1. S&P 500 Market Update: The Forever Bid? http://www.seeitmarket.com/sp-500-market-update-the-forever-bid-14404/ by @andrewnyquist $SPY $SPX $VIX

  2. Next Week Determines it All $SPX $SPY $QQQ $IWM http://www.sassyoptions.com/general-market-commentary/next-week-determines-it-all/ (to person that keeps copying me, it s ready)

  3. At $507.2bn in Apr, yet another high for margin debt, up ~$31bn over Mar. For all that leverage, $SPX up 0.9% in Apr!

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  6. Major world indices: $SPX: 2109.88 $FTSE: 6995.00 $DAX: 11437.00 $Nikkei: 20443.00 more at http://forexstat.us

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  8. $SOX / $SPX relative strength chart. Ratio is back the Feb 11 relative performance level. http://www.61point8.com/Portals/0/article%20images/20150601/20150601SOXSPX1.png

  9. $SPY $SPX what s amusing is that this story is under politics not economy The economy shrank http://yahoonewsdigest-intl-extra.tumblr.com/post/120188529376/the-economy-shrank#_=_

  10. $SPX % of stocks above 50 day has been making lower highs since Nov 14.

  11. $SPX http://news.investors.com/technology/053015-754994-apple-skyworks-avago-on-ibd-fifty-list.htm#ixzz3bdCSRSnB

  12. $SPX Byron Wien predicts 10% stock-market rise for 2015 — without the Fed’s help http://www.marketwatch.com/story/fed-has-fueled-the-bull-market-since-the-financial-crisis-its-someone-elses-turn-2015-05-29

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  19. ironically, i m adding to my $SPX short via $SH...represents 7.5% of portfolio...currently down 1.4%...

  20. $DOWI - $SPX - Enough is Enough. Unearthly Domed House Part II. - https://www.tradingview.com/chart/DOWI/jqHgfLqd-SPX-Enough-is-Enough-Unearthly-Domed-House-Part-II/

  21. Major world indices: $SPX: 2109.88 $FTSE: 6995.00 $DAX: 11437.00 $Nikkei: 20443.00 more at http://forexstat.us

  22. S&P 500 Chart: Price Continues To Bob Up & Down Through 2110 http://www.seeitmarket.com/sp-500-market-update-the-forever-bid-14404/ $SPY $SPX

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  24. $SPY $SPX $FAS still bull market for coming years. Bear hasn t win the race; it will continue as US economy grows slowly and steadily.

  25. $spx prediction: new all time high next week and most traders will not make $ but most investors will :) have a good weekend kids