1. $SSH The 2nd Coming of KIPS...another Land of 1000 Lakes gem!

  2. $SSH Piper Jeffrey presentation next week shows that the company is not dead.I have been averaging down this week....hopin

  3. $SSH CFO to present at piper Jeffrey a week today. financing deal agreed ?

  4. $SSH MTN - u lost move on no need the constant bashing.funny thing is that u probably entered at $3 while most here have an average of $6-7

  5. $SSH price to book is low but this company clearly and consistently is failing. Fire Rosa. He s inept at managing a company.

  6. $ssh enough cash for 6 quarters. loan replacement soon to be announced. what we are seeing is pure manipulation. last offering $10.5

  7. $SSH being priced to go to zero....

  8. $SSH is it the prospect of new heart medications showing promise or tax loss selling or running low on cash or bad news?

  9. $SSH news yet?

  10. $SSH lmao. Just when it can t get worse it does. This is heading below $1.50...glad I preserved some capital at least.

  11. $SSH dumped the remainder of my shares, but glad I m out of this POS. Rosa is inept.

  12. $SSH would they sell theyre US distribution rights for $20m ? 0 dilution for shareholders .. hmmm hmmm hmmm .. ignore the manipulation

  13. $SSH no surprise here. Down everyday. Rrady to sell for a nice loss. But better than keeping a toxic company.

  14. $SSH based alone on the 8K and PR, there is nothing that should cause this much selling or walls of thousands of shares on ask every day...

  15. $SSH guarantee a lawsuit is coming...something is not being said.

  16. $SSH some tax loss selling in play here..

  17. $SSH what are the chances this falls again today? This stock never gets a bounce.

  18. $SSH - Would I trust SSH if I, or a loved one, had CHF? Yes. Do I trust them as a shareholder. No.

  19. $SSH - If it stays at these levels there s a risk of being kicked off the exchange and onto the pink sheets.

  20. $SSH at some point, every holder has to ask: what are we not being told?

  21. $SSH good to see this go down day after day for no discernable reason. You d think they reported endpoints were neg. or something.

  22. $SSH would be nice to hear from Rosa why this PPS is in the toilet. A drunk monkey ciuls manage this company better.

  23. $SSH now what the hell is goin on. I ve about had it

  24. $ssh http://investors.morningstar.com/ownership/shareholders-major.html?t=SSH

  25. $ssh Goldman Sachs have just bought a 2% stake in Sunshine Heart