1. $TNA $SOXL $EDC $ERX $SVXY $$JCP $ all buy here the Correction 8.5% is over . Market will test new high

  2. $SOXL below $70 was an absolute no brainer. ... On $TSLA we ll wait til Monday, but probably the $220 was a good entry point.

  3. $SOXL $CURE $XIV $UPRO $UDOW winning.... just a few :)

  4. $SOX Did $GS & $MCHP mark the BOTTOM in Semis with their CYCLE TOP call? $SOXL $SOXX $SMH $SPY $QQQ $AVGO

  5. out all cash. No need to go long on a possible dead cat bounce. Will be back strong in $EXCL $SOXL $JNUG when mkt gets steady

  6. $SOXL to ma-200 @ $ 94 and go from there. See SNDK -over $3.5 last night, now in green, good for SOXL retrace from $125

  7. @Partridge: $SPX Partridge Army : $UPRO $UDOW $TNA $TQQQ $SOXL $MLPL $CURE Oct. 16 at 9:30 AM --> winner winner lobster dinner! well done

  8. @Partridge: $SPX Partridge Army : $UPRO $UDOW $TNA $TQQQ $SOXL $MLPL $CURE Oct. 16 at 9:30 AM --> winner winner lobster dinner!

  9. @mikete90 this chart making my morning. 30% $ERX rest on $SOXL. Thinking on making energy heavier. Now JNUG needs to push!!

  10. $IWM $TNA $ERX $SOXL have the most reward/risk ratio now. 10% correction what they were looking for. They got it. Do not want 2 scare 4ever

  11. $SOXL low pole reversal. P&F has $103 PT. I see first 2 ma-50 at $94. We will always need Chios, semi..

  12. $SOXL oops that was 300 at 80.19

  13. $SOXL you can see my 300 sold at 8.19

  14. $SOXL we starting to scale out as this is our largest

  15. $SOXL I nearly closed my position this this morning when I saw the futures

  16. $SPX Partridge Army : $UPRO $UDOW $TNA $TQQQ $SOXL $MLPL $CURE

  17. $SOXL $ERX higher high. Like I said even in a downtrend need to go back within the channel..

  18. $SOXL hod...way way oversold, from $125. Even in a downturn still needs to retrace

  19. $SPY Semis recovered fast. Lots of bargains there. $SOX $SOXX $SOXL $SMH $AVGO

  20. $SOXL leading early market comeback. Might be good play for short term bounce. No long position until consolidation

  21. $SOXL hit out

  22. $SOXL little rat is in with stop above B/e need simplicity

  23. $spy $SOXL $QQQ $DIA all gapped down this morning. Gaps will be tested/filled

  24. $SOXL in green now, the heart of tech. $MU green.

  25. $aapl if you want to go long and catch the market bounce. Aapl NOT the short term trade for it. $tna $soxl $spxl are the trades