1. $DAX $EURUSD Greek stocks rebound gradually, only donw 17.4% after 22%.. won t recommend buy that. just sayin $SPX

  2. Intraday Projections: Bears Arriving? http://mcm-ct.com/blog/intraday-projections-bear-is-arriving/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=stocktwits #ChartIntraday $ES_F $SPX $DIA

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  5. Bullish index is consequently decrasing $SPX

  6. Markit: Short interest in $SPX stocks rose to the highest in 2,5 years. $ES_F $SPY

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  8. By the way a sentiment has changed! $SPY $SPX $ES_F

  9. $SPX target 2063

  10. Major world indices: $SPX: 2108.00 $FTSE: 6705.00 $DAX: 11377.00 $Nikkei: 20550.00 more at http://forexstat.us

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  13. @Callum_Thomas: 1. Something really interesting is going on in the Bollinger Bands https://twitter.com/Callum_Thomas/status/627594874204753921 $SPX $VIX

  14. $ES_F $SPY $SPX How many handles during July GLobex sessions ? see free report here : https://eminiglobextrader.leadpages.co/gleobex-handle-report/

  15. $SPX - market direction outlook for Monday http://www.fullyinformed.com/market-direction-outlook-for-aug-3-2015-mixed-with-bias-down/

  16. I am keeping a bullish bias on stocks for now watch (#market breadth still lagging) @ 1:08 mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsPWx4IK2s8&feature=youtu.be&t=1m8s $SPX $SPY $XLY $XRT

  17. $SPX Do you want a strategy where you do not care what TA or FA says? If this or that looks bullish or bearish, or where we close and when?

  18. $SPX if you need an excuse to justify holding a loser growth stock … you no different than your stock… growth is not value

  19. $SPX Shanghai down 1.7% ,, should be rally in US tomorrow

  20. ICYMI:: NEW POST:: Tug O war continues - Look ahead for the week of 8/7/2015 ($SPX $SPY $VIX $TICK $TRIN $NYMO):: http://venkysrinivasan.com/tug-owar-continues-look-ahead-for-the-week-of-872015/

  21. $spx China PMI .... Well not so fast busters ...

  22. $SPX hourly continues to deteriorate, now threatening a red close in the cloud: https://www.tradingview.com/x/K0Y1Qpqc/ Possible US amateur hour pop. $SPY

  23. $SPX $SPY Our system is still long. A close below 2094 gives us a SELL SIGNAL.

  24. $SPX $SPY $COMPQ $QQQ $RUT $DJIA $DIA $USO $VIX $IWM Weekend market analysis here http://www.letsinvestnow.com/

  25. @jackdamn: $SPX Bollinger Bands are at their narrowest in over 20 years. http://stockcharts.com/articles/chartwatchers/2015/08/sp-500-hasnt-done-this-in-over-20-years.html Analysis by Arthur Hill. $SPY