1. $SNTA Had a fake breakout on the 27th which smacked it down on the 28th. Needs to shake this line.. (ea. candle 2hrs) http://stocktwits.com/message/32025577

  2. $snta

  3. $snta no love with this thing... I like the candle from today, let s hope it crosses the $3 mark soon.

  4. Biotech Stocks Ticking Down: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/biotech-stocks-ticking-down-curis-cris-cytokinetics-cytk-agios-pharmaceuticals-agio-synta-pharmaceuticals-snta/ $CRIS $CYTK $AGIO $SNTA

  5. $SNTA What do you think...targeting mid 2 s for 2.6B BO?

  6. $SNTA Bought back the 40k shares i sold yesterday at 2.42

  7. $SNTA Why the big drop? Any news?

  8. The cancer experts love this stock, going to be honest, oncology isn t my strength https://www.retailinvestor360.com/biotech/362-synta-pharmaceuticals-corp-to-gain-momentum-in-the-biopharmaceutical-industry.html $SNTA

  9. $ZGNX Abuse deterrent formula approval on tap Friday. Will run hard $MSTX $XOMA $CPRX $THLD $DSCO $CLTX $IDRA $BOTA $SGYP $SNTA $RIGL $GERN

  10. $SNTA Is it ready now ?

  11. @bios2know Good day for bios, but $SNTA is way overdue.

  12. $SNTA This is the time when you cover if you are short.

  13. $SNTA short Jan16 $5 calls for 0.35. not naked since i m long $4 calls

  14. $SNTA this share is a nightmare ! holding holding and holding ... Hope this summer it will change ...

  15. $FCEL http://247wallst.com/investing/2011/02/16/last-analyst-party-at-sirius-xm-siri/ Year s Picks: $ARRY 41% $BIOD -47% $GALE -70% $NVAX 17% $PLX -55% $RIGL -35% $SNTA -59% $ZGNX -70%

  16. $SNTA what date is earning, like to see how much $$$$ burning or left before selling more stock

  17. $SNTA I m a buyer in the low 2 s...

  18. $SNTA It worked!

  19. $SNTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxELf7F5xlY&feature=youtu.be

  20. @SreeDFW $SNTA They may as well do a share offering for $.50 next week. Enough of this slow bleeding bs already.

  21. $SNTA Red everyday. What is wrong with this snta?

  22. $SNTA - Can this go any lower? Sheesh.... its time to show some Benjamins please.... help! help!! help!!!

  23. $SNTA on 23th february 2009 there was the lower price at 1.36 ...

  24. $SNTA @biotechmania: $SNTA took some profits here, then added to my short again recently short working out well, we could see 2.00

  25. $SNTA Where s the bottom? No news, no bounce.