1. SodaStream International Shot Up 16.19%, What s Cooking? $SODA

  2. SodaStream International Ltd. $SODA Up 15.38% Stock Soaring Today on PepsiCo $PEP Deal

  3. @TopStocks: $YELP Look at $SODA today. Is that in store for $YELP shorts soon? all! Totally different situation; hope ur wkend sucks

  4. $SODA 20-25% of retail space in convienient stores like 7-11 are dedicated to carbonated drinks. 7-11 also uses a lot of space for big gulps

  5. $SODA if you notice, every supermarket including Walmart dedicates an entire isle to carbonated drinks.Pretty sure there s a reason for that

  6. @Sylph_X . McDonalds adds sugar and carbonation to water, they call it 90% profit. $SODA lets you do it at home. Thus $SODA threatens many

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  9. @Sylph_X I don t drink coffee. Just diet Mountain Dew. But I would sure as heck try carbonated coffee. Lots of potential with $SODA

  10. $SODA You know what..... I like this trade Symbol. So fresh and cute.

  11. @Sylph_X It s mostly about sparkling water for $SODA . User breakdown: 70% sparkling water, 30% syrups. I use it4 sparkling water everyday.

  12. @PnFChartist I hope the $SODA move didn t burn a hole in your pocket :)

  13. @Sylph_X Ask KO consumers - there are billions of them. I am bullish on $SODA and doubled down when the stock was hit.

  14. $SODA I m baffled. Who actually owns one of these things? Does anyone? Who adds sugar and carbonation to their water? Genuinely curious.

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  16. $SODA 30min chart bull porn pennant ;) tgt s 27.45gapfill, 28.95(50dma) https://www.tradingview.com/x/5PivfiZy/

  17. $SODA Stock Chart Analysis_ 10-24-14 - watch here: http://claytrader.com/stock_chart/SODA/

  18. $SODA another crap stock being manipulated. Killed my portfolio today!!!

  19. $SODA This stock always seems to rise on some unfounded rumor. Then its back to business as usual....down!

  20. $SODA that s can be just a start of a long partnership is SODA donĀ“t screw and if customer like the products. Who know. Meanwhile i ll short

  21. $SODA is he the same Whitney Tilson who pumped $CALL ( $NFLX of VOIP ) and then dumped ? pump and dump continues well orchestrated

  22. @BidnessEtc: $SODA Rises On Possible Collaboration With $PEP http://www.bidnessetc.com/27951-sodastream-international-goes-through-the-roof-on-possible-collaboration-wi/ it s a nightmare for shorts.

  23. $SODA take class from $NQ

  24. $YELP Look at $SODA today. Is that in store for $YELP shorts soon? Just a thought. Have a good weekend all!

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