1. $MNKD $SNY When Sanofi starts promoting Afrezza, maybe they ll double market share.

  2. $MNKD with all the goodness of Afrezza and Technosphere why $SNY is not opening its wallet? I am puzzled. Super

  3. $MNKD in office spirometry link. You don t need this if $SNY is pulling the plug on Afrezza.

  4. $MNKD oh my. $SNY update on spirometer https://www.afrezzapro.com/spirometry

  5. Healthcare Sector Movers: AstraZeneca PLC $AZN, Sanofi $SNY.... http://www.wallstreetscope.com/healthcare-sector-movers-astrazeneca-plc-azn-sanofi-sny-teva-pharmaceutical-industries-limited-teva-boston-scientific-corporation-bsx-sarepta-therapeutics-inc-srpt/25515299/

  6. $MNKD $SNY

  7. $MNKD $SNY Now we ll have LIFTOFF

  8. @srch4_afrezzajustbreathe $MNKD SANOFI $SNY solved spirometry issues! https://www.afrezzapro.com/spirometry#inoffice-spiro from September?

  9. $MNKD SANOFI $SNY solved spirometry issues! https://www.afrezzapro.com/spirometry#inoffice-spiro

  10. $MNKD $SNY $GS Goldman Sachs bashes above table, buys below.... most hated investment bank and that s just one reason

  11. $MNKD $SNY Time is money. Start TV Ad.

  12. $MNKD $SNY don t hide Afrezza from patients, doctors, nurses and insurance. Start Afrezza TV Ad.

  13. $MNKD We need TV Ad for Afrezza. $SNY start TV Ad for Afrezza.

  14. $SNY $MNKD ben when sny drops mnkd u can buy this crap for .99c/shr - all you want-- an I will buy it for a quick scalp- then it will die

  15. $mnkd $sny https://twitter.com/diabetes_sanofi/status/669196827011452928

  16. $MNKD Gag $SNY by just asking its accounting records

  17. $MNKD give two termination notice to $SNY

  18. Attentive Stocks in Active Notes- $NVS $SNY $PDCO http://streetwisereport.com/attentive-stocks-in-active-notes-novartis-ag-nysenvs-sanofi-nysesny-patterson-companies-inc-nasdaqpdco/137809/

  19. $SNY

  20. $SNY . is it a buy , any thoughts

  21. $MNKD Any $$$ Sanofi $sny Spends On Afrezza DTC Will Come Back 10-Fold! $goog

  22. $MNKD a rare unique only in class FDA approved, superior bird in the hand is worth a dozen in the bush $SNY

  23. hospitalization for unstable angina, or fatal and non-fatal ischemic stroke. $REGN $SNY

  24. The primary endpoint evaluates the time to first occurrence of coronary heart disease death, acute myocardial infarction, ... $REGN $SNY

  25. The 18,000-patient OUTCOMES trial is expected to be completed in 2017. $REGN $SNY