1. $BBRY scenario: Partnership w $SSNLF on software and services and Partnership w $GOOG on hardware and services, imo all 3 need each other.

  2. $KOPN working with $GOOG $MSFT $SSNLF see Jeffrey Jacobsen Senior Advisor to CEO Kopin Corporation Page 25 http://www.sae.org/events/pdf/arvr/2014_arvr_guide.pdf

  3. SanDisk Revises Revenue Guidance, Stock Drops 18% http://www.trefis.com/stock/sndk/articles/287250/sandisk-revises-revenue-guidance-stock-drops-18/2015-03-27 by Trefis Team $SNDK $AAPL $SSNLF

  4. 16 smartphones that were iPhone Killers; circa 2008-2011 https://www.yahoo.com/tech/16-smartphones-that-were-deemed-iphone-killer-114506321304.html $AAPL $SSNLF $BBRY $GOOG

  5. $BBRY s Chen has a reputation of under-promising and over-delivering. $9.00 was a good entry point today. | $NOK $SSNLF

  6. Visa Inc. Supporting Consumer Payments With New Samsung Galaxy S6 $V $SSNLF - http://stocktraque.com/visa-inc-supporting-consumer-payments-with-new-samsung-galaxy-s6/

  7. Samsung Group To Acquire Advanced Micro Devices, And Battle Industry Giants - http://www.bidnessetc.com/37987-samsung-group-to-acquire-advanced-micro-devices-inc-and-battle-industry-gia/ $INTC $QCOM $SSNLF

  8. The Smartphone Market Might Grow Less Than Expected $AAPL $SSNLF http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/15/03/5359089/the-smartphone-market-might-grow-less-than-expected

  9. $SSNLF http://finaninvest.blogspot.tw/2015/03/blog-post.html

  10. Samsung Will Be Top Smartphone Maker In 2015 $SSNLF http://investcorrectly.com/20150325/samsung-elect-ltdf-ssnlf-will-top-smartphone-maker-2015/

  11. BlackBerry s Q4 Numbers In Focus As EZ Pass Program Winds Down http://www.trefis.com/stock/bbry/articles/286080/mar-27-blackberrys-q4-numbers-will-be-closely-watched-as-ez-pass-program-winds-down/2015-03-25 by Trefis Team $BBRY $bbry $SSNLF

  12. $V Visa To Work With $SSNLF Samsung Pay -- Money.Net 

  13. QUALCOMM, Inc. Is Looking For Orders From Samsung For Galaxy Note 5 $QCOM $SSNLF http://investcorrectly.com/20150324/qualcomm-inc-qcom-looking-orders-samsung-elect-ltdf-ssnlf-galaxy-note-5/

  14. Pebble Time Is Disrupting The Smartwatch Industry - http://www.bidnessetc.com/37700-how-pebble-time-is-disrupting-the-smartwatch-industry/?utm_content=buffer307b9&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin.com&utm_campaign=buffer $AAPL $SSNLF

  15. Judges Not Buying Apple’s Claims Against Samsung Of ‘Irreparable Harm’: http://tradingcommonsense.com/?p=1653 $AAPL $SSNLF $GOOG $GOOGL

  16. Google and Samsung next in line to pay up for patent infringement?: http://tradingcommonsense.com/?p=1552 $AAPL $GOOG $GOGL $SSNLF

  17. Samsung Group To Launch New Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge In India For $802 http://www.bidnessetc.com/37640-samsung-group-to-launch-new-galaxy-s6-and-s6-edge-in-india-for-802/ $SSNLF

  18. Microsoft Corporation And Samsung Extend Alliance $MSFT $SSNLF http://investcorrectly.com/20150323/microsoft-corporation-msft-samsung-electronics-ltdf-ssnlf-extend-alliance/

  19. Don t Miss: Why BlackBerry Has a Chance to Turn It Around http://www.youngmoneymonsters.com/#!A-BlackBerry-Comeback/c95u/550c42b10cf292acc4d03049 $BBRY $AAPL $SSNLF $MSFT

  20. Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T now offer the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - http://www.bidnessetc.com/37578-att-inc-verizon-communications-inc-and-sprint-corp-offer-lower-prices-for-t/?utm_content=buffer60f59&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin.com&utm_campaign=buffer $T $VZ $S $SSNLF

  21. New Samsung Cheap Phones To Have More Storage $SSNLF http://investcorrectly.com/20150323/new-samsung-elect-ltdf-otcmktsssnlf-cheap-phones-storage/

  22. Intel Inside The Luxury TAG Heuer Android Smartwatch http://seekingalpha.com/article/3019896-intel-inside-the-luxury-tag-heuer-android-smartwatch?source=feed_f $AAPL #APPLE $GOOGL $LVMUY $MSFT $SSNLF $GOOG $INTC

  23. $SSNLF is currently producing in large volume of sales while Intel$INTC $MU Intel are producing powerpoint and no 3D nand sales.

  24. A BlackBerry Comeback http://www.youngmoneymonsters.com/#!A-BlackBerry-Comeback/c95u/550c42b10cf292acc4d03049 $BBRY $AAPL $MSFT $SSNLF

  25. Judges Not Buying Apple’s Claims Against Samsung Of ‘Irreparable Harm’: http://tradingcommonsense.com/?p=1653 $AAPL $SSNLF $GOOG $GOOGL