1. On the road to Palm Springs, Sold to Open Covered Calls for Premium 1/2: $LCI Mar 45 for 2.50, $SSYS Mar 35 for 0.55, $TWTR Jan 35 for 0.12

  2. $XONE $DDD $SSYS ok why ? not but nothing as changed

  3. I m so angry at myself for running out of money to buy 3D stocks yesterday. $XONE $SSYS $DDD

  4. $XONE massive blocks on the ASK - if taken out things can get very very volatile $DDD $SSYS

  5. $SSYS needs to skyrocket... And it will. #thenextmedicalbreakthrough

  6. why is $SSYS up today?

  7. 3D printing stocks post big gains ahead of Thanksgiving http://seekingalpha.com/news/2952246-3d-printing-stocks-post-big-gains-ahead-of-thanksgiving?source=tweet $DDD $SSYS $VJET $XONE

  8. $XONE is a lesson on dead cat bounce. $VRX $DDD $SSYS $AVXL to follow.

  9. $ssys $ddd squeezing

  10. Movers at Noon: (Up) $VEEV +5.9% $SSYS +5.5% $MSCC +4.0% $WB +3.8% $CLVS 3.6% $AMBA 3.4% (Down) $PCTC -5.1% $BBCN -2.4%

  11. $SSYS i called it

  12. $SSYS flashing Parabolic SAR Buy signal, Support 23.53, Stop 22.31, over Resistance 25.07/25.94 puts 30.67 in focus

  13. $XONE PMO, OBV, Macd are all turning and or giving buy signals - going for the gap fill $DDD $SSYS

  14. $XONE up 8%+, cost to short 54%, some big blocks on the ask - interesting to watch $DDD $SSYS

  15. $SSYS up 1.69%. This bottomed in the $22 s. Heading back to $30 s soon.

  16. $MTLS soon to heat $20. The other 3D printer companies such as $SSYS, $DDD, $VJET, $XONE will need more time. This is just my opinion.

  17. Swing Sell Picks: $ASNA, $BAS, $CERN, $CUS.CA, $EXPR, $FIS, $JWN, $M, $MW, $OI, $SSYS, $ST, $STX, $TA.CA, $VIPS http://stockmarketsvane.com/?page_id=389#MOREPICKS

  18. what are the chances $SSYS would get back to $50 range again and when....

  19. $SSYS moving. No position.

  20. Noon Movers: (Up) $HRTG +6.2% $AMWD +5.8% $SSYS +5.0% $OME +3.4% $ANET +3.1% (Down) $DBD -8.4% $GME -8.0% $EA -5.8% $GGAL -5.4% $TWTR -3.5%

  21. Big surge on $DDD and $SSYS today on high vol. SSYS looks to break $24 and DDD $9.25.

  22. man, risky ta board a ship like $SSYS til the storm passes. always check a ship s log fore ya sign on.

  23. navigator charted a southerly course an $SSYS crew sailed her there. know where ya goin an ya won t get lost at sea.

  24. $SSYS been following this for a while now. Anyone have an opinion on whether or not this is a good entry point to start a long position?

  25. $SSYS Pretty solid now, will be 25 im a week