1. Put Buying $FIVE $MNTA $MTH $LYB $BHP $SNTA $AGCO $MLM $PHH $PBPB http://y.ahoo.it/yqLNPaVk

  2. $snta inst. and mutual fund ownership dropped with price from 8/15 @71.89%, & 14.28% to 9/14 @ 70.77% & 14.05%. look to be a buy the low IMO

  3. $SYN POS. I would stick with $RXii or even go over to $SNTA before I place one penny into this,,,,way overpriced.

  4. $SNTA hmm..

  5. $SNTA why do I still own you?

  6. $SNTA now this company I really like. As for $SYN,,,pure unrefined garbage pump....can t wait for $RXii to quadriple and more....

  7. $RXII I was able to get some more @ $2.16 yesterday, feel lucky about it. Buying more tomorrow, closed my $SNTA position.

  8. $SNTA Would not touch this now.

  9. Moved Lower Bollinger Band 4/4 $SBGI $SNTA $SQNM $STZ $SZYM $TAP $TEX $TIVO $TV $TWI $VIAB $VNET $WU http://y.ahoo.it/jAgGgV0n

  10. $SNTA hmmm..

  11. $SNTA bottom fishing,.,,

  12. $snta i picked up a few more shares today, Yall have fun:)

  13. $SNTA I do hope so, picked a few more today...

  14. $SNTA kinda looks like it wants to make a move back to 4.67

  15. $SNTA maybe not... anyone confirm?

  16. $SNTA Anyone confirm I m not going mad, seem like there s a couple more Analysts aboard? http://y.ahoo.it/hzRHhVjT

  17. $SNTA added today

  18. $SNTA lol dicks, out 3.98

  19. $SNTA bounced off the bottom n heading up, long @ 4

  20. $SNTA This nice pre- market move, something is coming up here.

  21. Pre-Market Gainers 9/8 $SNTA 4%, $RAX 4%, $THLD 5%, $HTZ 5%, $LCI 6%, $RADA 6%, $RNA 6%, $AVEO 10%, $SGU 11%,

  22. $CLDX Three Biotechs Ready to Partner Up We believe that partnering potential is high for $CLDX, $PTN and $SNTA... http://y.ahoo.it/CkaJLdtl

  23. $SNTA Now it just needs to hit that $27 everyones talking about...

  24. $SNTA not quite green, fought back during the day... positive enough

  25. $SNTA just a blip I guess, it may well go green eod.. look at the chart and make your mind up the ranges...