1. $SSH MTN do you know what nub4 means?

  2. $SSH Looks like it wants to pop one day...hopefully soon...HATE THIS MARKET!!!!!

  3. $SSH up 7.3% in a sea of red on my watchlist. #interesting.

  4. $SSH LMAO.

  5. $ssh wait for march news :) no buyout will happen until were ready for commercialization. nothing under $30 patience - hold ur short crybaby

  6. $SSH if something was going to happen this would be at least in the $2-$3 range...buyout would be around $6-$9. But it s not going to happen

  7. $SSH +6% on 106 shares .... not one buying, no one selling. It s either gonna explode north or be dumped for nothing at some point in time.

  8. $SSH http://www.sunshineheart.com/sunshine-heart-german-reimbursement-update-2-feb-16/ This company can t do anything right. Finally posted about their failure in Europe.

  9. $SSH got to admire $SSH s consistency at least with regard to the PPS and total lack of communication.

  10. $SSH another day, another large drop. Working its way to .50.

  11. $SSH saddest part is, pretty much every day this goes down, without a word from mgmt. Probably bc they re doing absolutely nothing.

  12. $SSH will be worthless by the time we get to March. Too bad bulls are really ostriches.

  13. $ssh our only consolation is watching MTN making a fool of himself every single day. continue shorting. see u in march.

  14. $SSH I feel bad for longs here. Used to be one, then realized shorting this is a much better option.

  15. $SSH

  16. $SSH Funny to see everyone block me...don t read the report. Stay with your heads in the sand. Better to hope and pray than face facts.

  17. $SSH MTN - its sad that you only appear when the stock falls and when it does go up you eat ur words. the company is on the up. goodluck

  18. $SSH Read the bad news for yourselves: http://gdrg.de/cms/content/download...e/Aufstellung-Information_NUB_2016_160127.pdf

  19. $SSH after Euro trial is setback, back to shorting SSH. Mgmt doing nothing either. Pray for a buyout, it s the only hope you have left.

  20. $SSH mtn..thank heavens you don t have any shares. All this complaining about mgmt is kinda weird if you are out, dontcha think??

  21. $SSH mgmt better pull a rabbit out of a hat soon. Euro trial back to square one. Soon the lawsuits will be coming. Mgmt communication sucks.

  22. $SSH if there was a buyout you would have known by now. July no more cash.

  23. $SSH good to see SSH continue to stay quiet. Mgmt may change, some things never do.

  24. $SSH Ouch!!

  25. $SSH 4th quarter and year end update probably not until middle of march. As is typical, we are left twisting in the wind.communication sucks