1. @Giggity - Semi s made new highs only recently. They could drop, but prefer hedging w something lagging, not leading. Also, $SSG too thin

  2. $SPY Sun flares hitting earth now. Expect disruptions in transmissions. Lots of sell stops, including my own. Even $SSG is up

  3. $SPY Best 4 ETFs today: $BIS +2.2%, $TWM +2%, $SSG +1.7%, $EEV +1.7%

  4. @Loyola80 I m back into $SSG - such a hard thing to make money in, but what the hell.

  5. @sunny10 Just be aware that $SSG has a big spread, and very thinly traded, but if semis tank, it s good.

  6. $SPY 2x Short Semiconductors $SSG chart. $QQQ, $SMH, $INTC http://y.ahoo.it/olN0p12t

  7. $SPY Next to roll over: Semiconductors. $SMH chart MACD sell. Buy $SSG. $QQQ, $INTC http://y.ahoo.it/hSgj4FhS

  8. $SPY Waiting just too long... My short Semiconductor etf $SSG - stopped out. Really didn t go anywhere. $SMH

  9. $SPY Top 3: $SCO +5.8%, $DUG +2.7%, $SSG +1.8% on Semi weakness

  10. @Loyola80 I actually bought another 1/2 position in $SSG this am. (still tight stop)Interesting to watch $QQQ drop, but $SMH goes up. Odd.

  11. @Loyola80 If Semi s ever do correct, at least $SSG is 2x . Let s see if something can happen, but set stops somewhat tight.

  12. $SPY The $SSG chart $QQQ, $SMH http://y.ahoo.it/5I94z49v

  13. $SPY Still like: Short Semiconductors: $SSG. Chart is moving this am.

  14. @Flurple I bought a few shares of $SSG at the close yesterday, just for fun, and chart looks promising, but very, very hard to time it.

  15. $SPY Bought $SSG 11.99

  16. But $SSG 2x short SMH no volume yet, not the greatest spread either. Thin. Short $SMH http://y.ahoo.it/JYD7Ve53

  17. $SPY But $SSG 2x short SMH no volume yet, not the greatest spread either. Thin. Short $SMH http://y.ahoo.it/WSm5KMG3

  18. Commodity beatdown continues: $DBA $JO $NIB $SSG $USO $BNO $GLD $SLV $PALL $PPLT all down; oultliers #natgas #gasoline $UNG $UGA

  19. $SPY still like $SCO and $SSG http://y.ahoo.it/hFA50vWb

  20. $SPY Reality: Dow is still down 500 points in 7 days, and mkt can t bounce back. Not healthy. Still $SDS, $SSG w/ tight stops.

  21. @Flurple The 2x short $SSG still on MACD buy signal, but hitting 50MA, cld stall, sell stop 13.06 http://y.ahoo.it/GqelEZcv

  22. $SPY The $SSG chart, building Momo, as semis sink http://y.ahoo.it/EI7CHiBd

  23. $SPY Short Semi-conductors $SSG chart still strong. just about to break 50MA http://y.ahoo.it/aiaW79O2

  24. $SPY Still holding: $BIS, $SKF, $SSG with tight stops.

  25. @Flurple So while I m still in $TWM, $SDS, $QID, $SSG, $DUG - all have very tight stops to preserve profits. short covering bounce due.