1. $SODA down where it belong.

  2. $SODA this stk will suddenly shoot right up for day. ER will be good like last yr and it went up a lot in a weeks time

  3. $SODA Check out their FB page and this site under development http://pepsihomemade.sodastreamusa.com/content/page/how-to-make-pepsi-at-home

  4. @dinovix2778 it s our opinion on $SODA that means anything re your personal opinion - is what it is. $GMCR $KO $MNST $PEP #trading

  5. @dinovix2778 Yes, just an opinion on $SODA, but when we hear they re cola sucks all over, how does it compete w $KO and $MNST? $PEP $GMCR

  6. Wife & I at $BBBY wknd - very crowded - we bot a $GMCR 2.5 looking at $SODA - how do they survive - cola stinks GMCR has $KO tie-in. $MNST

  7. @Lumadu you mean hapless tilson, gy called $CALL and $SODA 6 months ago

  8. @n3wcar remember for every $GPRO $TSLA there s a $DDD $MITK $SODA $DMND etc

  9. Trending Stocks to Watch, Week of Nov. 24 http://vantagepointtrading.com/archives/12881 $BLL $LYG $SHOO $KMT $EBAY $SODA http://stocktwits.com/message/29548203

  10. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 3.4% in $SODA in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Long Only Investment Portfolio

  11. $SODA IMO the best ScarJo commercial would be her hosting a relaxed dinner party w friends. sparkling water is part of a regular routine.

  12. $SODA The recent commercial (family poolside) depicts how a sparkling water maker fits into existing family routines.

  13. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 6.2% in $SODA in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Investment Portfolio

  14. $SODA 70% of sales are from sparkling water users. These consumers found SODA despite a marketing campaign that told them its a soda machine

  15. $soda only way this move up higher is pepsi buys them out

  16. $SODA 1 mo 11.6% return

  17. $SODA When the competition starts making the same product. Your only product,its an issue

  18. $SODA breakout area, moving higher off strong 22.64 support, http://www.stockconsultant.com/consultnow/basicplus.cgi?symbol=SODA http://stocktwits.com/message/29478735

  19. $soda up[

  20. $SODA http://www.marketwatch.com/story/soda-companies-still-aggressively-market-to-children-2014-11-20?link=MW_home_latest_news

  21. $SODA what`s the story here? Just up on???? FAD

  22. $SODA $PEP Pepsi homemade http://stocktwits.com/message/29435388

  23. $SODA - will this ever come to life - in a yr where I have picked winners in the beverage mkt ($PRMW, $GMCR) - this has been a loser for me

  24. $SODA How can you compare a coffee machine with one that puts bubbles into a drink two different markets

  25. $SODA http://news.investors.com/111714-726582-keurig-cold-seen-disruptive-earnings-due-wednesday.htm?ven=yahoocp&src=aurlled&ven=yahoo