1. Watching: $HPQ $ARO $FL - 2nd Watch - $DE $MRVL - $SOCL $P $FB $TWTR $GPRO #Stocksinplay #Scanning #Earnings

  2. The TOP 4 Sectors: Solar $TAN +2.7%, Bonds $UBT +2.7%, Energy $DIG (buy) $1.7%, Social $SOCL +1.2%

  3. $SOCL Dead Money. $FB $TWTR $LNKD $YELP ~ cursed by TWTR & YELP dirty rumors.

  4. $LNKD near a mjr trend line but looks to decay lower, $SOCL space maybe going the way of 3D...

  5. Watching: $BBY $CRM $NTAP - 2nd Watch - $WSM $LL - $SOCL $P $FB $TWTR $GPRO #Stocksinplay #Scanning #Earnings

  6. Watching: $ETSY $LOW $AEO - 2nd Watch - $LOCO $YHOO $TGT $SPLS - $SOCL $P $FB $TWTR $GPRO #Stocksinplay #Scanning #Earnings

  7. New Buy/Sells TOP 3 SECTOR Portfolio: Sh Energy $DUG a buy. $SPY, $XLE, $QQQ, $AAPL, $SOCL

  8. Watching: $ANN $LVS - 2nd Watch - $JASO $ORCL $ALTR - $SOCL $P $FB $TWTR $GPRO #Stocksinplay #Scanning #Earnings

  9. One way that people cope with a suffering PnL is to search $SOCL on the weekend and dig for articles and others that support their thesis.

  10. TOP 3 SECTOR Portfolio: New Buys/Sells. $SPY, $AAPL, $SOCL, $RXL

  11. Alright folks here s the secret $TCEHY & $FB can t be down for long or else $SOCL gets screwed. Play this fact to your advantage :)

  12. $SOCL in Cup and Handle pattern, targets

  13. TOP 3 SECTOR Portfolio: New Buy: $SOCL & $RXL as they bounce... $SPY, $QQQ, $AAPL,

  14. Watching: $SHAK $KSS - 2nd Watch - $HLT $CTRP - $SOCL $P $FB $TWTR $GPRO #Stocksinplay #Scanning #Earnings

  15. $SOCL in Cup and Handle pattern

  16. It s the Sectors that are place to be: Solar $TAN +40% YTD, Biotech $BIB +30%, Europe $HEDJ +15%, Social $SOCL +13%. $SPY,$AAPL,$QQQ,$EEM

  17. Watching: $Z $M - 2nd Watch - $GDDY $TUBE - $SOCL $P $FB $TWTR $GPRO #Stocksinplay #Scanning #Earnings

  18. Technology Breadth Compilation $XLK $SMH $FDN $VOX $FONE $IGN $XSW $SKYY $SOCL

  19. Watching: $GPS $RAX - 2nd Watch - $AOL $MS $TWTR $YY - $SOCL $P $FB $GPRO #Stocksinplay #Scanning #Earnings

  20. $SOCL forming Cup and Handle Pattern

  21. Watching: $DF $W - 2nd Watch - $ZU $CRM $ETSY - $SOCL $P $FB $TWTR $GPRO #Stocksinplay #Scanning #Earnings

  22. $FB might be a buy hereā€¦ will look next week $SOCL

  23. $FB $TWTR $LNKD $SOCL twitter & linked in are still holding down Facebook from their terrible quarter

  24. $SOCL $ITB $XHB Lead possible bullish market reversal. $TNA

  25. Top 3 Sectors: Social $SOCL +2%, Sh Energy $DUG +2%, Biotech $BIB +1.7%, $SPY, $IBB, $FB, $XLE, $QQQ