1. @Loyola80 @ChickenLittle bad semi earnings hit the wire - think target breached in the AM. $SOXS bullish

  2. @mikete90 Bad earnings for semis after hours. $SOXS looking very nice here. I don t think we ll see a pullback to get cheaper.

  3. @InsiderBuySuperstocks staying course with $SOXS for potential major trend change . We see TY

  4. $SOXS Bazinga, I am staying with SOXS. The cycle will turn, it always does!

  5. $SOX $SOXS $GDXJ New post up SOX looking ugly http://y.ahoo.it/t5PXbRoq gl2uall

  6. @ChickenLittle One of the best things I ve read today. Yes totally right - $SOXS gets very interesting when this is breached.

  7. @nolosses I use $SOXS for the semis. they ve been on a screaming run so let s see if it can correct 2 days! Russell $TZA also has potential

  8. @nolosses I prefer DUST and HGD over JDST but as you said looking at them Juniors were tastier today. Also looking very hard at $SOXS.

  9. @Lach14 Yes own 1000 $SOXS at 19.5. Deleted my 19 stop a few days ago and rolled the dice - we shall see

  10. $SOXL What goes up must come down. I m $soxs long

  11. @Lach14 @Loyola80 Too bad $SMH doesn t hold $SNDK. $SOXS looks better this past week than $SSG. Both will do well soon if Sandisk is canary

  12. $SOX has just had its longest advance in its entire history. Agree w mikete90. Watching $SOXS. http://y.ahoo.it/gGfb5tcC

  13. $SOX - has just had its longest advance in its entire history. Agree w mikete90. Watching $SOXS http://y.ahoo.it/oj8zd4WI

  14. $SOX - has just had its longest advance in its entire history. I am looking for long entry to $SOXS

  15. @Lach14 Thanks for the posts. Entered $SOXS 7/17. $TWM has been on a rocket since 7/2 - look at a 2 year view. This run is a tiny burp.

  16. @Loyola80 @Flurple amazing thing was INTC was up 9% yesterday. You would have thought yesterday would have been much worse for $SOXS holders

  17. @Loyola80 $SOXX has had an amazing run. Entered today $SOXS for 1000 at 19.5 - tight stops. had short TSX via $HXD but yesterday stopped out

  18. @Flurple you ll have to stay the painful course with $SOXS for a year or so, its a real BEEEEOTCH! :) makes you lean and mean! small positio

  19. @Loyola80 $SOXS price action of 7/15 - 7/17 is very interesting. Yesterday really stands out - hard down and reversed all of it today.

  20. $SOXS $RUSS $TVIX $QID looking like long term holds for a year or so. We see

  21. @DomDom Dang. Quit throwing good money after bad. $SOXS may be a savior

  22. $SOXS DCA all the way down from here, its just to cheep!

  23. @PiedPiker @mikete90 @sabin33 stopped out of $Soxs yesterday for same reason. Unless you buy on a legit 1 day correction, its not worth it

  24. $SOXX $SOX $SOXS $SOXL Back in the channel time for a correction http://y.ahoo.it/WWzSgVwh

  25. Next 6 weeks buy only $TZA $ERY $EDZ $SOXS $TVIX $UVXY $JCP $FIVN Only go up 50% $TZA $35 expected