1. $SPXU $spy $spx $tvix $uvxy Hopefully not many muppets went long at the top again. If so blaze one up, it will kill the pain.

  2. $SPXU out 3028

  3. $SPY $spx $djia $tvix $uvxy $spxu $xiv $svxy Long term does not look good.

  4. The elephant in the room, how could the fed raise rates more than 1 basis point. $BDI $SPY $SPX $SPXU $QQQ $SQQQ $IWM $TZA $EDZ

  5. $UPRO broke uptrend. Looking to enter $SPXU $NYA $DJIA $SPY $SPX $COMPQ $QQQ

  6. $SPXU working

  7. $SPXU i ll trade this a few more times today last thing I have to say on this baby today but I m out 3024 for now

  8. $SPXU jumped in not as heavy as usual 30.16

  9. $SPY $SPXU Market s starting to feel toppy right around here...

  10. $SPXU A little action started over here

  11. The Week Ahead Market Strategies $HOG, $TLT, $UNH, $CYBR, $FEYE, $MAR, $CCOI, $TSYS, $PFE, $UAL, $SUN, $LVLT, $SPXU http://crweworld.com/article/markets/10402/november-23-27-2015-weekly-market-strategies

  12. $SPXU End of Day Scan: Bullish Doji

  13. $SPXU about to jump out I think $SPY could close in the red it s 50-50 one hour to go fuc$ it I m out. Done for the day ☮

  14. $SPXU just broke next pivot $SPY

  15. $SPXU running

  16. $SPXU broke pivot $SPY

  17. $SPXU I mean if we don t get profit-taking today I don t know what to say $SPY looks like she could give way again sitting on upper pivot

  18. $SPXU as I like to say felt good out 30.28💰🤑💪

  19. $SPXU jumped in a little while ago $30.10 keeping it so tight

  20. $SPXU currently 30.73 looking to enter soon on watch for a long

  21. $SPXU perking up $UVXY perking up $SPY up in the clouds peaks in Fed said nothing there will not be a rate rate hike $GDX

  22. $SPY $QQQ $SPXU Why is market up if the rates are likely to increase? Shouldn t it be going down? Don t get it. Can someone explain?

  23. $SPXU going to jump out any second here

  24. $SPXU in 31.03

  25. $SPXU market still hasn t decided which way to go $SPY