1. @CF4: Bought $SUNE at $20.40 /yup great catch,,we roll next week

  2. Bought $SUNE at $20.40

  3. $SUNE S& P has 5 star strong buy targets $28 on sune..

  4. $SUNE http://y.ahoo.it/vH3Znut4

  5. @Bulkinggreen: $SUNE http://y.ahoo.it/pCh22t05

  6. $SUNE http://y.ahoo.it/qwcZpgVK

  7. $SCTY $sune $gtat $csiq $tsla $nrg

  8. $SUNE will trend down to 16.... company is all negative cash flow eps cannot compete on pricing and 7 billion in debt.... disaster

  9. Long-Short Value Watchlist: LONG: $BYD, $ATK, $REGI, $OAK, $NAVI, $OPLK, $SUNE; SHORT: $BTU, $BBSI, $JRJC, $CRM, $RH, $PCOM, $PLUG, $XONE

  10. $SUNE classic SUNE pop and fade

  11. $SUNE I think 22$ is good for a scalp! chart http://y.ahoo.it/ToQts6xy via http://y.ahoo.it/Uci4hq6Z

  12. Potential Intraday Runners |http://y.ahoo.it/yYhfHXzu $SUNE, $JASO, $GOGO, $LULU, $MTG, $SPWR, $ZOES, $WPRT, $ZOES, $CSUN, $CLVS

  13. Wednesday ALL BUY ORDERS 4 TODAY already boy $KBH $ISIS $RDN $ABTL $SUNE $CSUN $CSIQ http://y.ahoo.it/UVbsHfzO

  14. $SUNE 3k SUNE @ 20.87 DAY TRADE

  15. @SippinCoughy: $TSL $SPWR $SUNE stalking entries here. could pop soon said this yesterday

  16. $SUNE way oversold. Going up from here. $SCTY also way oversold. $FSLR also looks good. Solar is the sector to invest & buy on dips

  17. $SUNE pull back to fill the gap at 19.88 should be complete, time for lift off now

  18. Tuesday s Notable Options Activity: $YHOO, $QEP, $MON, $SUNE, $FCX, $GTAT http://y.ahoo.it/bYK5wUjM @EnisTaner

  19. @WallStJesus: $SUNE Big opening order today -- 13000 SUNE Jan15 21.0 Calls bought $2.23 IV=52.4% +1.7  (hearing firm, not customer)

  20. $IRBT $SUNE $LNG nice candle today. Well, most stocks put up nice candle at closed.

  21. $sune like the setup here and the insti buy today of calls

  22. $SUNE Big opening order today -- 13000 SUNE Jan15 21.0 Calls bought $2.23  ASK ISE 14:57:42 IV=52.4% +1.7  (hearing firm, not customer)

  23. Insider Transaction: $SUNE Sale at $21.01 - $21.02 per share of 90000 shares by Officer Herzberg Matthew E. on 2014-09-12.

  24. [cont] And seeing some names had become fairly OS. $MU $SUNE $HAR $WMB

  25. $TSL $SPWR $SUNE stalking entries here. could pop soon