1. $SRPT why aren t u behaving like my other bios 2day ??? oh yeah- need to cut out the rot - shorts and mm manipuators

  2. $SRPT Yawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn

  3. $SRPT , Sarepta’s president will be presenter, Baird 2014 Health Care Conference in NY on Thursday, September 4, 2014, at 12:50 p.m. ET

  4. $SRPT I ll say it again -- propensity is to the upside. Have a great weekend everyone! Back in town and to work full-time on Tue.

  5. $SRPT 22.97

  6. $SRPT, STKMR Good risky but greater reward upside stocks to have over weekend in bio space, given newsflow

  7. $SRPT Looking good.

  8. $SRPT next resistance 22.97

  9. $SRPT needs total focus on E right now. While their young Chris!!!!

  10. $SRPT Given Consensus Recommendation of “Buy” by Brokerages (NASDAQ:SRPT)

  11. $SRPT http://y.ahoo.it/CToo0KBT

  12. $SRPT This nonsense in investing in Sarepta over Ebola is just allowing me to swing trade this thing. Thanks. I m also long-term holder.

  13. $SRPT nohe is under medicated again...

  14. @Keynesonomics: A few longs: $AMRN $DVAX $BPTH $CMXI $OXGN $ELTP $BAXS $SRPT $GSK All represent excellent value for the patient investor.

  15. $TKMR Good risk/reward on newsflow and volume to take a short term shot, but long term potential being missed in chatter. Also like $SRPT

  16. $SRPT will really dump under 22.30

  17. $SRPT if you look back at daily 23.75 was big resistance. keep that on radar going forward.

  18. $SRPT add to your longs below 22 imo

  19. $SRPT bout to lose intraday support

  20. $SRPT first target 22.20. next target 21.50. below that 18.

  21. $SRPT adios. see you much lower.

  22. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 0.2% in $SRPT in his Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  23. @buzzz_777 I will get long $SRPT at lower price ;-)

  24. $SRPT lol keep selling sucka ;)

  25. $SRPT should re-test 20ma low 22s