1. $SPX/$ES_F PPT trying very hard to keep it floating

  2. $SPY come on Janet fight back! Fight dammit! $SPX $ES_F $DIA $DJIA $QQQ $IWM $TLT $ZN_F $ZB_F

  3. EU Close: EuroStoxx +1.92% FTSE100 +0.71 CAC40 +1.59 DAX +1.55% IBEX 35 +2.73% FTSEMIB +5.03% SMI +1.96% $USO $GC_F $CL_F $ES_F $SPX

  4. Market digested all that early market strength. Crude was supposed to be big news; non event so far. Think red $SPX $COMP some point today.

  5. $DAX $spx $ftse they really dont like Janet! Wont even let her answer the question!

  6. $SPX $SPY

  7. $FTSE $DAX $SPX yes, apparently Mars is in conjunction with Mercury, WTF does it mean anyway?

  8. $SPY $SPX new lows for the day, below 186 >> http://stocktwits.com/OptionRunners/message/49499076

  9. $SPX/$ES_F Here is a Perspective

  10. Precision is power it takes the right tools and timing too closely track market signals.stealthtraders.com $ES_F $VIX $YM_F $SPX $DJIA

  11. $SPX/$ES_F There is withdrawal symptoms

  12. #yellen is an embarrassment to the USA. This is ridiculous. She can t answer a question straight. Has zero confidence in her answers $spx

  13. $SPX/$ES_F BID /ASK PPT .. Mother Yellen ..just come out and say Sorry America Tax Payers,We CB shrewed you

  14. $SCTY just needs to gain a bit of momentum & it will recover losses.. Looks as if wants to take off...be nice if $SPX trend up on day..

  15. $DAX $FTSE $SPX When does Yellen speech finish? Expect rally to accelerate after hours and into Asia session!

  16. $SPX/$ES_F BID/ASK ..

  17. $SPX/$ES_F PAthetic....these Congressman and Senators...

  18. $SPX/$ES_F There they come

  19. $SPX/$ES_F ..

  20. $FTSE $DAX $SPX The stars are aligning - Saudis would join a cut if Russia and other non-OPEC countries joined --ForexLive

  21. $SPX/$ES_F Common PPT we need you ..ask for God Mother Yellen for help..

  22. $SPX/$ES_F... Can I have some Excedrin Mother-yellen

  23. $SPY wow, they are grilling the heck out of Janet. Poor Grandma! $SPX $ES_F $TLT $DIA $DJIA $QQQ $IWM $ZN_F $ZB_F

  24. $spx $iwm that didnt take long to get sold into

  25. Sentiment for $SPX not quite oversold yet. Probably need one more price decline before a counter trend bounce. $SPY