1. $SOXL Higher high & to test $122

  2. $SOXL to test $122. $FAS b/ o today. Semi needed in every tech..

  3. $TNA $SOXL $ERX volume dry out this month

  4. $SOXL Alright this is where it gets sticky. Lets see if we can get $113.53

  5. $BITA To go long here is to take unessary risks. So many good long stocks today..like $SNDK $GPRO , even Chinese $JD $HAIN ETF $SOXL

  6. $SOXL. Looking to go& test $122

  7. @Sassy_SPY $SOXL on a tear ... yep I guess.

  8. $SOXL. Bullish. $MU bullish

  9. $SOXL triple top b/0, above ma-50 and will be back to $122 and see.

  10. $MU $SNDK $wdc $lrcx all running behind . Semi oversold. Many good stocks in sector will catch up Tech needs Semi. TQQQ new high. $SOXL $122

  11. $SOXL NASDAQ is breaking out. When it does, a double top b/o. Go after stocks/ETFs running behind in tech small caps $KNDI $GTAT $FSLR

  12. @Lach14 $SOXL is up 67% so even with decay , does it out perform $USD with 50% YTD what are expense ratios of the 2 funds?

  13. $SOXS - Will be adding to current long. Stop at $19.89. It s now make or break point. [ $SOXL $SMH ] http://y.ahoo.it/kOZa4YUu

  14. $SOXL Watch $109.3 ma-50 next. This ETF is oversold. $TQQQ new high . Will catch up

  15. @sheilaragu @VIPS1000 Is oversold. $BIB $SOXL $ SPXL $UDOW all easier to predict & weekly chart still uptrend. Try a few stocks, some are

  16. @cybercash28: $SOXL Shake out weak hands one more time and now bottom is confirmed $TOOO. TQQQ

  17. $SOXL Shake out weak hands one more time and now bottom is confirmed $TOOO.

  18. $SOXL triple top b/o today $119 target but ma50 $109 first..$TQQQ also double top b/0 uptrend resumes. It went up, pulled back to

  19. @lcc007 $YY ready for $90 level..I trade ETFs often & profitable. Bought on Friday on that bounced from key supports $SOXL, see my post ther

  20. $SOXL Now moving to ma-50 @108.9 still far from high $122.3

  21. $MU way undervalued, oversold. Same with $SNDK & many in the $SOXL

  22. $SOXL More reward to add this one..most oversold ETF

  23. $DIA $SPY. Begin shopping for oversold good stocks or extreme oversold ETFs $UDOW $SPXL $soxl $TQQQ $TNA. Stay away from $UVXY, too risky

  24. $SOXS $SOXL you did ignore, did you? this can be expensive

  25. $VIPS talk about weak hands...buy when others panic $WUBA $athm $WBAI $QIHU $YY $FB $loco $JD $JMEI $BIB $tqqq $TSLA $KNDI $dang, $SOXL