1. $SODA Would it make sense for suitor to announce during their earnings... If indeed they are even a suitor, all speculation at this point...

  2. $SODA Keeping close eye on this... When $GMCR announced $KO deal it was on earnings news, does this $SBUX rumor come true tomorrow AH?

  3. Portfolio changes.. took some profits on $oran $soda Still have positions in them but sold down to 5% portfolio. $TWM increased to top hold

  4. @he123 No... Bc i see pumps going on with $soda news.... That os bad omen with ER

  5. @cjdonahue No biggie I had a couple great trades today that payed for that dud... $SODA, $TSLA, $AAPL

  6. $SBUX If my hunch serves correct. Its pump and dump going on here... I love $SBUX but $SODA is not cup of its tea. ER going to be bad tomo.

  7. Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for massive volume spikes $SVU $SODA $GWPH $MDSO & $WWD lets make some money http://y.ahoo.it/WkbfdICw

  8. More stocks on my watch list vid for tomorrow: $YHOO $SODA $MNGA $LIVE http://y.ahoo.it/O0rfCIyA

  9. Wicked breakout on $SVU today alongside $SODA $SD & $XRX #killingit http://y.ahoo.it/vonG0fCh

  10. $SODA Analysis on SODA - http://y.ahoo.it/nsow8cfN

  11. $SODA Short it tommorrow

  12. Thursday 4/24 Top 10 Momentum watch list: $aapl $svu $dal $aks $swks $soda $spwr $gwph $dyn $mdso

  13. $SODA m&a, joint venture.. pops only on that chatter. But never can sustain the pop. Worrisome.. all about speculative m&a jv premium

  14. Setups we liked today that we ll be watching tomorrow $QQQ $DIA $AAPL $TWTR $NUGT ($GDX) $FB $SODA $WLT $PLUG Others http://y.ahoo.it/T00rNgsK

  15. $SODA if u start using SodaStream flavors to sweeten & flavor ur milk & cereal U may eat more cereal & milk than ever before in history.

  16. @goldenseth Not for $SODA it isn t. They never comment on rumors, and none have come true. Logical. Good luck.

  17. $SODA Now eating Cheerios & Dr. Pete & is is just so awesome. the milk tasted like Dr. Pepper. this is extraordinarily pleasing cereal now

  18. $SODA when s the BO?

  19. $SODA @danielmardof, to deny with no comment? Where helmets people, where helmets

  20. @goldenseth $SODA always says no comment to every denial. But you knew that right?

  21. Don t fall victim to Apple Syndrome ! http://y.ahoo.it/s1UfAulE $AAPL $SODA $QCOM $GWPH $ANGI $FFIV $VIPS $NOW $ARNA $CTXS $UA $MCP $ZNGA $LVS

  22. $SODA ??? Love SODA...She is a Banshee on both sides of the jungle!

  23. $BIOF sellers and shark shorts are coming in with $SODA ;)

  24. $SODA $IRBT going to develop automatic soda machine that rolls to your lounge chair and vacuums up chip debris

  25. $PEP $KO $GMCR $SODA $SBUX who came up with this rumor (a stake in sodastream from starbucks)...