1. $SWKS medium BOOOOOOM!

  2. Nice #trading short call by @cnbcfastmoney last week in $SWKS cc @RiskReversal $SWKS #stocks

  3. $SWKS $BABA $GILD $SPY $QQQ The hardest thing may be buying when others are fearful. It may also be the smartest.

  4. $SWKS just keep buying. Anything under 100 is a steal.

  5. $SWKS mini BOOOM

  6. $SWKS it s gift to buy this low.. even silly. $NXPI on fire sale. read what CEO said when$112

  7. $SWKS bouncing above S2 [Fan line + Fibo]... but no cigar yet!

  8. $SWKS wow. When to buy?

  9. $SWKS Nothing special here ... Hedge funds using Grexit as an excuse selling winners and weak hands following. Buy the dips .Long+Strong

  10. $SWKS come back to 91! I miss you!

  11. $SWKS this and GILD best shorts

  12. $SWKS Absurdly oversold. $SPY $QQQ Whole market overreacting to Greece. Will have minimal impact on US.

  13. $SWKS today, oppenheimer likes avago, and skyworks , best plays in radio frequency tech.

  14. $SWKS But I thought support was at 98 said Mr. Chatzifotiadis

  15. $SWKS screaming buy.

  16. $SWKS this stock on sale today, fundamentals are good

  17. $SWKS bought a little with a short stop not holding my breath but I do like this company

  18. $SWKS worst stock ever...not for me...short make 10 k..

  19. $SWKS don t let another Oct 15th opportunity pass you by.

  20. Adding to $SWKS $NXPI and back in $TSL

  21. $SWKS Whats going on!?

  22. Just sold to close $SWKS Aug 105 puts for a nice profit on this push lower under $95. Could see a bounce back to $100 before earnings.

  23. $SWKS run!

  24. $SWKS Haha ridiculous overreaction

  25. $SWKS Way over done