1. $SORL a chinese stock without the pump of so many others :-)

  2. $SORL time to get some follow thru on September s golden cross?

  3. With so many hyper promoted China stocks being pumped on here I totally missed $SORL s move today, nice...I prefer the strong silent types

  4. @jsimoni @IronLion I m long on $CREG which so far has been a major disappointment, and more recently $SORL...no momo pump on them

  5. Sorl Auto Parts Reports Higher http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1267645 $SORL

  6. $SORL and $CREG my two chinese stocks both with ER before the bell tomorrow.

  7. $SORL liking the chart...and like China if there s no hype.

  8. $SORL when are earnings?

  9. @Bottomfishing Thanks for putting $SORL on my radar....unless it tanks, then I hate you :-) Just kidding.

  10. $SORL started a small position...will add if it drops again, liking the long term.

  11. $SORL Nice chart setup, might take a position at 3.70 s

  12. $SORL SORL Chairman Opens Off-road Vehicle Conference.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/SORL/communique/792843

  13. Add $SORL $EFOI $INVN to watch list, held strong all day today

  14. $ARWR $SORL $VSR holding green on my screen

  15. $CRWS $EFOI $SORL $VSR very green

  16. $SORL starting coverage

  17. $VSR $SORL $BABA good greens

  18. $VSR $SORL $BABA safe

  19. $VSR $SORL $BABA holding green on my screen

  20. $SFUN $SORL $INVN more green on my screen

  21. $VSR $BABA $SORL only greens on my screen

  22. $SORL never this low again, says ZACKS 532 190

  23. $SORL safe form tomorrow on

  24. @Bottomfishing: $BABA & $SORL http://finance.yahoo.com/news/zacks-analyst-blog-highlights-alibaba-085344870.html $SORL very

  25. $SORL good start http://biz.yahoo.com/e/140814/sorl10-q.html