1. Setups we liked Friday that we ll be watching Monday. $SCO $UVXY $VIX $SOXS $DWTI $FAZ $XON More setups with charts. http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  2. All positions now green, portfolio up 8%, if I had more money I d be buying $RUSS and $SOXS, and maybe even some $DWTI

  3. $ZIOP dumped this for a loss and moved on $SOXS and $ABX

  4. Tech companies in squeeze mode...! $SOX $SOXS $HRS $IGN

  5. System took +7.2% profit yesterday on $SOXS. Good timing with $SMH bounce today.

  6. Our $SOXS entry yesterday proved timely, up +4% so far. $SMH #ETFSwingTrader

  7. $SOXS trade doing well. Added to $DZZ. (Early morn side trade in $ERY going well.) $DUST best choice, if weren t headed for Sierra slopes.

  8. $SOXS doing great. Adding to $DZZ. If I weren t going skiing I would be opening $DUST today.

  9. $SOXS No sense attempting to be a hero. sold SOXL and will replace with a position in SOXS.

  10. We began building an $SOXS position today based on this $SMH chart setup. Note RSI(2) upper panel. #ETFSwingTrader

  11. $SOXS RSI breakout on SOXS. Higher highs on the way.

  12. Setups we liked that we ll be watching tomorrow. $AMZN $LULU $KSS $NVCR $UVXY $SOXS $SVXY $DUST More setups I like. http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  13. $SOXS close to a RSI breakout on the weekly. Could soar once it breaks through. RSI 56-57 ish.

  14. $SPY $UVXY $TVIX $VXX added some $soxs warming up for $intc gonna be a party

  15. $SOX $SMH $SOXX $SOXS Keep an eye on this. Big deal here.

  16. Stop! You re killing my Saturday morning with these charts. $SOX $SMH $SOXX $SOXS

  17. Semiconductor Index $SOX: Trendline Cross & Head-&-Shoulder Breakdown $SMH $SOXX $SOXS

  18. $TVIX $UGAZ $RUSS $NUGT $SOXS $TZA $UNG $SDS $TAN $CHAU $BIS $PBW $BOIL $JNUG Top ETFs Daily Market Movers bit.ly/1PhK1DW

  19. $SOXS $DUG $UVXY $EDZ $UGLD $FAZ $IAU $GLD $TLT $BLV $FXY $GASL $UCO $AMLP Top ETFs Daily Market Movers bit.ly/1PfScAz

  20. $SOXS $TZA looking like decent shorts


  22. $SPY .... Well i went over to the dark and put on my $SOXS It will probably skyrocket now.

  23. Semiconductor Index $SOX: Trendline Cross Breakdown…Head-&-Shoulder Too? $SMH $SOXX $SOXS

  24. It s time to use the dry powder and invest in beaten down sectors of the last 60 days. $qqqe $SQQQ $soxs $soxl $qqq $dog $spy

  25. Semiconductor Index $SOX Trying To Hold Key Support Confluence $SMH $SOXX $SOXS