1. Stocks Skyrocket and its all because of EPS Growth $sqqq $soxs $soxl $qqq

  2. APRIL Bounces can bring MAY Sell-offs. We see on $SPX $IBB $IWM $QQQ $SOXS

  3. @Project_Pat Not sure about SOXS. im sure they will be better entry. it failed o break 50 ma 4 days in a row. $SOXS

  4. Sector shift to Energy its geopolitical and momentum techs out of favor among many $oil $dig $sqqq $soxs $soxl

  5. @Apples_Oranges91 Ya think we get a better entry on $SOXS but who knows. Not playin anything. Miners seasonality seems to be kickn in $GDXJ

  6. $soxs sold to break even. Only position left is $jdst to 35!

  7. $SOXS anyone knows why this is up when SPY is up im sort of lost here? Thanks.

  8. $SOXS climbing that wall of worry. :)

  9. $SOX Monthly chart $SOXL $SOXS http://y.ahoo.it/Siai0ie2

  10. $SOXS $SOXL $SMH Not all Semi s are topped yet.$NXPI seems next with a descending triangle formation http://y.ahoo.it/K6ezk75s

  11. Retesting Head & shoulders trend line $SOXS $SOXL http://y.ahoo.it/rRfDEx38

  12. @mikete90 Yea $BIS up alot already. $QQQ looks to rebound. $SPY and $DIA just getting started to fall. Good for $SOXS

  13. @mikete90 Yea... will look for reentry here. Still holding $SOXS & $JDST

  14. $Soxs got lucky getting out ahead of INTC

  15. $SOXS out all

  16. @TraderRL23 $SOXS trying to break out of LOW BASE!

  17. $OPK hedging with $BIS...going in $SOXS soon. OPK almost oversold. Mkt cap of $4B is not overvaluing company with 6 drugs in pipeline.

  18. @Jloesser a boatload of $BIS $SOXS $RUSS and shorts on $TSLA $FSLR $AMZN $GTAT

  19. $SOXS $BIS Ahhh some high tight flags how wonderful!

  20. $SOXS Ahhh some high tight flags how wonderful!

  21. Almost perfect timing getting out $BIS and into $BIB, but still holding $SOXS

  22. I like these names. Will enter a few of them this week >>> @exequenda: Still holding everything: $RUSS $BIS $TVIX $SOXS

  23. Still holding everything: $RUSS $BIS $TVIX $SOXS (sold a bit of $SOXS bc it wasn t performing as well as rest). OPTION PORTFOLIO 6:1 P/C

  24. $SOXS just added 14% to my holdings at 29.71

  25. @Project_Pat: $SPY check. $BIS check. $TSLA homocide check. Hopping over to $SOXS