1. $SPHS @DBChamps unbelievable short volume.sudden increases in price will wipe out their bank ac.We sud know tomorrow.

  2. $SPHS 55% short volume today and still ended positive. Good sign

  3. $SPHS shareholder meeting May 25th. Stock popped $.50 last year. Will be rising with a nice bounce before the end of the month. You ll see!

  4. $SPHS Good day today longs. Gapper tomorrow

  5. $SPHS Climb must you do, bull you can be

  6. $SPHS With the amount of shares available a sudden surge with real volume, ole Ted becomes a millionaire! Beverly Hills that is!

  7. $SPHS Shorties, sudden increases in prices can lead to huge losses. Set a Stop Loss.

  8. $CYTX and $BIOC look like the real deal. $SPHS and $KBIO are looking meek and unwanted.

  9. $SPHS Looks like we are getting rid of many weak hands. :)

  10. $SPHS Short Squeeze is coming. Shorties, better cover your positions in pre-market.

  11. @alex68 $SPHS Anyone see a green week next week? .65

  12. $SPHS Anyone see a green week next week?

  13. $SPHS Ok, who is capitulating next? we need more weak hands out before we can go back up.

  14. $SPHS Reverse split soon. More dilution on the way. Back to cave man day s!!!

  15. $KBIO has a chance to catch $SPHS in the competition with a big pop. I don t expect it, though.

  16. $SPHS I sold my 70k shares in am im out for now from .47

  17. $SPHS On April 28th, the shorts pulled the stock down.

  18. $SPHS David can you send the link for the short sale volume. I am long $SPHS. Thanks

  19. $SPHS good time to buy right now. its due for a leg up. in the oversold territory.

  20. $SPHS wow. Shorts are in full force.

  21. $SPHS time to buy a couple thousand more soon

  22. $SPHS LOL @ whoever is capitulating here at 0.69

  23. $SPHS Wish I had some extra cash

  24. $SPHS 2014 Stock Holder meeting- Stock surge $.50. May 25th Meeting. How much will we surge this year? My guess $.85 hitting $1.55

  25. $SPHS Talk about low volume and no buyers