1. $SNTA today announced that it will report its second quarter 2015 financial results on Thursday, August 6, 2015, before market open.

  2. $SNTA the big opportunity continue to stay under $2.5. buy when the Others are forced to sell.This stock is still for Free!!

  3. $SNTA MM has it a complete control until news hit the wire.

  4. $SNTA lets do this son!!!

  5. $SNTA Anyone know why there is no PR this month? I am so scared. What s happened?

  6. $SNTA Another sad day.

  7. $SNTA investors bought secondary recently for 1.92$. Very quickly. Did they buy for 10% gain?

  8. $SNTA waiting for data another bad red day

  9. $SNTA Every spike in pps is being shorted.

  10. Watchlist for Wednesday, July 29 $BBRY $KING $ESI $CHK $SNTA $CENX http://fonsietraderblog.blogspot.pt/2015/07/watchlist-for-wednesday-july-29-bbry.html

  11. 430 Bottom Spotter signals today at https://stopsandtargets.com including:  $SIXD $SLB $SLCA $SLH $SMCI $SNH $SNHY $SNI $SNTA $SONC $SPN

  12. $SNTA Ganetespib: Some positive developments regards to Ganetespib http://www.dovepress.com/ganetespib-research-and-clinical-development-peer-reviewed-article-OTT

  13. $SNTA Strong close today.

  14. $SNTA short interest is up 17.9% or 1,449,471 shares in the short positions.

  15. $SNTA This poor boy is going to ride this bus where ever it takes me. Got my whole account in it. :O

  16. $SNTA Needs volume but huge risk/reward ratio here imo

  17. $SNTA will this be the next $aqxp or $sgyp

  18. $SNTA new support 1,98$ 2,00$ ... and waiting for Data

  19. $SNTA Long way to go for me…2.99 looks like a long climb. I m waiting and long...

  20. $SNTA F$&( you snta thanks ruin my life

  21. $SNTA The next $ITEK

  22. $SNTA SNTA will explode one day soon. A lot of potential here!

  23. $SNTA UP

  24. $SNTA no support. follow my investment, rebuy next month $1.6 sure!

  25. $SNTA Thanks for giving away your shares just added at 2.09 a nice load go look.