1. $SODA: New SEC Filing for SODA: Form SC 13G, No. 0000909012-16-000456 http://stocknewsflow.com/1502916_000090901216000456_0000909012-16-000456

  2. River Road Asset Management, LLC just provided an update on share ownership of SodaStream Inter http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/13G/summary/?id=2425380 $SODA

  3. Real Property Investment just provided an update on share ownership of SodaStream International http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/13G/summary/?id=2423649 $SODA

  4. $SODA management needs to send their best model to Oprah and we need to hope its one of her favorite things...thats what d do

  5. $SODA why the dip....earnings?

  6. $SODA from 1/18 http://stocktwits.com/crosshairtrader/message/48318488 Now breaking. Earnings 2/18.

  7. $SODA

  8. Earnings announcement: $SODA is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Feb 18 2016

  9. $SODA take a look to DATA. That s what will happen here after ER

  10. Time to take a sip of this Pepsi bottler? http://seekingalpha.com/article/3849106-Pepsi-Bottler-Britvic-Faces-External-Challenges $PEP $KO $MNST $DPS $MNST $SODA $FIZZ $ROX $KHC $BUD $TAP $BREW $SAM $ABEV

  11. http://www.freefdawatchlist.com/2016/02/premarket-trading-ideas-for-feb-3rd-idti.html Premarket earning: $SNCR, $SODA, $MPLX, After Hour: $INVA, $LCI, $GPRO, $NE, $CLR, $BWLD, $TTWO

  12. Part 2 - Possible swing plays based on 2/1 unusual action: $LC $NCLH $OZM $SODA $SPLS $USG $VMW $VSH $WSTC $MKTO

  13. $SODA almost 19% of float short

  14. $MNST $SODA popping

  15. $SODA MAR 15 CALL Activity 1500+ @$.60 on OFFER

  16. $SODA pop

  17. $SODA So far so good!! 50EMA is the next level to break!! Watching for continuation

  18. Catching a bid. (Not sure why.) $SODA

  19. $SODA looks like maybe a 17 mark in near term

  20. $MSFT this dinosaur doesnt have the momo like the other names $FB $SWKS $CRUS $AVGO $SODA ah well

  21. $SODA #exploded to the upside still holding calls here looking for move to $15 possibly #swingtrade

  22. $SODA wow surprised this not trending anyone else long this??

  23. $SODA #beastmode has arrived options

  24. There goes $SODA

  25. $SODA Could Squeeze over $13.66