1. Sarepta ($SRPT) has lots of upside potential ahead of FDA decision, Barron s says $BMRN

  2. $SRPT is a BUY with 28.2% upside to current price of $37.10 based on averages of all analyst ratings/targets http://manyratings.com/SRPT

  3. $SRPT Another positive write up in Barrons today.

  4. 11/27/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▼14 NAS▲11 S&P▲1 BIB▲.87 IBB▲2 XBI▲.17 $SRPT $VRTX $XON $ZTS

  5. $SRPT is there a way to access the NDA docs that the FDA received??

  6. $SRPT Mo data: https://www.mda.org/media/press-releases/sarepta-announces-data-phase-2-trial-eteplirsen-treatment-dmd

  7. $SRPT Those who believe that Sarepta has less data than BMRN have their heads in the sand. 120+ on Etep, 3+ years, biopsies, MRI, WB etc.

  8. 10 hours till Go Time! $KBIO $AVXL $SRPT $AEZS

  9. 11/25/15 💊Biotech closed DOW▲1 NAS▲13 S&P▼.27 BIB▲1 IBB▲3 XBI▲1 $SRPT $VRTX $XON $ZTS

  10. Scan results - Shooting Star Candlestick today: $CAL $SGNT $HPE $FGP $SRPT $NUAN $BKS $DYN $LITE $AAP ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/15/equities?selected_date=2015-11-25

  11. $BMRN $SRPT

  12. $BMRN s bad news is good for $SRPT. Edelman raised stake by 2.7mln sh to 5.5mln sh in Q3, biggest buyer in Q3.

  13. Fmr $SRPT CEO Garabedian blasts $BMRN. Those in glass houses should not throw stones. Cherry picking, mITT, tiny N. http://www.bizjournals.com/boston/blog/bioflash/2015/11/here-s-what-former-sarepta-ceo-chris-garabedian.html

  14. $SRPT Short here Approval Not Likely

  15. $SRPT on powerlunch today

  16. $BMRN $SRPT these are the ones who didn t watch or attend the AdCom. Or if they did, they can t understand stats Must suck to have a low IQ

  17. $SRPT bought myself a $80 steak dinner last night. Will do the same tonight to celebrate.

  18. $SRPT Love seeing desperation posts from the shorts! LOL! that s when I know a great stock worthy of investment

  19. $BMRN has better data still FDA asking more DATA. $SRPT there is no development share will tank

  20. $SRPT Not ready yet they have go for another 10 years to make it.

  21. $SRPT Sarepta’s case will also be flawed. http://www.xconomy.com/san-francisco/2015/11/24/at-duchenne-panel-parents-plead-with-experts-fda-decision-looms/

  22. $SRPT Bmrn data was only a 3 percent increase in dystrophin due to the drug,Srpt says it has data that increases dystrophin 140 percent.

  23. $PTCT potential short under 29.4. Dirty chart though, few pop and drops today, big risk. $BMRN rollercoaster. $SRPT cleanest top rev today.

  24. $BMRN $SRPT Bluebird is a good speculative play now and through 2016.

  25. $BMRN $SRPT so what other rare disease stock (s) you guys like?