1. If market behaves itself next wk, my picks include $ATHX $NAVB $SSH $IDRA $KNDI $BAXS $OXGN $MNKD tight stops folks, we r in correction mode

  2. $SSH http://y.ahoo.it/h5tQZU1f

  3. Ideally id like to see the market TANK but $KOOL $BONE $BSPM $SSH $GALE $ECTE to spike. How does one make it happen?

  4. $SSH This baby wants to hit 6.

  5. $SSH about time this one got some love. ;o)

  6. $SSH lol. figures it goes up the day after I sell. Money in $PTK.V also is up, but not as much.

  7. $SSH now we have double support at 4.85

  8. @ignorethenoise $SSH Oops meant $SKUL

  9. Additional stocks for poss bounce plays include $ATHX $NAVB $VVUS $CYTR $SSH $BIOD don t fight the tape tho, if this is a head fake tap out

  10. Oh and $SSH.

  11. @furious $SSH I m out of most of my biotech now. Just dropping too fast. Holding $ECTE and that s it! Sitting on cash till things settle!

  12. @Sprietkerk Stopped out of $SSH. 50% loss. I believe in product, but better trades now. Fk, Got emo. Moving to $PTK.CA $RPC.CA. I ll be back

  13. @ELLu411 you drop em pretty quick lol. $KOOL $ECTE $SSH $BLDP

  14. $SSH Stopped out at 5.11. Another disappointment....Good luck all who stayed!

  15. $SSH watch 4.85 for double bottom going back a year. that pivot launched a rally 166%. worth watching

  16. @barna Do you have price target for $SSH?

  17. $SSH @barna Tell me you re gonna stock up on this this at this price Lol.

  18. $KOOL seems like all Bio sector is on sale now...limited fund, what should I buy for S-T? $ECTE $KOOL $ARWR $SGMO $SSH ?

  19. $SSH what is going to save this stock?

  20. Average down on $KOOL and $SSH or buy more $ECTE. Decisions decisions. May just put it under the mattress. #LGR

  21. Sunshine Heart Inc just filed its Other definitive proxy statements http://y.ahoo.it/Ahx1gWWM $SSH

  22. @matthewverymuch $SSH it held up well today despite the onslaught in the market

  23. @Exsertus $bspm $ecte $kbio $agen $ssh all my bios are close to support level, I think all of them will hold it.Just dont panic ppl!

  24. watch all the $ECTE $KOOL $BSPM $SSH $BONE barnaclebiotech bagholders now chase $BIS and lose both ways

  25. $SSH Anybody see a pop coming from presentation of preliminary results tomorrow morning? Or maybe Monday after Fridays presentation?