1. $SUMR has the Highest EBITDA Growth Among Companies in Leisure Products Industry.. http://www.zacks.com/research/get_news.php?id=287z3286

  2. $SUMR is finally showing support near 3.2; looking for cautious uptick towards 3Q earnings on 11/13

  3. Insider Transaction: $SUMR Purchase at $1.60 per share of 49900 shares by Director Bramson Carol on 2012-11-20.

  4. $SUMR Summer Infant Appoints Ronald T. Cardone as Senior Vice President, Information Technology.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/SUMR/communique/786475

  5. $SUMR What a great entry price on this baby.

  6. $SUMR under the radar, quiet, tutes like this company, MC is very under valued; CEO is very solid

  7. $SUMR pretty confident of earnings forward.. $4 handle before ER.. $5 handle year end. still expect $7 s sometime in 2015

  8. $SUMR we will get a run up into Q3 earnings i would think, espec given the sell off recently. this is buy and hold stock..not trading

  9. $SUMR This is going to be a double by 2015.. $7 by Mar/april 2015

  10. $SUMR Earning is 2nd wk Nov prob.. i think we ve seen the bottom..might be few days in 3.5 s..4 by ER in Nov

  11. $SUMR Really holding well today. Bottom reached?

  12. $SUMR Off hand anyone know when the next earnings report is?

  13. Latest newsletter $JRJC $CAMT $XGTI $TUBE $NQ $SUMR http://y.ahoo.it/EYxAQOCp

  14. Summer Infant - Sell Signals $SUMR http://y.ahoo.it/wcGWJRzE

  15. $SUMR 22.01% off its recent high http://y.ahoo.it/QJysYfHF http://y.ahoo.it/ZdvXqrGR

  16. $SUMR Entry/setup that we have been waiting for .... http://y.ahoo.it/fKe1mi2b

  17. $SUMR getting attractive again... still expect $5 handle after Q3 earnings..

  18. $SUMR sitting on low-risk entry at 14-week moving avg http://y.ahoo.it/5pFJjE5O

  19. $SUMR i don t watch ticker on this much at all.. just cuz i know it has tendency to drift a lot.. then when it moves, it moves

  20. $SUMR paper profit loss - big one at that - but bigger gains are yet to come.. Q3 and Q4 ERs should be very good

  21. $SUMR my sense is we are close to bottom here.. 3.6-3.7 s.. Oct should see run up to Nov earnings..after ER, we should touch 5 handle

  22. $SUMR this means, more than not, ppl sell..espec given we ran 100% in few months..

  23. $SUMR it s not big deal.. 3 month lull in between Q reports..as you prob figured out, this co. doesn t have much going on between ER

  24. @USMA67Korea No seller here. $SUMR has lots of potential!

  25. $SUMR when this takes breather, takes a long multi week breather.. when this takes off, it takes off 10-20% in few days..