1. $SOXL Lets make it to ATH

  2. $CURE $BIB $LABU they will come back to all time high. $SOXL got killed enough. time to add

  3. @cybercash28 $JUNO $ISIS $KITE $ONCE..Follow cybercsh and you will make good retutns $SPY $SOXL $SPXL..THX CC!

  4. $SOXL 168 to 126(Before 4:1 split) .. Bottoming soon :)

  5. $SOXL add more below 30

  6. Downward trend on #Semiconductor #ETFs $SMH $SOXX $SOXL - down -7.79% in 4 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Semiconductor/days/absolute

  7. $SOXL in at 31.90

  8. $SOXL load up 29-32 $GBX 46-48 :)

  9. $TNA $TQQQ $SOXL $XIV $EDC all good to sell tomorrow

  10. $SOXL remember when $MCHP announced bad ER. The CEO said he was not the only bad business? it took the whole sector down? SOXL was about $20

  11. Downward trend on #Semiconductor #ETFs $SMH $SOXX $SOXL - down -4.99% in 1 day - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Semiconductor/days/absolute

  12. $SOXL added small thx $MU ;)

  13. $SOXL good add . oversold on $MU. other in sector will move bck up..good stks get bought on dips. always..

  14. $SOXL long here :)

  15. $SOXL $MU will drag down other semi stocks, $SNDK already getting sold off AH, bearish for sector. Bearish for entire market?

  16. $CURE $BIB $SOXL do not short stks with buyout potentials $JUNO $KITE $RCPT $BMRN $ISIS $AGIO $AMBA $SWKS $BLUE $ONCE $SAGE $OVAS $ADRO

  17. $SWKS $NXPI $AVGO $QRVO $AMBA semis strong $SOXL has been behind. catching up

  18. $SOXL adding

  19. $AAPL above ma50. when AAPL up semis up $SOXL green a little

  20. $SWKS $AVGO $SOXL good add

  21. $SOXL higher high today. RSI curving closer to crossing point..will go higher. weak so far comparing to other ETFs

  22. $BIB $SOXL thx for cheap shares. $AGIO $ONCE $SAGE $JUNO $ISIS at current price? give me a break

  23. $BIB $SOXL all the Car T , small biotech good stks.. but when thy scare u out of your own homes. they fired people to spread fear. thx for

  24. $BIB $SOXL $CURE $QQQ this is a mrkt to buy on dips.. still so much fear out there.. so mrkt will go up higher.

  25. Long $GILD $SOXL. Took profits today in $BIB $CURE $LABU $TQQQ 5-10% in 5 days.