1. Investors Are Favoring Value Stocks Again: Two ETFs to Consider This Year $IVE $IVW $FTA $SPLS $INTC http://y.ahoo.it/VmQAQxdI via @minyanville

  2. 3D Systems Corporation (DDD) Partners With Staples http://y.ahoo.it/2mfZTXow $DDD $SPLS @VALUEWALKTECH

  3. Block Trade: 11:58 $SPLS Apr19 12 C (ARCA) 0.20 14395x Today s Full Report: http://y.ahoo.it/CN7UFqCw

  4. HIGH CALL VOLU $CCL 2477% $INTU 607% $RMD 508% $IACI 482% $EPB 455% $GLOG 454% $SPLS 422% $HSH 258% http://y.ahoo.it/2xq1W96p

  5. Staples just filed its Other definitive proxy statements http://y.ahoo.it/1qtT3VCG $SPLS

  6. $SPLS Staples Makes More 3D Printing Happen With Launch of In-store Experience in .. http://y.ahoo.it/xBGdHU1n

  7. Aaron Pring holds an allocation of 4.8% in $SPLS in his Buy and Hold Investment Portfolio

  8. Mid Active Runners: Advanced Micro Devices $AMD, Sunedison $SUNE, Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp $KOG, Staples $SPLS http://y.ahoo.it/N0VSFIDj

  9. @spunwasi agreed...I consider myself to be a swing trader so I m hoping to see myself out of those puts with profit by EOD or tomorrow $SPLS

  10. @androsForm Are we looking at the same $SPLS?

  11. $SPLS Reversal time...buying puts

  12. $SPLS CEO buys 8,500 shares at 11.82 a piece in the open market as the stocks starts to move off lows. http://y.ahoo.it/ZBljQpP8

  13. Staples Gets Average Rating of Hold from Analysts $SPLS http://y.ahoo.it/GNrdLbdZ

  14. $SPLS Admins Happier Than Their Bosses, Survey Finds.. http://y.ahoo.it/HcW5upUe

  15. $SPLS http://y.ahoo.it/PNE9dNMv from http://y.ahoo.it/x7ji3UBH

  16. Funds, Insiders and Big Financial Firms Are Betting on Staples $SPLS $BLK http://y.ahoo.it/DAtq5ohH

  17. Hedge Funds Interested in Staples Inc. $SPLS $AMZN $ODP http://y.ahoo.it/R4Fto0Ev

  18. CEO Insider Buys: http://y.ahoo.it/PhRVv2fz $RTRX $HPAC $SPLS

  19. $AEO holding up near 52 wk low. Will add. See an $SPLS type upside after this downgrade. Yield past 4%

  20. @WallStJesus: $SPLS buyer of 3000 May $13 calls 20¢ to open

  21. $SPLS buyer of 3000 May $13 calls 20¢ to open

  22. @Quantitude: $SPLS Chairman and CEO has just reported purchase of company stock valued at $100,455

  23. $SPLS INSIDER BUY!!! http://y.ahoo.it/xAbkUPZ8

  24. Staples Director Rowland Moriarty Sells $307,867 in $SPLS http://y.ahoo.it/0wtBTjJj

  25. Insider Transaction: $SPLS Sale at $12.20 per share of 25235 shares by Director Moriarty Rowland on 2014-04-04.