1. Sodastream International Ltd s positive rating reiterated at Susquehanna. $27.00 PT. http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NASDAQ/SODA/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $SODA

  2. $SODA May be today :-)

  3. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 3.2% in $SODA in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Long Only Investment Portfolio

  4. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 5.9% in $SODA in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Investment Portfolio

  5. $SODA playing on LOW VOLUME . Under 21 by EOD and under 20 in couple of days

  6. $SODA sorry, I had to. Hahaha

  7. $SODA http://www.marketswired.com/analytic-report-on-sodastream-international-ltd-nasdaqsoda/218565/

  8. $SODA http://www.dakotafinancialnews.com/sodastream-international-upgraded-to-strong-buy-by-vetr-inc-soda/173227/ Sodastream International Upgraded to Strong-Buy by Vetr Inc. (SODA)

  9. $SODA moving up on low volume? That is not familiar.

  10. $SODA interesting move. Let`s see what happens

  11. $SODA could squeeze

  12. $PANW $SODA http://stocktwits.com/LockYourGains/message/19843462 <--- SODA longs shoulda considered the message I incessantly repeated

  13. Changes at $KO will allow this bottler $COKE to expand strongly. Top Idea on Seeking Alpha http://seekingalpha.com/article/3194356-Coca-Cola-Bottling-Co-Consolidated-Have-A-Coke-And-A-Smile $CCE $PEP $MNST $DPS $SODA

  14. $P $soda shorts working now

  15. $SODA $WHR $GMCR $KO the B. Blend machine costs $1,150!! Makes the Keurig Kold seem reasonably priced.

  16. All-in-one beverage maker introduced in Brazil $WHR $BUD $GMCR $KO $SODA

  17. $SODA B.blend? All of a sudden everyone is trying to build an all in one machine.

  18. $SODA - here s a stock that came out of its falling wedge

  19. $SODA interesting close.

  20. $SODA Heat is Over...... Get back to 19.

  21. $SODA a solid buy now that $GMCR Keurig Kold Vaporware a MAJOR FLOP already. Sodastream already selling cost effective drinks to treehuggers

  22. $SODA now take it all the way down on pathetic volume.

  23. $SODA It s a green day but this is still red, I am disappointed soda.

  24. $SODA they can t keep this down much longer

  25. $SODA good balanced article I thought, by a guy who s followed them for a while. SodaStream Q1 2015 Recap $SODA http://seekingalpha.com/article/3189406