1. Will the Grim Reaper return Monday to take more profits? $fb $spy $ibb $IWM $twtr $tna $soxl $aapl

  2. $SOXL Stochastic Oversold Buried

  3. When will the darkness pass? #Invisibility Cloak $SPY $yinn $fxi $tna $iwm $aapl $fb $twtr $soxl

  4. $TWTR Yellen is holding the market down even with all the GDP ER news. Will go up after that $FB so strong .$VIPS $YY $QIHU $DANG $TNA $soxl

  5. August picks; in MoM FCST growth % s; $NQ (+50%), $Kndi (+30%), $RFMD (+20%), $CSIQ (+20%), $SOXL (+10%).

  6. rec $SOXL the pullback alone places it in a good position

  7. $MU the drop from almost $35 is unjustified. So undervalued $SNDK $SOXL

  8. @HCPG - How long do you expect the support to hold? I am planning to add to $SOXS on $SOXL or $SMH retrace.

  9. @TheTechnicalRoom There are some interesting names out there like $mont, but i just scalped $SOXL


  11. $SOXL bounced back from strong support. Way way oversold and hammer reversal candle forming. Good time to add $SWKS. $MU is so undervalued

  12. @DanZanger: $SOX $SOXL $SOXX - This can be bearish for the market http://y.ahoo.it/a5I1UJtq

  13. @DanZanger: $SOX $SOXL $SOXX - This can be bearish for the market http://y.ahoo.it/6kDKEjqJ

  14. $SOX $SOXL $SOXX - This can be bearish for the market http://y.ahoo.it/SV7TPwHn

  15. $SOX $SOXX $SOXL

  16. $SMH $SOX $SOXL - Think we has seen a major top in semiconductors. Long way down. Consider $SOXS http://y.ahoo.it/9UGomQ6g

  17. $SOXS $SOXL pay attention here

  18. Yesterday My all short all made money today $IRBT $VMW $LRCX $SOXL good day. Lost little money on $INO


  20. $soxl bubbly

  21. $SOXL What goes up must come down. I m $soxs long

  22. $SOXL only went up 3.46% but hit new 52 wk hi 122

  23. $MLNX $AMSC $TSEM will semis continue today? $SOXL

  24. $SOXL New ytd high. WDC MU SNDK INTC...all strong ..great sector...will go higher

  25. $SOXL will break to new high. INTC made good comments about semi sector. Am I the only one here?