1. @BigKarma need little spike $STSI and I will buy more. 15min is perfect just need 5min confirmation

  2. $EXTR offering low risk entry $STSI going to .90 today? $SPX needs over 1851 to have a chance for higher price. Looking to get short $JPM


  4. $STSI wants .90

  5. $STSI Why is this going up.

  6. @smallchange thank you smallchange for $STSI i made some good money off that pick.

  7. @CNOTE how did you like $STSI when I told you to buy at .72 .73??? I sold half at .80

  8. $STSI once ober .81 then .90 a given and I score very very big. lets do this

  9. $STSI all you haters. sorry you missed that move. now who wants to doubt me $$INUV is next

  10. @smallchange: $STSI out .80 on half how u like me now told you $INUV next

  11. $STSI out .80 on half

  12. $STSI mojo money baby. dont hate player hate game


  14. $STSI big move comming??? im locked and loaded

  15. $stsi 5min watch

  16. $STSI I will take loss at .68 if it hits, mental stop $INUV .59 is my mental stop. make sure u got a hedge if $SPX falls more it wil hurt

  17. $STSI just got more

  18. @marlie just a matter of time for $STSI. don t buy anymore yet

  19. $STSI added at .77

  20. @smallchange Considering adding to my $STSI position.

  21. $STSI picked up hare!!!

  22. @smallchange $STSI building a nice base.

  23. $STSI may fav for now

  24. $STSI is it time to .90? Sure looks like next week

  25. @smallchange: $STSI 60min looks to be putting in inverse head and shoulders. you gotta be the chart baby. see it before they do look now