1. Weekly Trade Recap 11/17 - 11/25. Traded: $AVXL $CRMT $MCUR $KBIO $TVIX $VLTC $SNSS $BONT Watching: $EFUT $ETSY


  3. $CYCC #ASH15 abstract #HDAC Inhibition Induces microRNA-182 Rad51 #Sapacitabine in AML https://ash.confex.com/ash/2015/webprogram/Paper81452.html $SNSS $ONTX $AGIO $AEZS $KBIO

  4. and $CYCC still trading under cash Market Cap: $24.64M Cash/Marketable Securities: $26.90M Quarters of Cash Left: 6.11 $SNSS $KBIO $AEZS

  5. $SNSS where is the management of this company? After FDA s rejection they r planning EU submission which will take >1yr for decision.

  6. $TVIX last clearance sale was @ $6.14 $spy catch the ride! $SNSS $SUNE $spy

  7. $CYCC DD http://bridgeandtunnelinvestor.com/thread/1263/cycc-cyclacel$SNSS $ASTX $ONTX $PFE $NVS $MRK $LLY for their CDK programs - CYCC deep pipeline multiple drugs and indic

  8. Finally sold $AVXL $AXPW $SNSS Holding $PIRS $XOMA Profit: $12,700.00

  9. Watchlist for Wednesday 11 / 19: $GLBL $TVIX $EYEG $SUNE $XOMA $MNKD $SNSS $FMI $FOLD $VCYT $EFUT $CDNA $HART $SPHS $AXPW $AVXL $KBIO

  10. $SNSS Looking to enter. I think it has a big run coming, similar to $XOMA

  11. @azl441 $SNSS did as I said it would do of going to $.89 (actually $.91) today. made my profit. need to stay my gut - as sold out at $.875

  12. $SNSS opened small position.

  13. $SNSS watching this one

  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aB3v_pS8KSU&feature=youtu.be How I made $10K using a $33K account on $CLVS today Trading Tomorrow: $TVIX $SUNE $HERO $KBIO $EFUT $XOMA $SNSS

  15. Trade Recap 11/16. Traded: $CLVS $TVIX Watching: $EFUT $MYON $SWIR $EFUT $ADAP $XNPT $XOMA $SNSS $EVGN $TVIX

  16. Palo Alto Investors, LLC appears to have added to its $SNSS position in the most recent quarter http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryh/?id=2189808

  17. $SNSS been looking for an entry point with this for a while. Might be getting close.

  18. $SNSS doomed?

  19. $SNSS missed my sell at $.89 by $.0025. so close. It will bounce back up there within next couple of days if not today or tomorrow

  20. Trade Recap 11/13. Traded: $VIPS $FOSL $TVIX $LPCN Watching: $SPY $FOLD $SYPR $SNSS $SCLN $MNKD $VTL $UQM $MYL $XIV

  21. $SNSS What s the prediction / price target if EU approval is assumed?

  22. We believe there is ample precedent for European approval of $SNSS s Qinprezo - Matthew Andrews. Read more: http://www.thelifesciencesreport.com/pub/co/4735?

  23. $SNSS released 3rd qrt financial report. looks very promising. reduced loss, possible/very likely European approval. http://www.xbrl4.org/regulators/seeReport.jsp?documentKey=http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1061027/000156459015005869/snss-20150630.xml

  24. RT HCW $CYCC Pivotal #AML Study On Track for 1H16 Readout higher cash than marketcap $SNSS $ONTX $PFE $NVS $BMY $LLY

  25. $CYCC Pivotal AML Study On Track for 1H16 Readout - more cash than marketcap !!! CDK $PFE $NVS $BMY $LLY $SNSS $ONTX