1. $SSYS chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/j6ayKxt9/ via http://stocktwits.com/badlink.html @pittstock.. know you like these bad boys pattern

  2. Stocks - RSI 14 Oversold (30) $YPF $RGP $GPRO $YNDX $KEX $DNKN $SSYS $CCU $MR $VMI $CVRR $WOR http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2014/12/stocks-rsi-14-oversold-30.html

  3. $SSYS just HP is entry killed 3D companies, what if GOOG,AAPL,IBM,MSFT,ORCL says there entering too, then we will be buying like RSH

  4. What are people s thoughts on 3D printing companies and their expansion and development for investing? $SSYS $DDD

  5. $SSYS Seems like this might turn around pretty soon

  6. @IronCondorHawk And which one do you own? I own a $SSYS Dimension 1200es and it s pretty damn amazing.

  7. $DDD $SSYS NASA Just Emailed A Wrench To The International Space Station http://www.iflscience.com/space/how-nasa-emailed-wrench-space

  8. Scan results - New 52 Week Low today: $FINL $WOR $ATU $ICON $VMI $FRPT $ASNA $NEFF $SSYS $EYES ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/4/equities?selected_date=2014-12-19

  9. $SSYS Nice close today. Good to see some support finally

  10. $SSYS what a winding road today ... liking the close

  11. As soon as 3D printer can print a six pack of beer and a pizza, I m buying one. $SSYS, $DDD, $ONVO

  12. $SSYS what about those who shorted yesterday?

  13. Shorted $SSYS at $81.

  14. If you wanna play 3d printing, instead of buying garbage like $DDD $SSYS $PRLB $VJET, just buy a high quality company like $ADSK

  15. $SSYS I m looking for $79 or $81. This business of hanging around in the middle doesn t work for me.

  16. $ssys awe :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRmoowIN8aY#action=share

  17. NASA just gave the 3D printing space a HUGE boost $DDD $SSYS http://www.1upwallstreet.com/#!Astronaut-Prints-Wrench-In-Space/c1rw6/46703DD3-D46F-4D97-A5C9-03AAE8328148

  18. $DDD $SSYS $ADSK Astronaut prints wrench in space! http://www.1upwallstreet.com/#!Astronaut-Prints-Wrench-In-Space/c1rw6/46703DD3-D46F-4D97-A5C9-03AAE8328148

  19. $SSYS Quadruple witching today.Expect unexpected.Will probably go parabolic to 85$ rather then 75$ @close just cause. Max pain $100.

  20. $SSYS Long SSYS with a stop below 79.5.

  21. I m short $SSYS at $80.

  22. I m 100% long on $SSYS, but I ll short it at $80. I think it will break above $100 eventually, but I might as well play the current range.

  23. $SSYS small dead cat market rally bounce, Price target $60 support line ~ Short

  24. @humility_trader I see, $SSYS took long commons looking for $85 swing.

  25. Ok- 2 trades went at the same time: Bought $GPRO at $55 and sold my $77 day lot of $SSYS at $78. Good monkey!