1. $SODA anybody want to put up another failed chart pattern. Grief and not good grief either lol.

  2. $SODA inverted Cup N Handle monthly chart. http://y.ahoo.it/W3NNbl2K

  3. $SODA inverted Cup & Handle Price target $ -6.00 http://y.ahoo.it/qCm3oBEz

  4. $SODA anybody live in Kentucky Tennessee or Virginia, going to be able to get your SodaStream in a new retailer soon.

  5. $SODA Some of the flavors are top quality & u get to enjoy them without HFCS & lower sodium & less bottles. but need more customers.

  6. $SODA I was thinking Soda has 2 many flavors & need to consolidate the flavors. Needs more time on Super Bowl commercials.

  7. $SODA allright Soda stock has had and is progress of having a decline. that is all I know. looks like a falling wedge.

  8. $SODA analyst believe the company will modify guidance downward this earnings cycle.

  9. $PLUG http://y.ahoo.it/a6sLvg6x does $soda fort cliff baterry are electric?

  10. $SODA I made a Dr. Pete soda & it is great better than Dr. Pepper. What is wrong with this stock? someone please explain this.

  11. $SODA never buy this stock before, perhaps im buying 50% before earning and wish not to have to buy then to average the otrher 50%

  12. $SODA I will be a buyer at $19

  13. $SODA buy here for positive word on earnings call and/or israeli/gaza cease fire. (company hires palestinians)

  14. $SODA cut your losses short and maybe find something better to by GPRO? FB?

  15. $SODA even if the price has fallen 60 percent in last year, a lower price is not a good enough reason to buy

  16. $SODA if this is a fad and a one product co. with increasing competition the stock price has to go lower

  17. $SODA IMO good earnings will move it 10 %, poor earnings the drop will be at least 20 %

  18. $SODA I think it will take at least a few quarters to move the price. Price too dependent on rumors IMO.

  19. @TarhiniTrade Completely agree. $SODA has yet to put a green candle on the weekly chart for 12 straight weeks.

  20. @betaloss There is, potentially, a massive bottoming process forming as we head into earnings. And I like that about $SODA. Bottom feeder.

  21. @scheplick be more patient. lot of demand has been coming into this stock. may not be obvious with declining prices $SODA

  22. Looks like I might get slammed for another loss in $SODA. Need to cut quick. Earnings coming up, hoping to catch a bounce into them. Fail.

  23. $SODA stop at 28.99 entry was 29.72

  24. $SODA - http://y.ahoo.it/dWZMebnp - Social Trending - Crossed below support, 29.109. Time: 1 day 18 hours. Volume: 1,065,785.

  25. $SODA Partnership will be announced with expansionary details.