1. $SUNE last print 10.99

  2. $SUNE AH $10.99 tomorrow over $11.50

  3. $SUNE - Main supports and resistances http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/09/sune-main-supports-and-resistances.html

  4. $SUNE the thing that concerns me is that despite how much its dropped there s still a lot of short interest. Not a ton of covering yet. Why?

  5. $SUNE It took this stock 6 trading days to drop from $15+ to its $8+ low. It ll recover quickly too. ;)

  6. @mikesnice $SUNE = ATM$$$

  7. $SUNE may gap up tomorrow. Billionaire bought over $160million worth of stock @ $10.50. Im sure they see something all of us dont ;))

  8. $SUNE Anything big from the company at this point would send the stock on a parabolic breakout imo.

  9. $SUNE fill me in, was extreme drop in pps related to market sell off or did ER trigger. MACD looks good, but not so much the death cross

  10. $SUNE told you we d close green. good volume ah

  11. $SUNE if tomorrow we can maintain above $11 then $12.00 is next key level resistance right kn 200MA!!!

  12. $SUNE AH trading up 1% seems like investors want shares. This stock hardly traded After hours

  13. $SUNE And the battle rages on AH but still maintains the $10.79pps will be keeping my eye on this 4 2mrw-still looking good bt close battle

  14. $SUNE closed green for 6 days straight now. Let s keep up the streak!

  15. $SUNE Technical Analysis Video 9/2/2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvE_qO6WG68&feature=youtu.be

  16. $SUNE As stated, if SUNE closes green ill dye my hair....for the love of SUNE see profile pic

  17. $SUNE about a half million shares ditched at 16:04...

  18. $SUNE good!

  19. $SUNE It s game over tomorrow, ECB meeting, China market closed. Fri jobs report. And away we go

  20. $SUNE I look forward to the new Purple Pic tomorrow SwingTrader! Make sure you wear gloves so that your hands aren t purple!

  21. $SUNE no wonder we couldnt break past 10.80, huge block.

  22. $SUNE I predict 10.82

  23. $SUNE YAAAAAHOOOOO! we ved done it kids!! We beat dem shorts!

  24. $SUNE perking up....

  25. $SUNE 5 more points is all I m asking!! $10.80 is ok w/me