1. @KeySpeculator: $SOX weekly chart sideways triangle playing out with rising wedge and neg. div. $SMH $SSG $SPX http://y.ahoo.it/WWlUsga6

  2. @Loyola80 good man... check out $SSG too.

  3. @TraderRL23 Txs but that s really bearish for semiconductors $SMH. $SSG up 2.6% as well + just starting.

  4. Week Ending Commodities Market Summary Crude oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Sugar and U.S. Dollar > http://y.ahoo.it/Vkb1HP4q $GLD $USO $JO $SSG $UNG

  5. $SPY - ETF s best since 8/2? $UVXY +41%, $vxx 19%, $EWV 15%, $SSG 11%, $GDX 9%, $TWM 9%, $SDS 9% Worst: $UYG -13%

  6. $INTC $SMH $QCOM $AMD $SOXX $SSG Semis: The Fall http://y.ahoo.it/c6RAIJlv

  7. $SOX semiconductor daily chart should move through diamond pattern and then make decision. $SMH $SSG http://y.ahoo.it/8RQM2fsW

  8. Portfolio Flash Alert: 6 New ETF’s Added…http://y.ahoo.it/dKTyALO4 $DOG $DXD $ZSl $DZZ $TWM $SSG

  9. $ssg out for -1.30

  10. This suckers going down, long $vxx $ssg the punch bowl is gone

  11. $SSG http://y.ahoo.it/reQctvsh Keystone is a buyer since 33.4 target was hit, up SSG means down semi s.

  12. $SSG sweetness

  13. $SSG - http://y.ahoo.it/UTcIwgGm #study

  14. @techinsidr any semi conductor ETFs standout to you for the future? $PSI $IGM $USD $SSG $SMH

  15. $SSG up 7.5% from yesterday s Close. Exit Market On Close.

  16. $SSG up.

  17. Sell $SSG position for 2.4% profit in one day on a trade with poor entry. Will discuss more later.

  18. Open new trade 1% position in $SSG to short $SMH. This is trade 39.

  19. Interestingly we have a potential Short signal for $SMH, which we would trade using $SSG. Will post trade 30min before Close.

  20. 6.8% 11% 7% profit in $DUG $EEB $SSG 15min before close.

  21. Take the trades. 2% each $XRT $QLD. Sell M.O.C. $SSG $DUG $EEV for hige gains.

  22. Trades 34 35 36 $SSG $DUG $EEV Profits: 3.7% 4.7% 7.3% -- Sell signals on all 3 -- Exit by end of day.

  23. Add 3% to $SSG and $DUG trades. Open new trade 2% $EEV (short $EEM).

  24. $XRT will be Trade 36. $SSG $DUG trades essentially even with our Entry today.

  25. $SSG trade up over 2% in one day, and approaching an Exit signal. More later...