1. $SRPT going to get funding and advanced aproval on ebola drug. lets make some $ and kill this disease.

  2. Looking for 10-20% growth in $SRPT over the next two months? Here s how to trade it: https://quantcha.com/OSE/SRPT/22-11-2014/23.21-25.32

  3. $TKMR, $GSK, $SRPT, $NLNK, $BCRX, $INO, $JNJ, $FUJIY buying 1000 of each tomorrow lol

  4. @Closetiguana $BCRX ,$TKMR ,$SRPT all jumped on the news and all have ebola drugs in testing rite now

  5. $SRPT

  6. @BiotechMoney18: $TKMR $BCRX $NLNK $SRPT all up ah on ebola hitting US, will be fun tomorrow. BCRX & NLNK actually went up more then SRPT

  7. @voshka_po: @lcc007: $TKMR $BCRX $SRPT <----- just had ebola breakouts! @tfcab @cheri1

  8. @lcc007: $TKMR $BCRX $SRPT <----- just had ebola breakouts! @tfcab @cheri1

  9. @Kyleao242 They CEO from $SRPT was on CNBC, I don t recall them speaking to $TKMR

  10. $TKMR $BCRX $SRPT <----- just had ebola breakouts! @tfcab @cheri1

  11. @HIS_MONEY I screen share these to members every day and we trade off them. No time to post on ST as we are busy making money. $SRPT

  12. @HIS_MONEY Why post after close? Because most traders don t have a system. They trade on emotions. Not good. $SRPT

  13. @HIS_MONEY Yes. And my system will be ready. Past 5 days - $SRPT http://stocktwits.com/message/27393732

  14. $ANGI $UGAZ $DGAZ $JDST $JNUG $TKMR $INO $SRPT $EBAY $USLV $SLV $BCRX $Z $QIHU Everyone should look at $BDPT or BIoadaptives. Great company

  15. $SRPT $BCRX Easy money on Ebola cases.......... Get some humanity people

  16. $TKMR $BCRX $NLNK $SRPT all up ah on ebola hitting US, will be fun day tomorrow. i will play it way both way

  17. @HIS_MONEY This is ONLY a day trading strategy. It resets itself after the opening print every day. It s 100% day trading. $SRPT

  18. @a5hi: $SRPT arguablly better then TKMR <--- agreed. $TKMR

  19. @tradewithjoe lol. u do realize that a gap up tomorrow will trigger your stop right? $SRPT

  20. $SPY $QQQ $DIA $IWM Market has Ebola. Market turns to $TKMR $SRPT $BCRX $NLNK for a cure.

  21. $SRPT this will below $21.50 tomorrow AM.

  22. $SRPT Easy trade to downside. #AvoidTheNoise http://stocktwits.com/message/27390946

  23. @chaching23: $SRPT TKMR shorts n for world of hurt <> IDK about that they been covering last 6days,&Who s large on ASK? EDGX pps raise! LOL

  24. $SRPT guard the Vaseline $TKMR and $NLNK shorts are taking it da keester

  25. $SRPT TKMR shorts are in for a world of hurt