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  6. Risk OFF heading into the close $SPHB $SPY $SPLV all in red // $XLE biggest loser, $XLK biggest gainer

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  8. $XLE at the bottom of the sector barrel this morning, $XLV $XLK leading in green // Risk is on...barely... $SPHB > $SPY > $SPLV

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  10. $XLU biggest loser, $XLY biggest winner. Risk is back ON $SPHB > $SPY > $SPLV

  11. $XLY $XLB only sectors in green, $XLK $XLV $XLU biggest losers this morning. Risk is OFF $SPLV > $SPY > $SPHB

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  13. $XLV only sector in red... $XLU leading the charge higher in $SPX. Risk is ON heading into the close $SPHB > $SPLV

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  15. $XLV leading, $XLF $XLE $XLI lagging in red. Risk still OFF $SPLV > $SPY > $SPHB all in red

  16. Risk is OFF $SPLV > $SPY > $SPHB all in red

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  18. $XLE $XLU only two sectors in red, $XLV $XLI $XLY leading in green. Risk is ON heading into the weekend $SPHB > $SPY > $SPLV

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  21. $XLU $XLP $XLE in red, $XLY $XLB leading in green. Risk is way ON $SPHB > $SPY ... $SPLV low vol names left in red

  22. Risk is OFF with high betas holding up better than defensive names $SPHB > $SPY > $SPLV

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  24. $DVY I like the idea of taking runners into the Greek drama, so I booked half here. (Same with $SPLV). Good luck all. http://stocktwits.com/message/32853745

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