1. $SUNE If the prices for large solar projects using Chinese panels rises because of the new US tariff, SUNE stands able to step in & fulfill.

  2. Insider Transaction: $SUNE Option Exercise at $22.17 per share of 3025 shares by Other Sadasivam Shaker on 2014-07-23.

  3. $SUNE $SCTY stronger $SPWR also good add here. Portfolio for Josh is for the competion whi will be the best trader 2014. He added $FSLR

  4. $SUNE at key support ma-50 and way oversold. Good entry. $FSLR started turning up today. Josh Brown on CNBC added TAN to his porforlio today

  5. $SUNE Why would it go up? News is out and it is at a 5 year high...

  6. $SUNE loves the extremes of sentiment. 2 weeks ago it was a darling & now getting thrown out like garbage. Buying these dips have paid well

  7. Love this spot in $SUNE here. The big boys want this cheap. Should be an easy 10-15% in the next few weeks. $FSLR too. $TAN

  8. $SUNE chart http://y.ahoo.it/NSfOutqL $SUNE previous resistance now acting as support offering a lower risk entry here long.

  9. $TAN somethin brewing in solar land. $jks moving. pops of volume in $fslr $spwr. $scty acting strong. call buying in $sune...just saying

  10. $SUNE weekly calls picked up interest about an hour ago with buyers at 20 cents. 8/1 weekly 21.5 calls saw a sweep at 50 cents 500x

  11. Greenlight Capital Hurt By Shorts, Gains 14% In Long Portfolio http://y.ahoo.it/wxnu4CrV $AAPL $MU $SUNE $OIS

  12. Greenlight Capital Q2 Letter: David Einhorn reveals Lam Research stake http://y.ahoo.it/58dqpbNO $LRCX $AAPL $MRVL $MU $SUNE

  13. $SUNE chart starting to look pretty bearish

  14. $FSLR be smart the world. Alternative energy MUST be #1 priority to get rid of Putin . He is so dangerous. And cyber security. $SCTY $SUNE

  15. $SUNE Jul 21 call buyers +2500 for $0.20-0.25

  16. Lower Bollinger Band 2/2 $LBTYK $PAAS $PX $QCOM $RIG $SIX $SUNE $SWAY $TMK $TMUS $TOL http://y.ahoo.it/pi06HOoF

  17. @WallStJesus $sune, what do u think of these leap calls , after that nice pull back??

  18. @TickerFisher $sune, these blocks , which is bot or sold?

  19. $SUNE Some big blocks right after closing bell... http://y.ahoo.it/NVZq9CA1

  20. Bought $SUNE at $21.35

  21. Are the EPS estimates for $SUNE overly pessimistic?

  22. $SCTY This solar stock is in a class all it s own. $FSLR $SPWR $CSIQ $JKS $TAN $TSL $SPWR $SUNE http://y.ahoo.it/IwM6ytw5

  23. Share an idea stock on $SUNE is at a 5 year high,why would it go any higher? It ran people.

  24. $SUNE Check out Zillow (Z) - now that s a short squeeze

  25. $SUNE this is ridiculous