1. Commodity beatdown continues: $DBA $JO $NIB $SSG $USO $BNO $GLD $SLV $PALL $PPLT all down; oultliers #natgas #gasoline $UNG $UGA

  2. $SPY still like $SCO and $SSG http://y.ahoo.it/hFA50vWb

  3. $SPY Reality: Dow is still down 500 points in 7 days, and mkt can t bounce back. Not healthy. Still $SDS, $SSG w/ tight stops.

  4. @Flurple The 2x short $SSG still on MACD buy signal, but hitting 50MA, cld stall, sell stop 13.06 http://y.ahoo.it/GqelEZcv

  5. $SPY The $SSG chart, building Momo, as semis sink http://y.ahoo.it/EI7CHiBd

  6. $SPY Short Semi-conductors $SSG chart still strong. just about to break 50MA http://y.ahoo.it/aiaW79O2

  7. $SPY Still holding: $BIS, $SKF, $SSG with tight stops.

  8. @Flurple So while I m still in $TWM, $SDS, $QID, $SSG, $DUG - all have very tight stops to preserve profits. short covering bounce due.

  9. @Flurple $SSG now up 1%, 3x etfs have time decay much worse than 2x, and when wrong, pain substantial

  10. @Lach14 $SSG lagging $SOXS so catch up Time? Really prefer 2x SSG vs 3x but so low vols. Adding $EEV today. Think you re bang on. Thanks

  11. @Flurple Every hedge fund in world is long $EEM, love fest, so contrarian play, 1/2 position only as risk is high. $SSG will explode

  12. $SPY Inverse ETFs the way to go: $BIS up 5%, $TWM +4.7%, $SSG +4.5%, $EEV (love) +4.2%, $QID +4%, $SMN +3.7%

  13. $SPY My 3 fav ETFs today: $BIS +4.4%, $SSG +4%, $TWM +4%

  14. $SPY Today: LIking: $SDS, $DUG +1.3%, $SCO, $SMN, $SSG, and maybe $SKF

  15. @howardlindzon: @PeterLBrandt: Asian stock markets -- about to go parabolic. http://y.ahoo.it/UpPcO47T $EWT, $FXI, $EWS, $NIIFTY, $SSG

  16. @luisella @HCPG it s those gaps in early July and last week right in the high 49 s that bother me before adding $SOXS $SSG.

  17. $SPY Semiconductors - rolling over, $SSG chart breaking out, nice move http://y.ahoo.it/HYI5Y6Ak

  18. $SPY The $BIS and $TWM moving well. $SSG also.

  19. @Flurple @nolosses Revert to mean on $SMH has to happen, just like $QQQ too many days over 200MA, but $SSG is thinly traded and risky.

  20. @Lach14 @nolosses actually I d like your TA opinions gents. The down gap in $SSG was filled with a fast up gap reflection. ST Implications?

  21. @Loyola80 $GDX still ok, but I m not in it. No longs current, just $TWM,$QID,$SSG,$SCO,$SKF,$BIS

  22. Short Semi $SSG -45% from Feb 2014. Now breaking 21day MA and headed higher. http://y.ahoo.it/Kze0cFzf

  23. $SPY Short Semi $SSG -45% from Feb 2014. Now breaking 21day MA and headed higher. http://y.ahoo.it/0mhImYZ9

  24. @Flurple @nolosses Grt article. Best ETF on Friday: $SSG +3.3%, chart is awesome. still like it. http://y.ahoo.it/kCLoBjOf

  25. The Semiconductors - FINALLY falling, Huge run up. Chart of SMH, Buy $SSG now. http://y.ahoo.it/TDsBVQ4L