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  5. 3 Reasons $AAPL iPhone 6 Is A Hit http://y.ahoo.it/ipKWjLOx $SSNLF

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  12. By $SSNLF predictions $OLED is set for huge growth between now & 2018+ as 40%+ of the world smartphone market will be flexible OLED displays

  13. @lumberjax Eh jax, you a Samsung fan, no? You post alot about $SSNLF

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  20. $GLW Other sources perhaps Sharp, $SSNLF, Pegatron, Japan Display, random taiwanese companies? Sold Oct calls for a wash...maybe buyback

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  22. $AAPL & $ssnlf working together more than ever on top end phones

  23. @ShockExchange: Apple: 4 Reasons Why The Giant iPad Will Be A Giant Flop http://y.ahoo.it/z36pwhPY$BBRY $SSNLF $AAPL I just love the photo!

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