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  6. $SSYS price:book 1.1 (hit <1.0 today). $ddd 2.6 $prlb 7.4 $xone 1.8

  7. $SSYS this stock is currently trading as if it has ZERO growth ahead when in fact their past 3 year rev growth avg is 40%

  8. Today s #market recap from @t3live: $SPX, $AMZN, $GOOG, $MSFT, $SBUX, $IBB, $IDEC, $DDD, $XONE, $SSYS, $CMCSA, $TWC http://tradingblog.esignal.com/2015/04/24/spx-makes-another-record-high-on-soaring-tech-earnings/

  9. $SSYS lol, do you people realize that their BOOK VALUE is 50.70?? aka if the company was liquidated right now it s still worth 2.5 billion

  10. $ssys and $thld ruining what was could ve been another glorious day. still a good day, nonetheless. don t be greedy, y all

  11. $SSYS >>Lookimg at YEAR CHART this has MORE room to fall tahn DDD - down to about the $43 Level at that GAP - can u see that? DDD better buy

  12. $SSYS Hoping $SSYS management doesn t come out Monday with its own revenue / profit warning, they always do this right after $DDD does.

  13. @abouanani $SSYS really weak again!! Something really bad coming IMO. 3 days ago;);)

  14. $SSYS This junk is down -6% while $XONE is down only -2%. And they said SSYS is the best company in this sector! They are lying!!

  15. $SSYS $ddd just straight up panic selling now. time to swoop in

  16. $DDD: DIY Value trap. Makes my $UBNT confession not bad at all. $SSYS $XONE $ONVO http://seekingalpha.com/account/login

  17. @claycurran1 $SSYS cheap as hell right now

  18. $SSYS looks like a wilting flower today. I have to wonder if it might even drop below $50 briefly.

  19. $SSYS Unbelievable drop last 5 or so days- on no news

  20. Exciting day for me. Got up too late to modify orders to account for pre-market changes. Stupid mistake. Doing well nevertheless. $SSYS

  21. $ssys gimme a break, this is a worst-case-scenario $60 stock. filled more at 51.6 this AM

  22. $SSYS some stocks just want a make ya throw up. course, if n ya been on the short side, pop the champagne.

  23. $SSYS anyone have makerbot order #s vs returns?

  24. Have another buy target on $SSYS at $51. I love to try to repeat the same exact trades in the same day. Rarely works, but fun to try.

  25. $SSYS is back! I have 5 completed trades this week with others pending. My best money-maker of all time. I ve traded this up 6 times a day.