1. Share an idea on $SRPT once Eteplirsen is approved it will hit $34. It seems to be picking up momo

  2. $SRPT fair value is zero

  3. $SRPT Back@ 23.90 Fib, 24.06 after. Chart has turned neutral. Buy sig on MACD. Breadth and Stoch indicate sideways but needs close^ 23.70

  4. $SRPT story picked up by an Ohio newspaper http://y.ahoo.it/g3iI7t5E

  5. $pcyc $regn $omer $cldx $srpt the worm had turned

  6. $SRPT COME ON NEWS! options IV is still pricing in something.

  7. $SRPT Call me a bottom feeder. Averaged down@ 21.66. I do not advise others to follow if funds are tight.No whammies (Margin calls) lol.

  8. Just a reminder of the hill to climb to break even: $ACAD, $TKMR, $AMRN, $SGYP, $SRPT http://y.ahoo.it/pTXsp8CA

  9. $SRPT If 21.34 breaks.. well lets just hope they get their drug into the market soon. Not 1 positive indicator on the chart.. GL guys

  10. $SRPT Bad news leaks quickly. Good news can take a while to position for max effect. Eteplirsen works...

  11. $SRPT worthless stock fair value is zero

  12. $SRPT STO 19XAPR29C@.30 Credit. A little pocket change for Easter weekend.

  13. $SRPT Impressive move,Price action supports the theory of sect consolidation.BUT -Volume=conviction-, and so far its not here.. Careful

  14. $srpt Find it hard to believe that mgmt sitting on bad news from the FDA. Would have shared by now. News is +ve. Mgmt getting ducks in a row

  15. bio bubble has burst, and now how much will it bleed $ACAD $DVAX $ETRM $RNN $SRPT $EPZM $ATOS $PPHM $PGNX $GALE $ABIO $VTUS $ONTY etc...

  16. $SRPT One of these days, we will wake up and it will be Christmas

  17. $SRPT options market still implying news this week

  18. Sarepta Therapeutic initiated by Sidoti at buy. http://y.ahoo.it/feYC7HJh $SRPT

  19. $SRPT in at $22.10

  20. Sarepta Therapeutics $SRPT initiated with a buy at Sidoti

  21. @RickyJayy added 10000 shares $PGNX at 3.5. added $SRPT

  22. Shortened trading week (Good Friday), but lots of econ news. Will watch how mrkt digests from side. Long $SRPT

  23. $REGN $SRPT $CLDX $OMER $PCYC Another day down the rabbit hole? Bring it.

  24. @maurer321 @1 juicy premiums this week..so tempting to sell some...but i feel big news this week...market knows it $SRPT

  25. Lots of biotechs at support .. like barely hanging on.. $anac $bcrx $celg $kerx $insy $lgnd $srpt $anik