1. Yesterday My all short all made money today $IRBT $VMW $LRCX $SOXL good day. Lost little money on $INO


  3. $soxl bubbly

  4. $SOXL What goes up must come down. I m $soxs long

  5. $SOXL only went up 3.46% but hit new 52 wk hi 122

  6. $MLNX $AMSC $TSEM will semis continue today? $SOXL

  7. $SOXL New ytd high. WDC MU SNDK INTC...all strong ..great sector...will go higher

  8. $SOXL will break to new high. INTC made good comments about semi sector. Am I the only one here?

  9. $MU going higher, $INTC beat, good for sector, $SOXL

  10. $SOXL..hod and will break to new high. All great stocks are in this ETF. $MU $SNDK $WDC, etc

  11. @lcc007 Great Icc!! I like MU a lot. Very undervalued and good uptrend. Like $SOXL. I trade ETF often and $SOXL is my favorite. $SNDK!

  12. $SOXL based on GS s increased target growth for semi sector next Quarter, SOXL will break to new high..

  13. problem all over the world China housing bubble over heating now.Portugal Banking issue $TNA $SOXL $ERY $SVXY sell off


  15. $SOXX $SOX $SOXS $SOXL Back in the channel time for a correction http://y.ahoo.it/WWzSgVwh

  16. Even hedge funds have stopped betting against this rally $SPY $TNA $ERX $EDC $SOXL $SSYS $YELP $LNKD $GOOG $PCLN

  17. $VIPS front page CNBC...Faber said market will correct, don t know the catalyst or when..wow. Best headline ever! $QQQ $SOXL like..

  18. $SOXL Hammer candle formed yesterday and another little one forming..pattern for bottom of this cycle is in..

  19. $SOXL hammer candle forming, also bull flag. LRCX MU all hit hod..

  20. This market going to swallow your money any time soon Protect yourself $TNA $SOXL $ERY $SPY $SSYS $WDC $KLAC $YELP $Z $LNKD $TSLA $FB

  21. THe Clock is ticking now for 10% correction $TNA $SOXL $ERX $INTC $MSFT $WDC $AMAT $SNDK $YELP $GPRO $AMZN $FB $TWTR $FEYE

  22. $SSYS have been following if for over 10 years. $FAS $SOXL $VIPS $DDD $JD $JMEI $QUNR $YY $QIHU $WUBA $WBAI $GILD $ATHM $XONE $TSLA

  23. $TNA $SOXL $EDC $ERX $XIV poor-quality IPOs, excessive margin debt, very high investor expectations, numerous geopolitical issues.

  24. Chip stocks up up and away.. $SOXL $MU $SWKS $AVGO that means economy is really really good, $copper is up too.

  25. $BIB has high RSI now, in the past, could continue. $FAS has lower RSI, financial will lead in b/o market. $SOXL is the king.. Oops..QUEEN!