1. $QQQ $SOCL $FB No way in hell id be buying facebook up here.But, its safer to short consumer sensitive sectors. It actually feeds on poverty

  2. $ES_F $SPY $SOCL Social media is largely depression proof.With our 59% employment/population ratio, the other 41% have all day to sit on $FB

  3. @MacMillion Yellen will stop that from happening. Don t doubt the Yellen s curse on social media stocks $socl $fb

  4. $FB $TWTR $P $SOCL Game is over, no momo run. All the momos will sell off now as QE ends.

  5. $FB might be a Star performer from the $SPX, but it hasn t been able to lift $SOCL underneath 200daySMA

  6. @sister: $UVXY bigger run to 32-33s on gap back to 38 and accelerated $QQQ $SOCL $BIB $IWM selling after reverse split 38s

  7. $UVXY bigger run to 32-33s on gap back to 38 and accelerated $QQQ $SOCL $BIB $IWM selling

  8. $UVXY 26.30 initial gapfill on way back to 29.98. More $SOCL $BIB $IWM selling


  10. $SOCL I will buy after QE ends. Doom by Yellen curse. lol

  11. $UVXY they reloading again into earnings disappointment this afternoon and more market selling $SOCL $BIB $IWM

  12. Interesting that the two sectors that Yellen Capital Markets downgraded are the top performers ;) $IBB $SOCL

  13. Under the Microscope Social Media ETF $SOCL >> http://y.ahoo.it/Zlf2g83E >> $GOOG $TWTR $FB $F $YELP $ANGI

  14. Bull Case Scenario Netflix $NFLX, $CMCSA, $DTV, $NPSNY, $DIS, $PBS, $SOCL http://y.ahoo.it/S4n5cBy6

  15. $SOCL ticker renamed to $ANTISOCL

  16. Bear Case Scenario Netflix $NFLX, $CMCSA, $DTV, $NPSNY, $DIS, $PBS, $SOCL http://y.ahoo.it/FQ9NLxYN

  17. $UVXY 20-22% typical once she starts . . . -35% single-day move in the works as $SOCL $BIB $IWM selling accelerates

  18. $UVXY was 66s just a few months back and headed there now they got it cheap. Best protection available for $SOCL $BIB $IWM

  19. Bull Case Scenario Netflix $NFLX, $CMCSA, $DTV, $NPSNY, $DIS, $PBS, $SOCL http://y.ahoo.it/2QSxfGaM

  20. Bear Case Scenario Netflix $NFLX, $CMCSA, $DTV, $NPSNY, $DIS, $PBS, $SOCL http://y.ahoo.it/Scx7yCQi

  21. $UVXY foolish peeps didn t notice $VIX hasn t lost 12 - more fireworks ahead for $SOCL $BIB $XIV

  22. $TWTR Don t like the red in an otherwise green day for $SOCL - out for a small gain earlier

  23. $SOCL $FB $TWTR Facebook will be significantly lower before selling subsides . . . $UVXY cheap protection

  24. $UVXY every dip on this top volatility performer will be bought for next geopolitical shoe about to drop $SOCL $BIB $IWM

  25. Today could easily be a Bull Trap, I m not getting suckered in.. I will just be an observer! $spy $qqq $ibb $SOCL