2. $SUNE No everyone here is buying up SUNE now.

  3. $SUNE has this stock been delisted ?

  4. $SUNE assets of $20.7 billion and liabilities of $16.1 billion as of Sept. 30. http://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/morning_call/2016/04/some-sunedison-creditors-nabbed-safe-debt-deal.html?ana=yahoo

  5. $SUNE Bam (sencond try) https://cases.primeclerk.com/sunedison/Home-DownloadPDF?id1=MzI1NzQ0&id2=0

  6. $SUNE how can we make this move quicker either way???...lol

  7. $SUNE hey guys, join the #tailopez chat and make sure you never suffer from substantially irresponsible losses again like SUNE

  8. $SUNE How much did you get for the wife?

  9. $SUNE Done, can you think of anything else? LOL. That sounds like a plan to recover losses....:)

  10. Does anyone else find it interesting that the Trump speech today will start at the same time the $SUNE stream shuts down? Hmmmm

  11. $SUNE has anyone figured a Better way to all of us to chat after this archives???

  12. $SUNE at least this is not $dust right now.

  13. $SUNE #SUNEQ UK here so hoping for good eod. Anyway,,,holding long & coin toss on May 10 & Common Stock

  14. $SUNE Load the mothere@$@$ boat... Back up the m#@$@#% truck... sell ur homes, cars, child, wife on the street to buy sune. You will be rich

  15. $SUNE Bears grab a sit, you ve been standing too long. Pick up a magazine. Play on your phones cause this thing aint going down!

  16. $SUNE good news. I only need this to go to $10 to recoup all my losses from all trades over the last 13 months FML.

  17. $SUNE let s hope

  18. $SUNE bought more! Feeling good about a nice pop next week to the $.30s AND .$40S

  19. $SUNE if you re getting out of this thing now it is a one way street cause you ain t going to be trading back into it at a lower price

  20. To the $SUNE shareholders and their last day here. G/L in your battle, though I have a feeling it wont end well for you.

  21. $SUNE Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof and you re done. Time to shut this garbage up and let this POS die in peace. ZeeeeeeeeeeeerOoooo

  22. $Sune will close at .30 today hoping for it!! Crossing them fingers. Let s go bring it on up!

  23. $SUNE low float BSTG is uptrending, get in for mid-may Mayo Clinic results.

  24. $SUNE looking good

  25. $SUNE No Er on OTC