1. $GILD $BABA $SOXL $TNA -$$$$$$$ :)

  2. $SOXL We are cooking sth, can you smell it? Up 23% already. PT $125, let s go baby.

  3. $SOXL higher high & higher than 2 days ago. Above ma-40 weekly. to ma-50 now. very bullish

  4. $SOXL higher high. going higher. TQQQ yesting yesterday hod. wow AMZN only -$22 now. AAL up, no ebola fear

  5. $SWKS Another strong day in the books for $SWKS. Loving the semis ($SOXL), biotechs ($CELG $REGN $GILD) & security ($PANW, $VDSI)

  6. $ERX $SOXL the most potential ETFs to gain more days ahead. PPO chart begins to cross up

  7. $NXPI Have been loving the $SOXL for me lately. Got in around $82 - lots more room to go - TGT $115.

  8. $AAPL all time high. great for nasdaq QQQ small caps will follow. $SOXL above ma-50, way oversold

  9. $SOXL Moving again, love it

  10. $SOXL I love this ETF it recovers quickly.

  11. $SOXL playing both sides Today was $SOXS turn and hoping for continuation tmr. Gap fill at 23.25 http://stocktwits.com/message/28318882

  12. $XIV $TQQQ $SOXL last horses gone wild... done

  13. $TNA $XIV $SOXL $TQQQ horses!!!!

  14. $SOXL above ma50 going higher

  15. ETF Of The Day: $GASL 12.22% $TAGS 11.74% $SOXL 10.88% $ERX 9.14% $BZQ 8.31% $CURE 8.18%

  16. $IWM $ERX $SOXL the most reward/risk ratio ETFs now.

  17. $SOXL Up 20% already, target price 125

  18. $SOXL $XIV $TQQQ that ll do pig, that ll do

  19. $soxl $tqqq $xiv simplicity cannot be underestimated

  20. @Partridge: @Partridge: $SPX Partridge Army : $UPRO $UDOW $TNA $TQQQ $SOXL $MLPL $CURE Oct. 16 at 9:30 AM --> timestamp mofo...VICTORY!!!

  21. $tqqq $soxl $ziv choo choo

  22. @lcc007 @cheri1 @strattonite @VIPS1000 Whe mrkt shows sign of reversal ETFs best trade $SOXL $bib $ERX $YINN $TQQQ $SPXL $UDOW

  23. $SOXL unjustified dropped, high $125 will go above ma-200 and above

  24. $SOXL largest position here

  25. $ES_F In my FX days, this is what we used to call a rip your face off rally. There is no mercy for shorts today $SPY $UDOW $SOXL $XIV