1. $SSH - Ross Swift *speaks* about his CPulse. First UK patient already a massive success: http://y.ahoo.it/leJe7UoD

  2. @cctranscripts - $SSH - thanks for the info. Adding: It appears Peters still has 55 000 shares.

  3. Insider Transaction: $SSH Sale at $5.47 per share of 5000 shares by Officer Peters William S on 2014-08-28.

  4. Sunshine Heart Inc s CTO & Medical Director just disposed of 10,000 shares http://y.ahoo.it/qyB6ePAY $SSH

  5. $IDRA $DRL $SSH $BSPM I m expecting cash to be flying everywhere by the 3rd week of September, if not beforehand. Get in while you can.

  6. $SSH has that look.

  7. $SSH Added here @5.51. :)

  8. $SSH Great dip, will rise in the afternoon as it has the past 10+ days.

  9. On the radar $SPCB $KITE $ACHN $KNDI $ZGNX $MBLY $MOBL $ADXS $VII Thin spec $VHI $DRRX $SSH $XNPT

  10. $ADXS $SSH $IDRA $CYTR $OXGN $RMTI on your watchlist folks! Rmti will probably take a hit w/ $KERX approval in the short term but winner LT!

  11. $SSH chart http://y.ahoo.it/WWAAM3lb via http://y.ahoo.it/xQFRLwyF f/u daily. GL all

  12. @thomaswalsh when it gets attention like $ACHN, $SSH will fly x2 quickly. And a short squeeze is coming. Sept/Oct will be way too fun. $IBB

  13. $SSH Avg vol day and close above that 5.55... Just needs a 5-10x daily vol to break out

  14. $SSH U r my Sunshine today!

  15. $INO has resistance at 10.90 but still love the insider buying. $BSPM in consolidation mode. $SSH looking for afternoon rise


  17. $SSH Back in

  18. $ARWR next one to run back up will be $SSH

  19. Successful trading week. Flipped $TASR, $DGLY x2, $NIHD, 1/4 pos $BSPM. Riding longs positive on $YHOO, $BSPM, $SSH, $INO. Lotto pick = $DRL

  20. $SSH Nice. Let s finish the day in green

  21. $SSH 1% penetration of ~5m target US/EU patient population, $5-10k profit/device & PE of 20= $5-10b Market Cap, that is 50-100x potential

  22. $SSH Back in for the next leg up

  23. $SSH is getting harder to fill out orders. A good sign.

  24. $SSH Yeah, added more here.

  25. $SSH predicted this dip yesterday for a buying opportunity. Looking to add to my position