1. $SUMR sitting on low-risk entry at 14-week moving avg http://y.ahoo.it/5pFJjE5O

  2. $SUMR i don t watch ticker on this much at all.. just cuz i know it has tendency to drift a lot.. then when it moves, it moves

  3. $SUMR paper profit loss - big one at that - but bigger gains are yet to come.. Q3 and Q4 ERs should be very good

  4. $SUMR my sense is we are close to bottom here.. 3.6-3.7 s.. Oct should see run up to Nov earnings..after ER, we should touch 5 handle

  5. $SUMR this means, more than not, ppl sell..espec given we ran 100% in few months..

  6. $SUMR it s not big deal.. 3 month lull in between Q reports..as you prob figured out, this co. doesn t have much going on between ER

  7. @USMA67Korea No seller here. $SUMR has lots of potential!

  8. $SUMR when this takes breather, takes a long multi week breather.. when this takes off, it takes off 10-20% in few days..

  9. $SUMR or another scenario is touch 20 dma and bounce..

  10. $SUMR might take a week or two before resuming uptrend. likely test low 4.. 4 to 4.05..

  11. $SUMR 4.5 wall was big wall. MMs need to bring this down to low 4 s to shake tree, get more vol, then bring it up again. be patient

  12. $SUMR 4.5 wall is tough. need more vol.

  13. $SUMR we close above 4.5 we will be seeing 5 handle shortly... good earnings in Q3, 6 handle

  14. $sumr gonna pop

  15. Watching 9/4 $CUR $ERB $FCEL $NOR $OESX $PRGN $SREV $SUMR $TGS $TROV #Continuation

  16. $ZGNX $SUMR for the impatient.

  17. @SkiTheBC @cbreeze9292 I sold my shares and put it into $SUMR. Great stock and there I ll recoup my losses before this one recovers.

  18. $SUMR if we close above 4.5.. would be a good reversal..and would hit a new 52 week high shortly thereafter. but need more vol

  19. $CHW $SUMR watchn for long plays, dailies similar, narrow intra http://y.ahoo.it/CbCx607u

  20. $SUMR both will be a 2x within 12 months. INVE will prob be 5X

  21. $SUMR i am not a trader.. i invest..i own 100K sumr; 85K inve. that s it

  22. $SUMR my cost basis for 100K shares is 3.8.. when pps dipped to 3.25 right after Q2 earnings, i was in heavy paper loss..but i knew

  23. $SUMR 2 months still to earnings..no reason to sell this but a lot of reasons to accumulate on dips

  24. $SUMR until then i expect range bound in the low to mid 4 s at best. prob low volume..

  25. $SUMR q3 should be quite good. should beat top and eps estimates. i think we will jump into 5-6 area after earnings if earnings beats