1. Setting up for next leg higher? POP QUIZ! $SPY breaks above $212.24 What will you do? What will you do? $SOXL $FAS

  2. $VIMC Another Semi POP! $SOXL $SMH $QQQ

  3. $SOXL $SMH $QQQ Semi s continue to perform well

  4. $SMH $SOXL Semi s continue to perform well, POP! for $LRCX

  5. $SOXL I am surprised today it didn t went up good like 4-5% despite $AAPL AND $MSFT giving good returns ! Might be prep for big move ;)

  6. $LRCX good for semiconductor sector. $SOXL $SOXX and semi stks $QRVO $ SWKS $NXPI

  7. @dailyalerts: $FCS Sales/Rev beat $SMH $SOXL $QQQ http://www.benzinga.com/news/earnings/15/04/5414461/fairchild-semiconductor-posts-in-line-q1-earnings-sales-beat-views

  8. $LRCX Oversold/19% upside, (if they beat earning/rev) reports 4/20/15 after bell, nearby support $66 $SMH $SOXL $QQQ

  9. $FCS Sales/Rev beat $SMH $SOXL $QQQ http://www.benzinga.com/news/earnings/15/04/5414461/fairchild-semiconductor-posts-in-line-q1-earnings-sales-beat-views

  10. $SMH Still green on month, level to watch $54.75 then $52.75 area. Bullish on Tech/Semis $SOXL $QQQ

  11. Semi s continue to perform well $FCS breaks out. Buy $SMH $SOXL $QQQ

  12. $SCTY Just needs to break out of consolidation zone now. $TAN $SOXL $QQQ

  13. $CSIQ Outperformed sector today, just needs to breakout of consolidation zone now $TAN $SOXL $QQQ

  14. $SOXL a big push in these semi s would be welcomed $QQQ

  15. $SOXL Good time to add to position.

  16. $TXN Hit target $SMH $SOXL $QQQ

  17. $MRVL Needs to take out $15.50 $SMH $SOXL $QQQ

  18. Posted 4/7/15: $SOXL 18% upside $SMH $QQQ http://stocktwits.com/dailyalerts/message/35036680

  19. $SOXL hod. up now $8. above $147 then go bck to $162

  20. $SOXL 150-160 in few weeks $SWKS $NXPI $AVGO

  21. $SOXL Regret not adding to my position here yesterday. Semis performing very well lately and should only continue to do so.

  22. $TXN above ma50, same with $INTC, top 10 holdings in $SOXX $SOXL

  23. $SOXL hod moving along raising ma50. up over $5, rsi above 50

  24. $JPM $WFC $BAC $V $AXP $C $JCP $GDP $GASL $CVX $XOM $ASML $SOXL $TNA long still

  25. $MRVL Worth a look 9% upside $SMH $SOXL $TQQQ