1. $SNSS MAA takes more than a year...shix.. http://www.ema.europa.eu/docs/en_GB/document_library/Presentation/2009/10/WC500004235.pdf

  2. $SNSS I will load it up next month.

  3. $SNSS huge pipeline..good cash......

  4. $SNSS CEO bought at 1.14-1.20 in 2011. After 30 days, it went all the way up. This CEO is very accurate... OCT 1 is a good to buy.

  5. $SNSS I did the research. SNSS did R/S in 2011 at 37 cents. After that, it went up to 2.22/share. Then it went down to 1/share.

  6. $SNSS Relax folks and picture $1.62 & $1.76 from average hold below $1.20. .40-.50p is big $ if you hold a lot of shares

  7. what s the pt? After $SNSS didn t meet the last primary endpoint, Sunesis has had a hard time trying to recover

  8. $SNSS

  9. $SNSS will jump tomorrow if closed at 1.17

  10. $SNSS does have a path forward in Europe, where it has a shot at approval for Qinprezo -David Nierengarten. More: http://www.thelifesciencesreport.com/pub/co/4735?

  11. @ScottnStock $SNSS another flat day... Disappointing. Yes, we wait

  12. $SNSS another flat day... Disappointing.

  13. @wisenasdaq $SNSS RELAX everyone! Buy as much as you can! Don t miss opportunity! Strong> I am nervious :-€

  14. $SNSS RELAX everyone! Buy as much as you can! Don t miss opportunity! Strong>

  15. $SNSS Nothing wrong here for the longs. Will move up shortly :)

  16. $SNSS no moving,,,:-((

  17. $SNSS this is going up

  18. @wisenasdaq $SNSS it s still very cheap--BUY --NO PANIC >>>> i hope

  19. $SNSS market is slightly down. This could finish strong again today.

  20. $SNSS it s still very cheap--BUY --NO PANIC >>>>

  21. $SNSS strong start turning into a downtrend. Sucks. This traded at 1.45 afterhours Friday. Now it is red at 1.20. Hopefully we stay here.

  22. $SNSS Strong start again! Keep it up!

  23. $AMDA while you guys still wait (like me) check out $SNSS

  24. $SNSS Here are some VALOR testing results http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanonc/article/PIIS1470-2045(15)00201-6/abstract

  25. Watching these guys $SALE $SNSS $IMMU $DTLK $AUO think one of them will pop soon