1. US Dollar hitting golden level resistance. Bullish on $SPY $TNA $ERX $SOXL

  2. What are semis doing today? $SOXL $TNA $SMH $QQQ

  3. $soxl $cure $ tecl love the new split. lets go back to 100$ and more wouwouuuuu, get on the train

  4. $SOXL hod. $ONCE hod

  5. $SOXL great add

  6. $SOXL looking good to test $40 level

  7. $SMH $SOXL $QQQ http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/reminder-direxion-investments-to-execute-reverse-and-forward-share-splits-of-19-leveraged-etfs-300083898.html


  9. $BIB With the $BIB and $SOXL splits my account mistakenly reads I made $261,000 yesterday. It s a nice thought.

  10. 55% of $SOXL holdings are trending up.

  11. $SOXL above 150. will test 162

  12. High quality Semi $SMH $SOXL stock & Perfect Speculator scan qualifier $AVGO is rounding out of a cup price pattern.

  13. New All-Time Highs for S&P 500 and Dow http://bigwavetrading.com/28294/new-all-time-highs-for-sp-500-and-dow/ $AAPL $MLNX $SWKS $AMBA $GREK $TLT $TBT $SOXL $SMI $COMPQ $SPX $DJIA $STUDY

  14. End Of Day Scan: Parabolic SAR Buy Signals $NEU $AMGN $PXD $SOXL $AAPL $VCR $IJS $EMB $SRE $NVS www.dailystockplays.com

  15. $MU Late day action in $MU & $CY supported by a rejuvenated sector via $SMH & $SOXL gives me confidence in those recently added to positions

  16. $SOXL double top b/o . bullish to test $162

  17. $BIB hod.. looking to go higher. $DIA all time high. $BIB $SOXL will catch up

  18. $SOXL watch $148.35 next. above then can test 160 level again

  19. End Of Day Scan: CCI Buy Signals $MTD $SHPG $MMM $ASR $AAP $SOXL $SIAL $IWV $ALV $UNH www.dailystockplays.com

  20. $XLNX Inside and up $SMH $QQQ $SOXL

  21. $SPXL $SOXL $IBB $UDOW $TQQQ Acampora, top technician: the rally is just getting started http://www.cnbc.com/id/102680325

  22. $SOXL has been weaker than other tech ETFs. now catching up . $NXPI $QRVO $AMBA $SWKS $AVGO $TXN in here. so by the basket. above ma50

  23. $NXPI $SWKS $SOXL $QRVO $AVGO time to add this sector. do not forget $MSFT looking very good

  24. $SOXL Looks like somebody was trying to knock out the shorts on this one.

  25. $SOXL $JDST $TNA $XIV $SSYS $AMAT $FB $VIPS all by buy buy