1. $SNTA Whts wrong w/ths, thot suppose nt go below $3.20?

  2. $SNTA for the love of god plz close in the 2 s

  3. $MSTX $RNN $PPHM $ECYT $INO $SNTA http://www.americantradejournal.com/synta-pharmaceuticals-corp-analyst-rating-update-2/663150/

  4. $SNTA someone is going out , for three times with 10.000 stock? Who is he ?

  5. $SNTA Phase 2 trial w/est Sep completion date NCT01200238: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01200238 Trial Tracker: https://www.fdatracker.com/products/

  6. I am bullish on $SNTA with a target price of $2.27 on Vetr! https://www.vetr.com/posts/9892506557

  7. $SNTA http://m.myinforms.com/en/a/15983243-synta-pharmaceuticals-corp-receives-700-consensus-price-target-from-brokerages-nasdaqsnta/

  8. $SNTA: Synta to Participate in FBR Second Annual Healthcare Conference http://stockwires.com/synta-to-participate-in-fbr-second-annual-healthcare-conference

  9. $SNTA lets just try to stay in the 2 s this month

  10. Morning Alert $SNTA $WPX $WETF $IGT

  11. $SNTA

  12. $SNTA not today

  13. $SNTA analisy intraday, first reversal trand started. $2/2.03 for a l part of the day , in case of green mrk colse $2.15/2.20, versus $2.08

  14. $SNTA Yes still alive. lets see what next week brings.

  15. $SNTA @divine made a good prediction so congratulations.

  16. $SNTA Good day and solid close. Have a great weekend everyone!

  17. $SNTA buyers are coming at second hall of day trading to close $2.07/2.15 :))

  18. $SNTA ECYT $ONCS $PPHM $INO http://www.investornewswire.com/analyst-views/inovio-pharmaceuticals-inc-nasdaqino-brokerage-rating-update/34800/

  19. $SNTA Still alive!!! Beginning of recovery into the interim p3 data?

  20. Small cap stock pick: Synthetic Biologics Inc $SYN, Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp. $SNTA, Keryx Biopharmaceuticals $KERX http://playthebounce.com/small-cap-stock-picking-synthetic-biologics-inc-nysemktsyn-synta-pharmaceuticals-corp-nasdaqsnta-keryx-biopharmaceuticals-nasdaqkerx/

  21. $SNTA $ARNA $BIOD $OXGN &RNN $MSTX-->http://seekingalpha.com/article/3463956-mast-therapeutics-a-high-risk-high-reward-play

  22. $SNTA idea - looks solid

  23. $SNTA http://www.dakotafinancialnews.com/synta-pharmaceuticals-corp-receives-average-rating-of-buy-from-analysts-nasdaqsnta/386988/

  24. $SNTA rebound is around the corner, i think very soon...

  25. $SNTA again from 1,91 t0 1,81 ...