1. $FATE Man Decembers been awesome. Now I just need the loonie to go up. $USDCAD. Also $SSH and $CNAT

  2. @barna check out $SSH, moving, r u holding ?

  3. $SSH

  4. $SSH

  5. $SSH Umm what?

  6. @humble_investor $ssh or your could just sit in your bed at home and rot away. I ll take the battery pack and have a life to live

  7. $SSH Do you like carrying a box around?

  8. $SSH Anyone think this will bounce anytime soon?

  9. get me on Twitter: @barna_bio $SSH $NVGN $RUSS $USDRUB

  10. $SSH good to see the never ending bleed continue...hoping for 2s at this point for a solid avging op

  11. @barna you re out $SSH?

  12. $SSH Averaged down.

  13. $SSH lot of bios getting hammered...have to assume a lot of thi is eoy tax selling

  14. $SSH Wtf? Any reason for this drop ?!

  15. $SSH Damn....

  16. $SSH Really below 4????

  17. $XXII or $SSH... Where to double down.

  18. $SSH So tempting at this price. Really considering going all in

  19. @ap100 There will be news one way or another & I think $SSH will be a multibagger as enrollments pick up & FDA agrees to interim results

  20. $SSH Tax loss selling sure, but $68m market cap, seriously who s selling at these prices? We ll find out in 2 Qs if they were smart or dumb

  21. $SSH Tax loss selling...it will bounce back.

  22. $AGEN went out on my alert last monday. now at 85% probably of 10% or more gain every week. not bad :) $SSH $CNAT $ARIA $VGGL and so on

  23. $SSH Averaging down here

  24. $SSH ok ssh, anytime you want to start going up is fine by me.....

  25. This yr has been rough. Learned a lot. Feeling better about next yr: $XXII $ELTP $SSH $IDRA