1. $SSH RSI at 22...scooping shares with both hands.

  2. $SSH So from here, based on several price targets we re looking at a 200% gain. I ll take it.

  3. $SSH IMO, this isn t just Greece, look at vol & %drop. $2s may be coming sooner than expected. Hope ppl got out in high $3s, what a mess.

  4. $SSH bloody mkt day, just going to stay on vacation and not give a darn

  5. $SSH added

  6. $SSH hmmm. I wonder if the drop is related to Greece...going to be a bloody red day across the markets.

  7. $SSH Sunshine Heart Inc Exercises $2 Million Milestone Advance From Silicon Valley Bank http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/06/29/stock-update-nasdaqssh-sunshine-heart-inc-exercises-2-million-milestone-advance-from-silicon-valley-bank/

  8. $SSH Someone is wrong...either Piper or the 7 other institutions that rate it a Buy. http://www.octafinance.com/piper-jaffray-reiterated-sunshine-heart-nysessh-as-overweight-has-target-price-per-share-of-10-00/85207/

  9. $SSH Also helpful to keep track: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/record/NCT01740596?term=COUNTER+HF&rank=1

  10. $SSH enrollment numbers will kill this. Even though the deaths were not determined to be device related the fact that it was suspended hurts

  11. $SSH Loaded up with 5,000 more shares near close. Lets Roll!

  12. $SSH LMAO at the bears. Nothing materially has changed. Until you get enrollment #s, this is fear. Piper just reiterated a $10 PT.

  13. $3s during summer as predicted, $2s next in fall w bleak enrollment pic. IMO, $SSH will fold in 1-2 years, Olsen saw writing on the wall.

  14. $SSH this is beyond ridiculous. Can anyone verify if it s a short attack?

  15. $SSH Wow. What is going on here? I m beginning to wonder...

  16. $SSH Amazed it has dropped this low...but nice gap from 4-$4.25 that I think will be filled. Just waiting to see how much more it drops.

  17. Mid-Day Losers: $ENRJ -14% $SD -13% $CTSO -11% $SSH -11% $FXEN -10% $DCIX -9% $SSE -9% $CTCM -9% $STV -9% $IMDZ -9%

  18. $SSH God forbid this company actually gave some color on this....crickets

  19. $SSH CLDN i struggling. I think this is good news for SSH. Let s hope Kim s replacement is a good one.

  20. $SSH 60K volume ... not that big a deal in big picture imo. We ve held through worse

  21. $SSH Wow...was Olsen that important? Not holding any but looking to scale in soon.

  22. $SSH Holding...

  23. $SSH is this as big of a disaster as the market is making it seem?!

  24. $SSH this stock never responds to good news but gets destroyed on bad news.... Tough to hold

  25. $SSH SVP of CA, Kimberly Oleson, was the one who came over from Medtronic