1. $SSH is going to be a 10 year overnight success .

  2. $SSH Market cap only 50M...Gotta be worth a couple of hundred million to Medtronic..

  3. $SSH That explains the hunting for stops and accumulation of the past few days..

  4. $SSH Finally some good news...Fully implantable version ready for human testing in Q3 2016.

  5. $SSH doing nicely even though $IBB is down, encouraging sign. $ECYT not so much

  6. Earnings announcement: $SSH is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Aug 4 2015

  7. $SSH Damn them. Dropped this to the $GLD ...now people are accumulating.

  8. $SSH Bullish how they took out the stops.

  9. $SSH wow amazing reversal

  10. $SSH incredible, bought a small amount at 2.80 but still pissed

  11. $SSH TBH, I m a little pissed.

  12. $SSH 25k on the bid...and looking for a reversal...damn MMs.

  13. $SSH so a 23% reversal in less than a day...SMH.

  14. $SSH yep, someone partially stole my shares. I won t forget this treachery.

  15. $SSH will have 40k more coming in soon...thinking about buying the low here. Seems off with the way it bounced so readily off the low.

  16. Seems some in the know dumped ahead of more bad news, maybe issues w recent implants. If so, $SSH probably breaks $2 once news is out.

  17. $SSH this breaks resistance probably will see above $3 again.

  18. $SSH seems like someone is buying today...not that I m bitter or anything that I ve spent my allocation to SSH already.

  19. $SSH all small caps getting crushed

  20. $SSH Especially on such a red day in the sector.Holding...time will tell..

  21. $SSH the drop happens on low volume, but what does it say about SSH that they continue to stay silent while their market cap is eroded?

  22. $SSH On such a low volume stock ;all it takes is for a margin call forced sell or a stop being taken out to cause this.

  23. $SSH some you win, some you lose. SSH management clearly not up to the task.

  24. $SSH and there it is. Done. Triggered my stop.

  25. $SSH Ouch! Have not seen any bad news.