1. $SUNE Is this the Black caucus that Yellen is testimonial before? All for ONE, NONE for ALL.. ROFLMAO..> TRUMP looks better and better!

  2. $SUNE

  3. $SUNE chart looking very bullish right now. It will break 2.50 no doubt about it

  4. $SUNE anyone think earnings might come out today?

  5. $SUNE U re right, aggressive defense? can I get a little lecture on that? please

  6. $SUNE another investment where it had my hand going down the drain $gnw $cop $ocn and the story goes on....

  7. $SUNE

  8. $SUNE Holding Long & Strong™

  9. $SUNE Hopefully doesn t break 2 again

  10. $SUNE bought in at 2.43 target 3.50 after earnings.

  11. $SUNE trading this used to be fun...I need some adrenaline.

  12. $SUNE @BBONNEY Never hoping, just playing aggressive defense until it hits those PTs.

  13. $SUNE I hope for $7 or $8 by july

  14. $SUNE short interest down 10% thats pretty good.

  15. $SUNE Should at least hit 4.51 by 3/24 based on TDA falling wedge pattern.

  16. $SUNE bought some 2.50 calls for april. The debt will be reduced on the balance sheet this ER. 2.50 will be cheap in a few months.

  17. $SUNE can you give us reason for that? value investor

  18. $SUNE blocking aces_full , he s a bigger pita than anyone he bashes

  19. $SUNE Have to say I love gobleing up cheap shares during this market/oil/yellen panic. Debt has years to be payed back. World-wide exposure$

  20. $SUNE if scty drops below 20.0 , there s where to go to buy in. Returns will be way bigger and way faster than sune ever will be.

  21. $SUNE markets may be down but its a great time to get PPS down. im been on a buying streak on alot of my long positions

  22. $SUNE if you dont have something pertaining to sune or solar or vacation pix or pics of your pet..dont post losers

  23. $SUNE 30% short, it is going to be a mother of all short squeezes if $sune cash flow turns positive in ER

  24. $SUNE Interesting read

  25. $SUNE Hey were not pumpers emphatically stating there was no tie between SUNE and SCTY last night? Why a tie now? Pathetic