuticals http://y.ahoo.it/Hw9GpO7w

  9. $SNSS This is a bargain price right now

  10. $SNSS I ll def. revisit 2-4 weeks prior to data release but for now this is sideways-down like all other bio non-runups.

  11. $SNSS I m out here.Run ups rn t the same any more w/Bio & the wider market.This is prob going to fill the gap I should have waited 4 b4.

  12. $SNSS You know the market stinks when you re taking solace in stocks you re long sucking less than the wider sector, NASDAQ or DOW.

  13. $SNSS Setting stop @ 10% entry-5.29. If the overall bio/market dive continues, cash will be king.

  14. $RNN &PPHM $SNSS $SSH $KOOL $IBB $BIS 4/11/14 - Biotech Black Friday or Biotech Bounce Friday? Taking bets now. BTW, this isn t a Ponzi ;)

  15. $SNSS FWIW, 5.88 limit order here to open a starter and see how it pans out into June. Will avg down if it does in fact fill that mid 5 gap.

  16. $SNSS Market s still manic, esp w/Bio. Glad I didn t chase this yesterday. Catalysts coming up w/prob +data. Scaling in2 a pos is prob ideal

  17. $IBB Biotech down - good buy ops $ISR $IPCI $CYTR $AGEN $PGNX $SNTA $CCXI $SNSS $CPRX $CPHI and many more. BTDB

  18. @StockSurfing whats your PT for $SNSS and $LQDT ?

  19. $AMPE $APPY $CYTK $MNKD $PRAN $SNSS. My watchlist!

  20. $SNSS Positive results, great confidence. This will run back up to $8 range

  21. $SNSS @GeggySants no other explanation as to why this sold off the way it did. AACR should reaffirm confidence. u might have missed buy opp

  22. $SNSS @GeggySants if the markets and biotech sector start to recover this week and into next, I think this returns back to low 7s

  23. $SNSS Climbing on about 10% normal vol early.Want 2c it hold the 6.20 range b4 buying next leg 2 mid 6.Hope I didn t miss the 580-590 range

  24. Biotech Volatile Stocks: Agios Pharmaceuticals $AGIO, Sunesis $SNSS, Intrexon $XON, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals $MACK http://y.ahoo.it/B8tty9qW