2. $SSYS for awhile a poster called trade monkey was here a lot, went away. Would definitely be on site for this day. did he rename as beast?

  3. Shorted $SSYS at $29.51. I typed $29.60. Buggy platform!

  4. Shorted $SSYS at $29.25.

  5. Sold my $28.25 $SSYS at $28.75 for day trade #4 in this and went short at the same price.

  6. $SSYS lol hedgefund s in, time to soar.

  7. Primecap Management Reports 5.15% Passive Stake In Stratasys as of September 30 $SSYS

  8. PRIMECAP Management Company just provided an update on share ownership of Stratasys http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/13G/summary/?id=2069328 $SSYS

  9. $SSYS this POS is the put and call option killer and money maker stay away

  10. $SSYS: New SEC Filing for SSYS: Form SC 13G, No. 0001104659-15-069339 http://stocknewsflow.com/1517396_000110465915069339_0001104659-15-069339

  11. Covered my $28.50 $SSYS short at $28.25 for day trade #3 in this, and went long again at the same price.

  12. Sold my $28.25 $SSYS at $28.50 for day trade #2 on this, and went short at the same price.

  13. Sold my $28 $SSYS at $28.25 for day trade.

  14. $VJET and peer $XONE MOMO - not anything like $SSYS and $DDD

  15. Bought $SSYS at $28.

  16. Bought $SSYS at $28.25.

  17. $SSYS $DDD SSYS working with adobe, I think this is huge news http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20151006005071/en/#.VhPGafmqpBc

  18. Covered my $28.50 $SSYS short at $28.25 for day trade. That s 4 completed trades in this stock today.

  19. Sold my $28.40 swing $SSYS at $28.90.

  20. My sold too soon last week list $HUN $SSYS $HWCC $JOY $MT $CHK $ENOC. Given my luck, they ll all drift even higher.

  21. $SSYS cover target $28.

  22. Sold my $27.50 swing $SSYS at $28.50 and went short at the same price.

  23. $SSYS short target $28.50.

  24. All of the 3D printer names are hot this morning. Only ones I m in at the moment are $DDD and $SSYS.

  25. $SSYS sell target $28.50.