1. $SNTA Why am I attracted to Synta. :)

  2. $SNTA - SUPPORT unchanged, have a good weekend!!!

  3. $SNTA yesterday i SAID that is dangerous a closing price under 2,30 2,32 in this case we could see a new 52

  4. $SNTA 2.25 seems to be the bottom. I will wait and see how market performs next week before adding.

  5. $SNTA Adding to mid size position.

  6. $SNTA

  7. $SNTA have same question?

  8. $SNTA to be or not to be a SNTA s shareholder?

  9. $SNTA ok Snta !!!

  10. $SNTA ...mmm!!!!

  11. $SNTA already?

  12. $SNTA By summer time this will be a buy but only at 1.50

  13. $SNTA they dont reassure shareholders that its on right track so it is no wonder that shorts are in heaven here!!

  14. $SNTA Interim analysis in Mid 2015??? I read it somewhere and it said it

  15. $SNTA how they gonna get it back to 6 from 1,50 .they dont think much and there is summer drop.!!

  16. $snta. Looks like $1.50 is well on the way

  17. Share an idea on $SNTA Fraking joke!!!!!!!!!

  18. $SNTA it could do the worst closing price since 3/03/2009

  19. $SNTA Went down faster than expected - looking at 6K @ $2.21 to lower my average. I still believe in this stock strongly. $5 by EOY.

  20. $SNTA Soon we could see 52 Week Low

  21. $SNTA not surprising, still think this is headed down to 2

  22. $SNTA closing under 2,32 2,30 would be a disaster , really Snta would go down to 2,18 and then 2

  23. $SNTA next 2,27

  24. $SNTA Buy in the 30 s - sell in the 40 s. Makes me $ over and over.

  25. $SNTA Bought 3K @ $2.41 and 5K @ $2.36. Will buy 6K @ $2.29 if it hits that low. Holding more $ in case it drops.