1. $SNTA: Synta Announces Presentations at the 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting http://stockwires.com/synta-announces-presentations-at-the-2015-asco-annual-meeting

  2. $SNTA Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp. Announces Presentations at the 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/05/28/company-update-nasdaqsnta-synta-pharmaceuticals-corp-announces-presentations-at-the-2015-asco-annual-meeting/

  3. $SNTA Synta Announces Presentations at the 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting http://www.finances.com/company-news/100136-synta-announces-presentations-at-the-2015-asco-annual-meeting.htm

  4. $SNTA @biotechmania: $SNTA imo this is more likely to fall to 2.00 again than rise to 3.00 in the short term reiterating

  5. $SNTA the update was in MAY 26 https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01798485?term=Galaxy+2&rank=1

  6. $OPXA still holding LONG. Bought more $SNTA today

  7. $SNTA Doubling position-ready for multi day move here

  8. $SNTA lower BB 2.19 looking for bounce here

  9. $SNTA It s coming.

  10. $SNTA really manipulation here ...

  11. $SNTA The company is hiding something? Because when you do a research you can t find anything wrong about the company but still bleeding.

  12. Ok $SNTA, You can stop bleeding now. :(

  13. $SNTA Next Wednesday : http://www.finances.com/company-news/99606-synta-to-present-at-the-jefferies-2015-global-healthcare-conference.htm

  14. $SNTA ridiculous up down makes no sense .Will load up at bottom just have a good feeling about SNTA

  15. $SNTA Synta to Present at the Jefferies 2015 Global Healthcare Conference http://www.finances.com/company-news/99606-synta-to-present-at-the-jefferies-2015-global-healthcare-conference.htm

  16. $SNTA it looks like left to her own devices.

  17. $SNTA Two stock and two red SNTA and STML , bad day for now

  18. $SNTA index green but snta red again.

  19. $OXGN $PPHM $GTXI $INO $MSTX $PCMB $HEB $ONCSD $SNTA.............I see the future so bright.

  20. I was wrong about $PPHM and $SNTA, but $GALE is busting a move.

  21. @Think4self $CNAT $RPTP $SNTA $CTIC $LPCN ASCO this, NASH that...I m not interested! $FMI look at $IG for direction, same TA/chart set up

  22. $SNTA Nice lower BB squeeze going on here. Easy to minimize risk for a bottom fish play

  23. $SNTA Stevie Boyd said hello a little while ago. MULTI YEAR LOWS with recent volume pop. Monthly View

  24. @gwhite: $PPHM $SNTA $GALE Looks like we might get some action today.:) I really despise PPHM but GALE actually looks hot and SNTA i like

  25. $SNTA shake off Lowest snta will go is 2.15 mm up to there tricks low volume. News will be good for longs.