1. $SUNE There are two things brewing today, one is my tea. I ll drink my tea for now while I wait for the second brew tomorrow.

  2. $SUNE covered at 3.18

  3. $SUNE scam

  4. $SUNE I hate the averaging down strategy..in this case I welcome it. Picked up more In the end a few ticks means nothing when this is at $5+

  5. $SUNE $PEIX $HZNP $RLYP nice late day

  6. $SUNE day trading doesn t really mean selling it in few hours, holding for another day cannot hurt. Sell at 3.60


  8. $SUNE

  9. $SUNE The relentless selling and short selling is crazy....may the tables be turned very soon.

  10. $SUNE look at that close!!

  11. $SUNE someone has been accumulating today...that may be are catalyst...

  12. $SUNE Something is brewing here.. going strong into the close. News will hit AH or before open

  13. $SUNE Been held back all damned day.....enough already

  14. $SUNE great VS going into the close on the 5min

  15. $SUNE got a runner

  16. $SUNE keep moving! Close green!

  17. $SUNE cup and handle formation starting to form

  18. $SUNE above 3.4 i ll be a buyer...

  19. $SUNE will soon trade in the $5 range before going even higher. We need a good catalyst (news) to make it happen

  20. $SUNE

  21. $SUNE There is some guys on this forum who want me banned. Good news, I am still here. You know who you are.

  22. $SUNE One asset sale or any change to VIVINT, watch out

  23. $SUNE U.S.-based company SunEdison recently won an auction for a 500 MW solar photovoltaic power plant in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh

  24. $SUNE Big Bad Bears are running for the hills

  25. $SUNE Lowest volume since the ER came out. Daily chart still looks like a bear flag.