1. $SWIR Staircasing up the last two days...

  2. $SWIR 3 Reasons Sierra Wireless Stock Could Rise http://www.investopedia.com/stock-analysis/061215/3-reasons-sierra-wireless-stock-could-rise-swir.aspx

  3. $SWIR mmmm interesting

  4. $SWIR Broke yesterday s high...

  5. $SWIR my $25 July 15 call looking good. Hope to see $35 by then

  6. $SWIR beautiful action, long holders delighted to see this!

  7. $SWIR Looks like this might be riding higher with $CAMP who posted good earnings yesterday.

  8. $SWIR Wow...nice action

  9. $SWIR In at 24.85. Maybe too soon, we ll see

  10. $SWIR certainly would like to think so

  11. $SWIR bottom yesterday? What say everyone?

  12. $SWIR ....27.10 new entry point

  13. End Of Day Scan: Ichimoku Cloud Red $CBS $ANF $XHR $OGE $EQC $SBLK $SXL $VTAE $WSH $SWIR www.dailystockplays.com

  14. Might wait a few days until I add more here if the dips continue $SWIR $CLNE $SBUX $AAPL $SWKS $MBLY $VHT $DIS

  15. $SWIR below 20 she will go

  16. $TSLA $SWIR $AAPL $GOOGL $DIS $MSFT $MA $V Beware Greeks bearing debt. But don t panic and keep buying!

  17. $SWIR next up 22

  18. $SWIR Updated chart

  19. $SWIR let s change the symbol to $VOMT

  20. $SWIR This one is collapsing... glad sold @28s... still have small pos :-)))

  21. $BBRY inflection point. When: See $SWIR $OTEX $MITL and... https://www.marketvis.io/chatroom/new

  22. $SWIR Wow! is this one really going to see $23 again? I ll grab more calls if it does

  23. $SWIR looks like 24 is on deck this week.

  24. $SWIR ....new entry point would be 27.29 if we can EVER get reverse momentum going.

  25. $SWIR July 15 call @$25 stroke. :)