1. $SPY $SMH $SOXL $SOXS boy what a difference just a few weeks makes- how can they get crushed so much and bounce back so strong so fast...?

  2. @Birdseyeview Yes, huge selling this am in $SOXS, I unfortunately bought in yesterday. This will turn and when it does, it ll fly.

  3. $SOXS in at 14.88. Looking for PT Avg 16.32.

  4. $soxl well from $70 to $126 in 5 weeks. Wow... $soxs

  5. @gianfranco18 got some $soxs now but bought too early and down a decent amount- been a crazy run up for soxl after those lows!

  6. $SOXS added some 15.87...accumulating with small bites

  7. $SOXS good time to jump in?

  8. $sqqq $faz $SOXS

  9. $SPY Sectors Up: $UCO +2.3%, $SOXS +2%, $TWM +1.4%, $DIG +1.4%, $TAN +1%

  10. $SOXS anyone buying today? this one is poised for pop..i m holding cost avg 16.89..happy to add if any more big dips out there

  11. $SPY Inverse ETFs moving very fast: $SOXS +3%, $TWM +2.7%, $QID +1.4% and my $DUG can t stay down +1.3%, even $SDS +1%, hard to believe.

  12. @tradegreen2014 @Flurple $SOXS rocks it, up +2.5% and best etf on my list.

  13. $SPY Liking that short semi-conductor $SOXS today, chart strong. $SMH, $QCOM, $INTC,$AAPL http://stocktwits.com/message/29409050

  14. @getshawn Out both $tza and $soxs for chicken scratch here. Strength is $sox chart but $iwm looks weak. Mixed market.

  15. $SPY Buying: $QID, $TWM, $SOXS, $BIS

  16. $MSFT Best ETFs: $TWM +1.8%, $TAN +1.3%, $SOXS +1%, $QID +1%

  17. @Flurple Buying more $SOXS - 1/4 position only. but too low to let go.

  18. $SOXS this thing has been crushed in last 4 weeks

  19. @Flurple Stopped out of $SOXS, I now officially hate semi s. $GDX defies the skeptics. That and $UYM about the only thing I have now.

  20. @Lach14 looking for $INTC to stay below 35. $SOXS Should work. This and the $BIS beast are ripe. Get some blood in the water.

  21. @Flurple Hey man. Up 4% for $SOXS, let s see if it can hold.... $MU -2.2% helping it

  22. $SPY Long for Monday: $SOXS +4% (semi s cld fall), $EEV +2%, $QID +1.4%, and $TWM my fav at +1.2%, We ll see if it holds.

  23. @Lach14 @Birdseyeview time is coming soon $SOXS could be over 20 easily

  24. @Apples_Oranges91 i think $SOXS is primed for run up soon..i m holding shs at 17.08..would add on any dips into 16s

  25. $SOXL On more run and this will be savvy to short! $SOXS