1. Closed short postings to protect profits $SOXS $BIS $SPXU $TECS $DUST not wanting to hold through the weekend.

  2. Profitable times shorting: $SOXS +2.95% $BIS +6.3% $SPXU +2.4% $TECS +4.1% $DUST +8.2%

  3. Top Sectors: $UVXY +8%, Sh Semi $SOXS +5%, Sh Bonds $TBT +3%, Sh China 2x $FXP +2.2%, Sh Russ $TWM +2.2%, Sh Biotech $BIS +1.6% $TLT,$IBB

  4. Top Sectors: $UVXY +7.6%, Sh Semi $SOXS +5%, Sh Bonds $TBT +2.8%, Sh China 2x $FXP +2.2%, Sh Russ $TWM +2.2%, Sh Biotech $BIS +1.6% $SPY

  5. TOP 5 Sector ETFs today: $UVXY +5% -go vol!, Sh Semi $SOXS +3%, Sh Bonds $TBT +2.5%, Short China $FXP +1.7% and Energy $DIG +1.5%. $SPY

  6. Best ETFs: Sh Biotech $BIS +5%, Sh Semi $SOXS +4%, $UVXY +3.5%, Sh Nasd $QID +1.5%. Shorts looking strong. $SPY especially Nasd

  7. $SOXS booking some profits here still have 1/2 position

  8. $SOXS making bank while everyone is paying attention the major indexs, look under the surface....

  9. Action today: Short semi $SOXS +5.5% - have they peaked? Nasdaq $QLD +3%, Social Media $SOCL +1.4%, Em Mkt Bonds $DVYE +1.3% w/4.2% div $SPY

  10. End Of Day Scan: Chaikin Money Flow Declining $GBSN $SCSS $FUEL $RMGN $TWM $EMHY $PZA $BIS $SOXS $EFT

  11. $SPY $SOX $SMH smack down in the semis this morning. That upper BB has been a great time to play $soxs...

  12. Sectors Strong: #1 Sh Semi $SOXS +5.5%, Sh China $FXP +1.7% (cld happen), Energy $DIG +1.6%, Gold $GDX +1.4%, & Solar $TAN (+45% YTD) $SPY

  13. 8 Direxion ETFs will undergo 1-for-10 reverse splits on May 20th: $BRZU $YANG $GASL $MIDZ $LBJ $RUSS $SOXS $TECS

  14. $FAZ $TZA $BIS $SPXU $ERY $SCO $SOXS Anyone holding shorts over the weekend? How come?

  15. Best Sectors: Sh Semi $SOXS +5%, Sh Biotech $BIS +3.7%, Sh Russell $TWM +3.5%, Sh Em Mkt $EEV +3.5% $SPY, $QQQ $AAPL

  16. Some sector shorts cld work: My Favs: $SOXS, $QID $EEV, $TWM, even $SKF. But who knows where this dip bounces. $SPY $AAPL Also $BIS

  17. Made some killer profit on $SD, took my profits yesterday over 15% return in 4 days. $SOXS is not doing bad either!

  18. This profit-taking surge, feels a bit more than normal... $SPY, Still like $SOXS, $TWM, $QID until the Algo Robots decide to buy.

  19. $INTC $SOXX looking weak $SOXS

  20. Hot Sectors: Sh Semi s $SOXS +4%, Sh Biotech $BIS +3.2%, Sh Em Mkt $EEV +3%, Sh Russell $TWM +2.8%

  21. $TZA $UVXY $SPXS $SOXS $SQQQ $BIS bring us more bull meat please, we are still hungry

  22. went all in puts and bear etfs should be good for a few days $uvxy $spxs $sqqq $tza $SOXS

  23. $SOXS $BIS seem to run in tandem, which pretty much has been down!

  24. Strong Sectors: Sh Semi $SOXS +3.2%, Energy $DIG +2.3%, Gold $GDX +1.5%, Bonds $TLT +1.5% $SPY, $XOM

  25. Interesting: Short Semi etf $SOXS +2% now, $DUG short energy +.7%, even Em Mkt short $EEV percolating +.4%