3. $SPX/$ES_F $CAC/$FTSE/$DAX Futures $STOXX

  4. Sector weightings (%) $STOXX vs $SPX $SPY

  5. STOXX Europe 600 Has Yet To Reclaim Post-2011 Up Trendline $FEZ $VGK $STOXX

  6. $STOXX has room to that TL.

  7. New Post - Weekly Stock Market Review & Technical Outlook http://www.seeitmarket.com/weekly-stock-market-outlook-april-22-large-caps-lead-15586/ by @WillieDelwiche $SPY $IWM $XLU $XLE $XLF $STOXX

  8. $STOXX Level to break 3.100 s to pump more Odds 4 Highs in..

  9. $DAX Nice move will be when well be 200s pts away from where we r now! Now its ok not nice ;) #trading $STOXX $EURUSD #ECB

  10. #EU Indices so far failing 2 push pull $US vs yesterday.. Left 2 see if $US Indices can push pull #EU during NY Session.. $SPX $DAX $STOXX

  11. Looking 4 a Daily Close with $SPX < 2.090 s $DJIA < 18.000 s $STOXX < 3.100 s $NKD < 4.500 s $DAX < 10.300 s

  12. $DAX $STOXX $FESX_F $FDAX_F DAX - Technical Analysis (Hourly- Summary:STRONG BUY) http://lusitanianstraders.blogspot.pt/2016/04/dax-technical-analysis-hourly.html

  13. $DAX $STUDY $STOXX IS it the sense of gravity tha people tend to short when something goes up? :) Please do not fight this!

  14. $DAX You are not naive nugh to shorting this again today? are you?!!! ;) #trading $STUDY $STOXX

  15. When your #Trades not working out.. $DAX $STOXX $NDX $SPX $DJIA

  16. $DAX $STOXX 20 pts to go for Gap fill, lets see if this flashes up there!

  17. $DAX $STOXX still 40 pts to go until Fr close!

  18. $DAX It all about 10K now, if above then likely to fill the gap, if not then should head twards 9885s 820s Gap. #trading $STOXX

  19. $STOXX 200 held and closed > 20 WMA.

  20. $SPX $SPY $BKX $STOXX Euro Stoxx 50 moves like Banks

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  24. $SPY How long is this going to rally while $STOXX and $NKY_F falls? Downward pressure pretty heavy. $DJIA $DIA $SPX

  25. $STOXX Europe 600 Technically Challenged $VGK $FEZ Post: