1. $BRK.A $BRK.B Berkshire Hathaway: Key Takeaways from Warren Buffett 2013 Annual Letter http://y.ahoo.it/oyOh0ann $AIG $ALL $SPX $QQQ $WFC

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  5. $SPX Found interesting Yiddish saying today: Better to do nothing than to make something into nothing… that is why we sit tight lol

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  7. $QQQ $DJIA $COMPQ $SPX...Consistently buying calls/puts with strikes above/below true price is a good way to senselessly lose a lot of money

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  16. Back 2 tha hood $SPX 1864 >>3/26 Mkts don t crumble into earnings season,even if Momentum is fleeced ahead,range bound 1840-80 $SPY $IWM

  17. @exequenda: I ve been short longer than you ve been alive. so you ve been short since $SPX since $150?Bravo, you don t need advice:)$ES_F

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  23. $SPX They are not gonna crash it yet. Most likely scenario - SPX 1920s first. 1838-40 needs to hold.

  24. $spx

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