1. $SPY Only for the adventurous -- $SOXS short semiconductors - Yes, crazy isn t it, chart looks good http://stocktwits.com/message/28686931

  2. Street One Financial - ETF Chart of the Day: Shine on Semis http://www.etftrends.com/2014/10/etf-chart-of-the-day-shine-on-semis/ $INTC $TSM $SOXX $SOXS $SOXL

  3. $SOX $SOXS Rejected at middle of bb 10wma and now back under the 2year trendline, heading lower... http://stocktwits.com/message/28626092

  4. Best 4 ETFs today: $SOXS +6.7%, RSX +3.5%, SCO +2.8%, BIB +2.7%. V adds 125 points to Dow s +142. Total B.S.

  5. $SPY New Best 4 of Day: $BIS +3.3%, $SMN +3%, $UCO +2.2%, $SOXS +2%

  6. $SPY Watch the Semiconductors. $SOXS . $QQQ,$SMH,$INTC,$MU http://stocktwits.com/message/28580233

  7. Stopped out of $TZA and $SOXS longs for 2.7% and 5.2% losses, respectively.

  8. $SOXS Longed SOXS at $21.09 in the am, holding o/n for a swing above $22 hopefully.

  9. $SOXL playing both sides Today was $SOXS turn and hoping for continuation tmr. Gap fill at 23.25 http://stocktwits.com/message/28318882

  10. Remaining $SQQQ still down. $VXX worked. $SOXS stopped for less about .5% loss. $SPY shorts turned out okay, too. $RNO needs a buck.

  11. Thinking of putting on $SOXS for a trade. Just stock. Seeing 4,000 Dec. $50 puts bought earlier at $2.20 $SMH

  12. $SOXS Took 2/3 out at $21.48. That s a loss of $.14 on 2/3. Goal for the next 1/3 is $22.74

  13. $SPY Selling $UWM and $TAN. Buying: $SDS, $TWM, $QID, $BIS and maybe $SOXS

  14. Long $SOXS at $21.63, $VXX at $33.90, $SQQQ at $38.58, $RNO at $6.11. So, I m down on the day. Let s hope for better trades tomorrow.

  15. $SOXS Got some at $22.04.

  16. NEW POST: Late Night Strategy for Tuesday http://ibankcoin.com/chessnwine/2014/10/21/late-night-strategy-for-tuesday-28/ $INTC $QQQ $SMH $SOXS $SPY

  17. $FAZ $SOXS airline passenger taken to hospital showing signs of EBOLA! http://news.yahoo.com/spain-ebola-patient-improving-1-tested-114233513.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory

  18. $UVXY, $TVIX, $ERY, $JNUG, $SOXS, $DUG, $NUGT, $SPXU, $SPXS, $SQQQ are top ETF gainers http://www.capitalcube.com/blog/index.php/top-10-etf-gainers-and-losers-for-octo-13/

  19. did not even THINK of playing $SOXS 3x bear for semis. Might have some room if fear/crash continue http://stocktwits.com/message/27920848

  20. The $USD Is Double Edged For Market $GOLD Held 1200 $GLD & $SLV IMO Catch Up See Previous Tweets $HDGE $SPY $SOXS $VXX $UVXY $BIS $JNUG $GDX

  21. $SMH $SOXS time to test intrsdaybottom again im with cavullo of goldman.......intel tomorrow

  22. $TSLA $PANW $CYBR $SPLK $SOXS the semi that took tech down just turned to the upside looks like we re gonna go higher

  23. $soxs

  24. 14 breakouts: $SOXS (base, gap and 200-day MA), $EXAS (gap), $INFY (gap), $MSTR, $PSQ, $HDGE (200-day MA and base).

  25. $SPY Most staggering: The Short Semi $SOXS up +58% from 9/18 Alibaba Top. $SMH, $MU, $INTC, $QQQ http://stocktwits.com/message/27855399