1. $SOXL adding here, dumping @19ish

  2. Roller coaster market but the trend now is down after failing for the 2nd time in 10 months to make new highs on rebound $TNA $sox $soxl

  3. $LABU $SOXL remember these products are not stocks.. not about price but about time

  4. $WDC hod higher high chips sector way oversold $SOXL $CRUS

  5. $SOXL hod higher high

  6. Downward trend on #Semiconductor #ETFs $SMH $SOXX $SOXL - down -6.03% in 2 days

  7. $SOXL buy it again !!!!

  8. $SOXL hod higher high

  9. $SOXL higher high

  10. TradingSystemGroup (join us for free-see profile link) Targets: $SOXL Buy $18.45, Sell $22.52; $TNA Buy $38.44, Sell $48.40

  11. $SOXL bought 18.45 14-JAN, sold today 20.30. See profile link (TradingSystemsGroup) for free trading system using preplanned limit orders

  12. $MU $CIG $SOXL strong close

  13. ETF Of The Day: $BRZU 17.71% $GUSH 12.36% $SOXL 11.79% $GASL 10.89% $UGAZ 10.45% $YINN 9.13% $TECL 8.61% $EDC 8.34%

  14. DO NOT short chips and small caps $TNA $SOXL

  15. $SOXL hod higher high up 14% to 26. read my posts on this ALL DAY!

  16. $INTC hod higher high. another chip leader.. begin of the intermediate term retrace $SOXL

  17. $XLNX 50 level coming buy semis $CRUS $NXPI $AVGO $SOXL

  18. $SOXL hod higher high. this sector is best on mrkt reversal since it got hurt the most to $26 next $SMH $SOXX $SPY $QQQ

  19. $SOXL sold took full profit now bought $18.05

  20. $SOXL position is closed

  21. $SOXL double top b/o today. P&F has $26 PT $SOXX $SMH

  22. $SMCI you see this selling waiting? $CSCO $SMH $SOXL $QQQ

  23. $SMCI this stock just a one day popcorn.... will pull back next week, take your profit today..... $SMH $SOXL $INTC $CRUS $SWKS

  24. $IWM hod higher high. Chips and small caps reversal then it s good $SOXL $TNA

  25. $SOXL hod. see $AAPL as a guige. $AAPL is cheap and a value stks now so funds R buying.. AAPL bottom