1. Nice breakout on $SUM.CA. Too bad the volume is so low.

  2. 6 stocks to watch for a breakout to new highs heading into the fall trade $CSU.ca $GS.ca $sum.ca $dap.u.ca $stn.ca $wef.ca

  3. Solium Capital Inc J Earnings Thrash Estimates by 22.5%; Revenue Beats $SUM.CA

  4. $sum.ca Solium Capital - great results!

  5. $SUM.CA bullish price action today with high volume. Expect some continuation and move higher tomorrow.

  6. Solium Capital gets price target raise to $9.00 from PI analyst Sangha: http://y.ahoo.it/RZZIrihi $SUM.ca

  7. @EquityHog @ProudFrog I agree too - been finding $SUM.ca Solium Capital expensive since $3.18 in Mar/13 - and the 7 times I ve added since.

  8. @EquityHog $SUM.CA EPS growth is forecasted at 30% and 15% for 2014 and 2015 respectively. Only forecast, but gives an idea of the trend.

  9. Solium Capital rises after First Quarter Revenue and Earnings Bump: http://y.ahoo.it/Qbr3smz3 $SUM.ca

  10. @EquityHog I find $SUM.CA very expensive with a foward 2015 PE of 26. Add to that a slowing EPS growth, and you have a very risky stock.

  11. $sum.ca up sharply this morning on solid Q1 earnings report. http://y.ahoo.it/Mmd7Nh7f

  12. $SUM.CA looking strong before earnings. Maybe it can reverse recent trend with a positive report

  13. ERs on May 5th: $AD.CA May 6th: $SUM.CA $AGU.CA $IFP.A.CA $EQB.CA May 7th: $THI.CA $WEF.CA $HCG.CA $FNV.CA $AVO.CA

  14. Earnings announcement: $SUM.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, May 6 2014

  15. Solium Capital pullback is a buying opportunity, says Pardeep Sangha: http://y.ahoo.it/UE6wH0e2 $SUM.ca #cdntech

  16. @nicholastrader Agree for $RKN.CA, but don t you think that $SUM.CA, $AVO.CA & $AYA.CA, which all trade for forward PE > 20, are expensive?

  17. These stocks to me are good buy per today s closing price $RKN.CA $SUM.CA $ESL.CA $OTC.CA $AVO.CA $AYA.CA

  18. sold $SUM.CA in the spike today due to high valuation and the need to raise cash.

  19. There’s still big upside in Solium Capital, says M Partners analyst Kraft: http://y.ahoo.it/8a38X9cu #cdntech $SUM.ca

  20. $SUM.CA Tremendous Move By Solium Capital Inc J After Top Line Beat Despite Smaller Profit

  21. $SUM.ca Solium Capital upgraded to strong buy by TD ahead of next week s results.

  22. $SUM.CA $NLST $CTSO $EXO.CA $SIUMF EXO U Inc. Hits Another 52-Week High to Lead http://y.ahoo.it/wiWnXK9R Breakout S http://y.ahoo.it/5KZ4dqpH

  23. Ron Shuttleworth s 2014 tech picks on BNN - http://y.ahoo.it/qIgfm9pU - $RKN.ca $SUM.ca $DSG.ca $MNW.ca $GXI.ca $QHR.ca Also, $AVO.ca $ESP.ca

  24. $SUM.CA - Just keeps going higher! Is $9 next?

  25. My portfolio as of today: $CSU.CA, $AD.CA, $HCG.CA, $SUM.CA, $RKN.CA, $M.X, $RX.X,$XX.X,$RFC.X, $VRS.X and cash.