1. $SPXS $SOXS $BIS $SCO $ERY $DWTI $UVXY $TVIX they are still hungry and looking for more http://stocktwits.com/message/30295022

  2. @OutOfBounds1 I prefer sector ETFs, so I ll buy $TWM, but have more $$ allocated to $EEV, $BIS, $SOXS - Emerg mkt, Biotech and Semi s.

  3. $SPY Still Long: $QID, $BIS, $SOXS, $EEV, $TWM, just added $SKF

  4. @howardlindzon can t forget the semis long $SOXS

  5. @Lach14 Long $SOXS

  6. $SPY The short semi $SSG or $SOXS interesting. $SMH, $MU, $INTC http://stocktwits.com/message/30226120

  7. $SPY Next sector to blow up Semiconductors. Keep an eye on $SOXS. up 5% today. $SMH, $INTC http://stocktwits.com/message/30220281

  8. $SQQQ $BIS $SOXS $TECS $TZA Hedged it up a bit. U?

  9. $UVXY $SPXS $SOXS $TZA closed yesterday and waited for todays gift, we are back in all

  10. $UVXY $VIX $TZA $SOXS been accumulating these ponies on dips for weeks. nice to finally see what they are designed to do.

  11. $SOXS closing

  12. $SPY Fast Money: $SCO +9%, $DUG +7.5%, $SOXS +6.3%, $SMN +4.7%, $TWM +4.4%, $BIS +4%, $SDS +3.3% awesome moves.

  13. $SPY Loving the short Semi $SOXS, now +6% on day. http://stocktwits.com/message/30110116

  14. $SPY The short semi s $SOXS moving http://stocktwits.com/message/30104711

  15. $SOXS out 13.70

  16. $SOXS $TZA $TWM on deck

  17. @Birdseyeview @mikete90 $BIS +2.7%, $SOXS +3.5%, let s see if it holds ...

  18. $SPY Short semi $SOXS up 5% already on day. nice chart... $SMH, $MU, $INTC http://stocktwits.com/message/30040193

  19. $UVXY $JNUG $SPY $IMW $TZA $SPXS $SOXS $SMH $SI_F $GC_F $DX_F Its going to be a wild ride today better strap in... http://stocktwits.com/message/30038955

  20. @mikete90: $TZA $SPXS $SOXS $UVXY we are in charge now and hungry for more blood http://stocktwits.com/message/30008780 These guys are still hungry 4 more

  21. Watchlist for today $UVXY $SOXS Link to website http://www.jumpystocks.com/2014/stocks-and-pennystocks-to-watch-for-december-9/

  22. @Birdseyeview @mikete90 Had to buy some $SOXS, and even a bit of $BIS - But the $TWM and $QID charts look ok too.

  23. @Lach14 @mikete90 ibb still strong- would have thought $bis been better today.... Time to go $soxs?

  24. $SOXS BLOODDDDD..... YUMMMY .... shaving time

  25. $SPY Top ETFs today: $DUG +8%, $SCO +7% (on oil crash), $SOXS +5% now, $SMN +4%, $EEV +3.2%, $TWM +2.3%