1. $SODA follow the money. watching the money flow index . watch for a break upwards of the macd and mfi

  2. $SODA With decent volume, it can make an interesting breakout!

  3. $SODA interesting article (not directly related to SODA). http://www.marketwatch.com/story/its-time-to-buy-warren-buffetts-second-favorite-stock-2015-03-30?siteid=yhoof2

  4. $SODA can we get a buyout rumor today?

  5. $SODA Pullback into 20&50dma and trendline, could be worth a try at a Long

  6. $SODA well, it come back.

  7. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 3.0% in $SODA in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Long Only Investment Portfolio

  8. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 5.6% in $SODA in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Investment Portfolio

  9. $SODA as usual....

  10. Long time no Stocktwit for me! Busy getting killed in $PGH $SODA $JCP $CLF but still holding. Been buying more $PGH since 2.49

  11. U.S. soda volume falls for 10th year in a row $SODA $KO $PEP $DPS $MNST

  12. $SODA lol they are dragging this down on pathetic volume. Weak stock.

  13. $SODA catching some nice bids here

  14. $SODA she start to fade.....Yes, market is red, but as usual down...

  15. New Machine From Sodastream International Ltd $SODA http://investcorrectly.com/20150325/new-machine-sodastream-international-ltd-nasdaqsoda/

  16. $SODA This new $SODA machine will certainly get an audience. https://mymeedia.com/stages/tech/post/8247844_5504337

  17. $SODA http://seekingalpha.com/article/3024076-sodastreams-post-international-home-and-housewares-show-performance-proves-favorable-for-investors

  18. SodaStream is making a new machine that can carbonate basically anything http://www.theverge.com/2015/3/24/8283933/sodastream-mix-can-carbonate-anything?utm_campaign=theverge&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter https://twitter.com/verge/status/580403121177903105/photo/1 $SODA

  19. $SODA Suntrust raises target to $23 from $21. Maintains Buy.

  20. I did a random testing last night and showed everyone $PEP Pepsi Soda Caps made by $SODA @SodaStreamUSA , everyone was WOW ed

  21. $ORMP This Pump & Dump is typical of Israeli Cos: $ADHD $PTNR $OTIV $EMITF $CEL $RWLK $PERI $IGLD $CRNT $ORMP $BOSC $SODA $EVGN $CALL $PLX

  22. $SODA Ready to Pop: SodaStream International (NASDAQ:SODA) http://www.stockmarketsdaily.com/ready-to-pop-sodastream-international-nasdaqsoda/12085/

  23. Trade Ideas for Tuesday 24, $RYI, $SODA, $CENX, $FCX, $ESI, $CHK http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2015/03/trade-ideas-for-tuersday-24-ryi-soda.html also interesting $TMST $SINA $EJ $X $CYBR $AEGN

  24. $SODA This stock is over over over sold , not pumping but this is the truth , Quaterly chart

  25. $SODA Potentially overvalued but with strong future growth prospects. Infographic: http://simplywall.st/NasdaqGS:SODA/sodastream-international