1. $SNTA Copy of Synta s poster presentation: http://www.syntapharma.com/documents/2014EORTC_NCI_AACRHDC01.pdf - Summary: Unique idea , Synta has comprehensive intellectual property

  2. $SNTA presentation in Barcelona at 6pm tonight on HSP90

  3. $AEMD = #17; http://time.com/3594971/the-25-best-inventions-of-2014/ $CMRX $PLX $BCRX $LAKE $INO $SRPT $APT $SNTA $IBIO $TKMR $VSR

  4. @rakesh2211: $SNTA :O

  5. $SNTA :O

  6. $SNTA watching I.O. 1% changes from lows to highs to lows to highs, GOOD PUMP ACTION. ACCUMULATION OF SHARES TO THE UPSIDE:)

  7. $SNTA Institutional Ownership numbers (according to Google Finance) seems to increase almost daily. Now up to 24% (from 23%).

  8. $SNTA Presentation Press Release http://www.pharmiweb.com/pressreleases/pressrel.asp?ROW_ID=104068#.VGyvWMlASWc

  9. $SNTA Look at $INVN, a presentation can give the share price a boost. I prefer steady gains... your 2 cents, will there be a pop?

  10. $AEMD discloses FDA expanded access emergency use to treat Ebola in the US. $CMRX $PLX $BCRX $LAKE $INO $SRPT $APT $SNTA $IBIO $TKMR $VSR

  11. $SNTA Synta Announces Presentation on Hsp90 inhibitor Drug Conjugate Platform at 26th EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium http://www.finances.com/company-news/38892-synta-announces-presentation-on-hsp90-inhibitor-drug-conjugate-platform-at-26th-eortc-nci-aacr-symposium.htm

  12. $TKMR bought more right here. presentation tomorrow. analyst day on friday. Hepatitis B IND this quarter. $MNKD $SNTA $ARWR

  13. $SNTA Closed right above the 50dma. Look for more green bars to follow. http://stocktwits.com/message/29346056

  14. $SNTA According to Finviz.com, The short float has dropped again. It is now down to 16.04%

  15. $SNTA Very good support, very stable. Looking forward to presentation on Wednsday. Don t expect anything spectacular, just some insight.

  16. $SNTA It looks like this will be a long term investment, added for 3 months and flat.

  17. $SNTA We need more of those green bars this week to stay above that 50dma. http://stocktwits.com/message/29297655

  18. @brbpab94 $GALE, $GERN ,$RXII, $GTXI, $SNTA, $MNKD, $DNDN,..

  19. $SNTA Has anyone noticed that, according to Google Finance, the institutional ownership has increased by 1% day-by-day?

  20. $SNTA Target price $10.88 per finviz.com/snta

  21. $AEMD news hitting the tape. tough day for biotechs, still holding $BMRN, $MEIP, $KYTH, $OCRX, $SNTA

  22. $PAL @Crazybear WOW nice move on idxx, Maybe consider $SNTA getting close to time for them to have a move like that:)

  23. $SNTA Let s slap that $3.50 today