1. $SNSS just was for last 5 to 10 minutes before EOD for this to bounce back up to $1

  2. $SNSS new study on untreated patients will show real result data on effectiveness and other things they are looking at #SNSS #profit

  3. $SNSS I think I am going to put an order in for 60k shares at $.95 and see if I get any today ir next couple of days.

  4. $SNSS this will bounce back up to at least $1 by EOD, whether naturally or by company executive manipulation

  5. The primary endpoint of the study is rate of complete remission, including complete remission with incomplete blood count recovery. $SNSS

  6. older w/ previously untreated acute myeloid leukemia. $SNSS

  7. $SNSS If this doesn t close over 1, it will have to start the consecutive day requirement all over again to avoid delisting.

  8. Sunesis Pharma ($SNSS) First patient treated in an investigator-sponsored pilot study of Vosaroxin & Oytarabine in adult pts age 60 yrs and

  9. $SNSS Got SNSS for 0.95. Stop is 0.94

  10. *Sunesis Pharma Initiates IU Pilot Study Of Vosaroxin, Cytarabine Treatment In ~17 Patients 60 Years or Older With Untreated AML $SNSS

  11. My Watches for 12/1 (Short and Long): $NCTY $RPRX $FOLD $EFUT $CLVS $AXPW $GENE $KBIO $AVXL $GLBL $SNSS $ETSY $GENE

  12. $SNSS Any upcoming expectations for FDA approval or submission?

  13. $SNSS Hopefully it can stay above 1 for at least long enough to avoid delisting!

  14. $SNSS this baby needs some cheerleaders! today s news should be shouted from roofs...

  15. $SNSS steady rise at reasonable volume

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  19. $SNSS great News, may see $3 soon.

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  21. $SNSS European Patent Covering Vosaroxin Combination Use In AML And Other Hematologic Malignancies (Healthcare)

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