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  7. $SSNLF anyone know release date on galaxy gear s? I want one sooo bad

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  10. $AAPL Just saw that Samsung $SSNLF was down over 9%. Does anyone know if that was overnight trading in S. Korea?

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  14. $SSNLF Alert. abandon ship . Samsunk. Jump on $AAPL if u want to live

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  17. Sorry Dorothy, Micron Will Not See $50 http://seekingalpha.com/article/2551825-sorry-dorothy-micron-will-not-see-50?source=feed_f$SSNLF $MU

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  20. $SSNLF win $AAPL lose. $SSNLF lose $AAPL lose too. WTF is this market?

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  24. $AAPL stock looks overbought compared to $SSNLF. http://otmaneelrhazi.podbean.com/e/trade-idea-aapl-and-ssnlf-spread/

  25. $SIMG hurting bad. $SSNLF forecasts 60% earnings drop for Q3 YOY