1. Contrary to popular belief, Prem Watsa says this tech boom, like the dot com bubble, will end in tears http://y.ahoo.it/ttjASlZU $QQQ $SOCL

  2. $IEF $MUB $TLT reversals today could be a prelude to extension in recently stalled growth selloff $IBB $SOCL $IWM $TZA #longdurationequities

  3. VIDEO: April 2014 Chart Review http://y.ahoo.it/9KIud0is $SPY $EEM $SOCL $QQQ $GLD

  4. $SPY The SPY is now up a whole 1% from 12/31/13. Current Long etfs: $DIG, $BIB, $EZJ, $SOCL, $UWM

  5. General Consensus: Tech Stock Nosedive Is Just a Phase http://y.ahoo.it/Zf4r4XUl $QQQ $SOCL

  6. Watching: $MS $SNDK $NE and $SOCL stocks. Trade well this last day of the week. #scanning #stocksinplay #GoodFriday #Easter

  7. Old Economy Vs. New Economy http://y.ahoo.it/J0sFriHH $SPY $SOCL $IBB $XLP $QQQ $IYR http://y.ahoo.it/Fqs0Dzb4

  8. Social Media ETF Enters Bear Market Territory $FB $FDN $LNKD $SOCL $TWTR .com/z/4472498 via @benzinga

  9. $SPY Now Long: $UWM, $QLD, $MTUM, $BIB, $SOCL,

  10. Watching: $YHOO $ABT $INTC and $SOCL stocks. #scanning #stocksinplay

  11. Seriously though, if the momo $SOCL $FB stocks and the $QQQQ do not trend higher in the near term, how about next 48 hrs, throw in the towel

  12. $TWTR $YHOO $Z $P $RALY $SOCL $GRPN Put in some sweet reversal , good for a bounce or more-Others just steady energy $TPLM $SD $XLE etc

  13. The Correction As Seen in the ETP Landscape http://y.ahoo.it/630N1T5j $IWM $RSX $IBB $SOCL

  14. @InsiderBuySuperstocks $SOCL $twtr $FB rebounding from over sold levels.

  15. Worst 3 etfs from 3/6: $BIB -42%,$TAN-25%, $SOCL -24%

  16. $SPY - Worst 3 etfs from 3/6: $BIB -42%,$TAN-25%, $SOCL -24%

  17. $fb only off 20% from it s highs. It doesn t seem like RS, but that s RS in the $socl group.

  18. Watching: $INFY $KO $JNJ $YHOO and $SOCL stocks. #scanning #stocksinplay

  19. market should ve been selling $IBB $SOCL and buying $AAL $SDRL

  20. $SOCL Getting close a third test of up TL S (see earlier chart), ATM near 17.91. Thinking S around 17.55 if we fall through.

  21. Facebook Inc Issued Strong Warning $FB $SOCL http://y.ahoo.it/kvIhZKJC

  22. Watching: $C $HIMX $PANW and $SOCL stocks.#MMM - Make Money Monday #stocksinplay

  23. $SPY Social Media slashed: The $SOCL etf -21% last 5 wks, $TAN -20%, and the MOMO etf $MTUM 9.2%

  24. Welcome to the ugly side of Greater Fool Theory $FB $TWTR $NFLX $NFLX $SOCL $IBB $DDD $LNKD $TSLA

  25. Insiders are unloading stocks on late to join the party $IBB and $SOCL retail investors