1. $SPX If taking a more bullish stance, targets to look for on the upside. Point of control at 2122

  2. Is This A Blow-Off Top? Four Ways To Tell $FXI $AMZN $VXX $VIX $SPX http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/is-this-a-blow-off-top-four-ways-to-tell?post=63686

  3. $DJIA scalp shorts out for +50 points, $SPX out for +5 points

  4. Major world indices: $SPX: 2117.00 $FTSE: 7042.00 $DAX: 11783.00 $Nikkei: 20003.00 more at http://forexstat.us

  5. $SPX Hmmm those candles got long this morning, Must be the Big Boys. $SPY #SPX #SPY

  6. Lack Of Confidence $TWTR $SPY $SPX $DIA http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/lack-of-confidence?post=63664

  7. E-mini S&P 500 - Inverse Head and Shoulders has broken $SPX $SPY $IVV $VOO $SPLV $RSP $ES_F http://buyvssell.blogspot.pt/2015/04/e-mini-s-500-inverse-head-and-shoulders_27.html

  8. $SPX $COMPQ $QQQ $RUT $DJIA $USO $VIX Weekend analysis http://www.letsinvestnow.com

  9. $DJIA $SPX nice bounce from lows. added shorts both at 18132/2122

  10. NYSE Margin Debt Surges To Record All-Time Highs! http://www.elliottwaveanalytics.com/2015/04/nyse-margin-debt-surges-to-record-all-time-highs/ $NYA $INDU $SPX $SPY $DIA $NDX $QQQ


  12. $SPX M&A.....Capgemini buys IGATE for $4 billion http://www.marketwatch.com/story/capgemini-buys-igate-for-4-billion-2015-04-27-2485842?link=MW_home_latest_news

  13. $SPX More Consolidation, Breakout to the Upside or False Breakout? http://www.priceactionlab.com/Blog/2015/04/sp-500-more-consolidation-breakout-to-the-upside-or-false-breakout/ $SPY $ES_F

  14. Emini S&P holds first support at 2105/02 & hovers just below all-time highs at 2116/2118. http://www.daytradeideas.co.uk/free-reports/ $ES_F $SPX

  15. We re having a party, but TVO s just not feeling it. #TVO MB $SPY $SPX $QQQ $STUDY $AAPL $ES_F $DJIA

  16. $DAX $SPX $ES_F $YM_F $DJIA $NDX $COMPQ $DJT $DJU key levels forecasts... http://marketchartpattern.com/indices/german-dax-sp-500-ndx-nasdaq-dow-jones-charts-patterns-and-analysis-26-april-2015/

  17. $SPX $SPY FOMC meets Tues-Weds with no dog and pony show after, just the summary. GDP 2015 Q1 1st est at 8:30 am Weds is key too.

  18. SP500 Index and Russell 2000 at Pivot Points: http://market-timing-blog.sunandstorminvesting.com/2015/04/19/market-timing-brief-for-the-4-17-2015-close-stocks-correct-in-their-up-trend-rates-are-falling-gold-is-a-trade-insurance/ (see update at top) $SPX $SPY $RUT $IWM

  19. $SPX Tomorrow, SPX+

  20. $SPX I bought this new beer … very interesting product .. hemp beer… yep seriously

  21. $SPX I am watching new show White Collar.. interesting

  22. $SPX Does anyone else believe that wet are in well coordinated distribution phase boy don t know how long it lasts ?

  23. @crosshairtrader: We See Only What We Want to See http://www.thecrosshairstrader.com/2015/04/stock-market-perceptions-and-the-sp-500/ $SPX $SPY $STUDY

  24. We See Only What We Want to See http://www.thecrosshairstrader.com/2015/04/stock-market-perceptions-and-the-sp-500/ $SPX $SPY $STUDY

  25. @ZenTrends: New Post: A Little Spring Cleaning http://zen-trends.blogspot.tw/2015/04/spring-cleaning-trailing-stops-and-new.html?m=1 $SPX $AAPL $SBUX $DIS $LMT $PPG $UNH $GILD $KMI $GOOG $AIG