1. $TAN $JKS $CSIQ $spwr $FSLR $sol Research predicts that solar installations will triple to 135 GW annually by 2020 http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/markets/2015/07/05/motley-fool-solar-energy/29583021/

  2. $SPWR Trade Card -> http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=rc&ticker=SPWR

  3. $SPWR Solar-powered plane lands in Hawaii after flight from Japan. Awesome!!! https://www.breakingnews.com/topic/solar-impulse-round-the-world-flight/

  4. $SPWR chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/tXBguV8C/ via https://www.tradingview.com/

  5. $SPWR http://www.forbes.com/sites/dividendchannel/2015/06/30/sunpower-becomes-oversold-spwr/

  6. $CSIQ $SPWR csiq tagging SPWR right into the close - thanks for keeping us green SPWR!

  7. $SPWR finally! Looks like bottom has been found. A set back for the longs, but a great buying opportunity for newbies or averaging down.

  8. $SPWR Technical Trade Card -> http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=stock&ticker=SPWR

  9. $CSIQ the tagging of $SPWR with CSIQ is such a joke. This same trading activity happened just before Q4 ER in Feb.

  10. $SPWR whats with the sell off, ive been holding since $25 i should have sold at 35 .... maybe add some for another take off

  11. NASDAQ Stocks Buzz: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/nasdaq-stocks-buzz-east-west-bancorp-nasdaqewbc-new-york-mortgage-trust-nasdaqnymt-sunpower-nasdaqspwr-hologic-nasdaqholx/1514320/ $EWBC $NYMT $SPWR $HOLX

  12. Avg down on $SPWR at 27.61. Holding long term for solar plant openings at Quinto & Henrietta, expecting new ATH over $40 by end of 2016

  13. $SPWR Pot. continuation Downtrend : 60 -15 -4 chart

  14. $LVLT Declares Takeover Privately Held Black Lotus- $SPWR $CME http://www.streetwisereport.com/level-3-communications-inc-nyselvlt-declares-takeover-privately-held-black-lotus-sunpower-corporation-nasdaqspwr-cme-group-nasdaqcme/120728/

  15. $LVLT Declares Takeover Privately Held Black Lotus- $SPWR, CME Group (NASDAQ:CME) http://www.streetwisereport.com/level-3-communications-inc-nyselvlt-declares-takeover-privately-held-black-lotus-sunpower-corporation-nasdaqspwr-cme-group-nasdaqcme/120728/

  16. $SPWR holding for long. Good opportunity to buy here.

  17. $SPWR and $CSIQ are craps.

  18. $SPWR going to $25

  19. $SPWR: SunPower Announces Redemption of 0.75% Senior Convertible ... http://stockwires.com/sunpower-announces-redemption-of-0-75-senior-convertible

  20. $FSLR at $44.75 is the place to buy. Love this stock. $SPWR looks good too. $SUNE $TAN $VSLR $SCTY

  21. $SPWR Gap closed, I m in.

  22. $SPWR

  23. $CSIQ I honestly think that solar will go better at the end of July with the ER of $FSLR and $SPWR. Before that, I ll keep away!!

  24. $CSIQ and now $SPWR falls through 28 - how NON-surprising - the tagging of csiq and SPWR continues!

  25. SOLAR RECAP $CSIQ -2.73% $SCTY-2.01% $FSLR -1.89% $JKS -1.63% $SPWR -1.02% $TAN -0.24% The Solar Sector is down is the OIL story now?