1. $SNSS Am seeing $2.99- $3.06 coming soon.

  2. SNSS - Technical analysis trends (Day Update) - $SNSS http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2014/12/snss-technical-analysis-trends-day.html

  3. $IBIO One day I will see that .77. $SNSS Great $ROX Drunk $SPEX Comfort $YOD Slow $CPRX OMG lawyers folks leaving? $ZQK OK $NETE Please move

  4. $SNSS Held up well today! Also keeping gains from yesterday. Looks like we might head $2.99 soon enough!

  5. 2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist Announced http://www.thelifesciencesreport.com/pub/na/16417 $AGTC $CANF $LBIO $MEIP $ONTY $PPHM $SNSS $THLD $VSTM $SNTA $TGTX

  6. It s going to be a merry xmas thanks to $PHMD and $SNSS. Still great opportunities for swings and day trades left for these two this week

  7. $SNSS L2 looks good. see some shorts lining up at 2.60 but plenty of support at 2.55 http://stocktwits.com/message/30416606

  8. $SNSS broke the $2.60 resistance watching again

  9. Looks like $SNSS is going to go lower I m out will wait for bottom once again.

  10. $SNSS 3$ until the end of the day

  11. $SNSS continues upwards today steadily filling that gap down.

  12. $SNSS @annamilana I know you re excited but please no more of this to the moon spam. I do hope we hit 3$ but coaching won t get it there.

  13. $SNSS hard for the market to look more green than +250 = no correlation - all news related here

  14. $SNSS yes we will see 3 today

  15. $SNSS if the market start look more green its will get there

  16. $SNSS 3$ TODAY!

  17. $SNSS COMEEEE ONNN 3$ 4 5

  18. @mscarol02 Coal/Energy Oil etc..yupers folks. Buy em low, won t be long until rebound. Bio Catalyst like $SNSS $CPRX got my love for sure

  19. $SNSS one of the best stocks 4 is comming faster than i think

  20. $SNSS Happy ending!

  21. $ONVO, $CYCC, $BIOS, $SNSS, $BAS, $DRAG, $AZFL, $CANF Nice runners into close

  22. $SNSS I ll take this close any day of the week. Huge percentage gain. http://stocktwits.com/message/30376326

  23. $SNSS go baby go!

  24. $SNSS place your bets. EOD run to 2.55 or do u think the day traders are gonna cash out sending it back to 2.45.

  25. $SNSS Going to take a bit off the table 260 but long and strong this puppy.