1. These should be on your watchlist Long $LRAD(holding) $ISNS $ALIM(holding) $PSDV $SNSS(holding) Short $RIG $NBR $DNR

  2. $SNSS Phase 3 VALOR trial data presentation, Dec. 6-9 in San Fran. Will be hoping to hear all about relapse % s and unload some shares

  3. $BCRX, $TGX, $SNSS, $APT, $MACK, all looking good and CRIS a stealthy fat green climb....nice!

  4. $WLT $SCOK $YOD $SNSS $LIQD all at work to bring $$$. Hang on $IBIO

  5. Bought more $SNSS Long swing traded. Added to existing position. Average entry price is $2.23, Tight stop, Target $3.25

  6. Stocks to watch $GENE $SNSS $GSS Here is the link to chart http://www.jumpystocks.com/2014/stocks-and-pennystocks-to-watch-for-november-26/

  7. @Think4self Oil favs still the same,nothing has changed $MPO,$EXXI,$KOG,$XCO,$MHR,$SNSS,$AMZG all good long,no matter wt OPEC brings. Cheers

  8. $SNSS stock consolidating, trend is up

  9. $SNSS holly, what s going on here? this stupid f**king sh*t

  10. $SNSS SNSS Bull Flag. Watching for continuation http://stocktwits.com/message/29625962

  11. $SNSS this needs to figure out a direction. A push and hold over 2.30 would be a nice start

  12. @TickerFisher , $SNSS IS THE REAL DEAL! FOLLOW THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  13. $SNSS ,, tickerfisher SNSS is THE REAL DEAL! FOLLOW THE $$$$$$$$$$$$

  14. $SNSS Why the hype? I thought Vosaroxin failed to meet endpoints in Oct. and now it seems as though Vosaroxin is dandy again. Alternate use?

  15. $SNSS Option Alert: Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Dec $2 Call; 1,000 Contract Trade at Ask @$.50; Currently $2.22

  16. $SNSS will get buyout good news coming soon

  17. $SNSS Discount here wahooo

  18. Bought $SNSS Swing trade. Seeing lots of options call buying in this with a beautiful chart and pattern. Target into $3.25

  19. $SNSS now has 2.5/5 stars on Vetr https://www.vetr.com/research/NASDAQ:SNSS/ratings

  20. $SNSS Could be the day -Today ;)

  21. @Think4self: $SNSS This thing can move. Straight up undervalued IMO. Agree

  22. $SNSS This thing can move. Straight up undervalued IMO.

  23. @russdorff Did you get some $SNSS? Held up gain today.

  24. $SNSS just showed up in my scans yesterday it retraced b4 the close, not today, im in. new position , vol increasing

  25. $SNSS Amazing strength with amazing hold