1. $SRPT not looking good after good attempt for recovery in early 14. $ECYT never made similar recovery. Will it ever? Or will it fall more?

  2. $SRPT losing faith in the company ..lawsuit is also putting a drag if data is bad this going to 5-6

  3. $SRPT Tax loss selling going on. This needs to be bought right here.

  4. @joelibrescu $SRPT FDA has decided DMD boys of no consequence,hold up drug,slow down process,could conditional appr, idiots/heartless :(

  5. $SRPT DMD genetic disorder affecting one in every 3,500 newborn boys, and is the most severe form of childhood muscular dystrophy

  6. $SRPT developed by three co-inventors for an antisense antiviral compound and method for treating ssRNA viral infection.

  7. $SRPT the shorts allready hate me here. .let them hate me more. i love it. Dec19 Sarepta has been assigned a patent (8,906,872)

  8. $SRPT definitely struggling finding an IR director; i ve seen this position posted/reposted on LinkedIn for at least a month

  9. Forget $GILD... Hyped and overpriced. Buy $AKBA $TARO $SRPT... Hold three years and don t forget to thank me

  10. $SRPT i think Santa is back in town. call me crazy or whatever but Monday something big will happen.maybe i am hoping too much.

  11. $SRPT i see a big candle.. is this Santas horse ?

  12. $SRPT this cojmpany is not loved.hated by investors.the FDA takes turns at it.1 day, hope soon, something good will happen for it.

  13. @joelibrescu $30 in 11 days? I m bullish on $SRPT, too, but you re dead wrong, sorry. No price increase until next year IF the FDA says yes.

  14. $SRPT tgt price SRPT end of year 2014 , 30. but maybe i am far fetched.

  15. $SRPT with its reputation in shame, this will be the best gift for the kids of the world, change their reputation.. and also test reslts r n

  16. $SRPT TODAY i thought of my prediction for SRPT. the FDA will have approval for the drug by End of Year 2014.

  17. $RUT disasters of the 2014 $ANR $WLT $DRYS $FREE $FRO $CLF $WPRT $SRPT $ARIA $CLF

  18. $SRPT This is right around the point to sell short. It will go to 12 or lower.

  19. $SRPT What are the chances we see $12s again? Was hoping to add 100 more in the high $11s/low $12s.

  20. $SRPT not what I expected at all today, figured there d be another 30 to 40 cent drop, what gives?

  21. $SRPT the Grinch better give back another day like this soon, or there won t be Christmas at my house this year.

  22. $SRPT Feb 25, 2015 -- Q4 2014 Sarepta Therapeutics Inc Earnings Release (Estimated) - 9:30AM EST

  23. @putsandcalls I don t know anything about the other company, but I m so burnt out on biotechs right now, just hoping $srpt takes off again

  24. Sarepta Therapeutics Moves Up Forcefully In Light Of New Events (NASDAQ: $SRPT) #SRPT

  25. @putsandcalls Not sure about the latter, but $SRPT could potentionally do it.