1. $SWHC what is up with the volume today, 200k Shares at noon, way down from normal

  2. $FNMA tomorrow is going to be a blood bath in the markets $SWHC $INO $RAD freaking google had to go and ruin our mini rally

  3. Long term bull: $SWHC

  4. Bloomberg s $50 million gun safety group: http://y.ahoo.it/82k4nmW5 $RGR $SWHC ...enough to fill ten Tom Clancy novels lol

  5. $SWHC come on Smitty, I need $15 by June OPEX, giddy up!!

  6. $SWHC market wide smack down and S&W is holding up surprisingly well

  7. $SWHC Buying common and sitting on it

  8. $SWHC good luck peeps closed my long yesterday want everything ta settle in time for a build a short plan soon

  9. $SWHC closed

  10. $SWHC I love my M&P 9 Pro Series but that is one hell of a gap

  11. $SPY Why don t they just burn all personal guns in the country $SWHC

  12. $SWHC nice jump bouncing off the lows

  13. $SWHC 13.91 AVG

  14. $SWHC my $LATF just hangin out $REVO same crap $PUGE still in some all 3 pure gamble trades $YELP what a gift again closing it out

  15. $SWHC doing OK $RGR what a gift again!!!! $ARMK started another LONG held the 27.20 $PXLW added hard @ 5.34-35-36 $PDLI londg 8.13

  16. Roster for April monthly OptEx are the following Covered Calls, $ACAD 32.00, $ANIK 45.00, $NCR 35.00, $SWHC 14.00

  17. $SWHC so tempted to grab some here, waiting to see what Mr Market does today first

  18. $SWHC Does this bleed more taday we will see have a 13.80 order set

  19. This is great!!! Laughed so hard, needed it after today. $fnma $swhc $ino $RAD http://y.ahoo.it/zVvOIWA3

  20. $SWHC few more

  21. $SWHC $TASR nice sell off on some chit taday

  22. $SWHC TRIGGERED $TASR triggered $PXLW mini trigger


  24. $SWHC got L

  25. $PXLW setting trigger orders see what i get taday $YELP got lucky got out yesterday $SWHC stalking this