1. $SPXL - http://y.ahoo.it/OyKuMCwC - New 52 Week High - Crossed daily highs resistance.

  2. $SPXL $UDOW $TQQQ $TNA $BIB none of them are overbought. RSI not high. TQQQ still 68 and TNA above ma-50 which is good, need to be above $77

  3. $SPX Prints 2000 for the First Time in History. $SPY $SDS $SH $SSO $SPXL $SPXS $IWM $TWM http://y.ahoo.it/tBoqpTKv

  4. Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings http://y.ahoo.it/PHyNf8iC $STUDY $VIPS $AER $TPL $USCR $HEES $WDC $SPX $SPY $SPXL

  5. Daytrade 2: Bid $SPXL 78.90 300 shares

  6. I just checked. If you had bought $SPXL (spx index x3) Jan 1 2013, and held it, you would have made 106% in 2013, and be up 24% in 2014.

  7. @lcc007 I did buy some $SPXL Friday. Safer 3X etf Still holding from Aug 4. Avg Cost 73.50. Adding next down day.

  8. $SPXL I have a good feeling about today. Like the housing start numbers.

  9. I ve had much more success in 2014 trading $SPXL and $FAS than $TNA. $TNA was the play in 2013,but hasn t got consistent traction this year

  10. $SPXL stopped out 75.48. +4.2%

  11. $SPXL out 75.13. Breaking down

  12. $SPY $SPXL SPX facing resistance at 1950 as expected.

  13. Share an idea on $SPXL yah mein SPXL! Hope you loaded last week as suggested

  14. Wall Street Rebounds With Ukraine $RUSSIA $NEWS http://y.ahoo.it/7dmZWJbL via@YahooFinance $RSX $RUSL $EFA $EWG $FXI $YINN $SPXL $XOP : On $VXX

  15. #daytraded #stocks : $KNDI $ZGNA $NVDA $TKMR $TIBX $POWR $CTL $SPXL $LOW $AOL $SPXU $DIS $BBRY $FBR $CUBE $NTAP went 19/22 for +$1301

  16. i think the gap overhead gets got so maybe squeeze another buck from $spxl in 72.40 scalp

  17. Subs also closing profitable trades today in $SPXL $QLD $TQQQ

  18. have a little long in $SPXL from the other day gonna take it off here 1928 $spx http://y.ahoo.it/VM1bqOrG

  19. $DIA $SPY. Begin shopping for oversold good stocks or extreme oversold ETFs $UDOW $SPXL $soxl $TQQQ $TNA. Stay away from $UVXY, too risky

  20. $SPXL is my new best friend

  21. Daytraded #stocks: $RIG $ZNGA $LULU $FB $SPXL $TBIX $WWAV $WTI $CTL $MPEL $DANG $DSKY $LOCO $FOXA $SUNE $P $HIMX $NQ went 24/30 +1687

  22. $SPXL Watch 20 WMA. My nibble entry was too early. I m set to exit upon brake of 69, then add at 65. http://y.ahoo.it/Temh3YO3

  23. $SPXL Time to buy and hold for next leg up.

  24. looking to add $spxl

  25. $SPY $SPXL Enough latent orders at 192, 72? Elsewise, SPY 185-188, SPXL 64~69 http://y.ahoo.it/qPfb9433 http://y.ahoo.it/WV51OKiT