1. $SWKS too much bullish sentiment and euphoria is starting to scare me.

  2. $SWKS this sompany had a net profit of 166MM last quarter. Any reason its now worth over 20BB?

  3. $SPY 6 Linchpins of the Aging Bull Market http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/176294/6-linchpins-of-the-aging-bull Glad I m still bullish :) $AVGO $SWKS $ACHC $SPX

  4. $SWKS a bull flag on daily cht. then for fri, it wil pop up on avgo earns from thurs ah

  5. BREAKOUT IDEAS [ As Per $STUDY VIDEO; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35kbWN7q_E4 ]; $ACHC $AMCN $AUO $FRO $GTT $HA $SWKS $TANH

  6. $SWKS options this wk r showing it going to 109s- & most likely to 110s- & possibility of 112s. pulbak 1st tho on thurs shud b had to create

  7. $SWKS the 2 prc trgs of those 2 inv hd/sh paterns on daily ch r 110s & 112s. shud hav pulbak on thurs 1st- then to 110s-112s on fri

  8. $SWKS i wrote here around 2 wks ago that by 1st wk of jun, swks shud b at 110s-112s- du 2 th inv hd/sh patrn on daily ch. shud b ther by fri

  9. $SWKS bought puts to lock in my profits and letting this ride.

  10. $SWKS B/O Bull Flag, Continuation Play, S 104.31, close over R 108.23 into Blue Skies

  11. $SWKS next stop $110.42, probably not until a slight pullback to the $106 area

  12. FWIW I m raising my $SWKS stop to 103. Not taking swing+ profits until 115-120. Plenty of space above to let it keep running if it wishes

  13. The old leaders are the new leaders: $SWKS $AMBA $BLUE Without Patience and Discipline you sold out all these leaders with a tiny 5 % gain.

  14. $BRCM $SWKS $ALTR $LRCX all jumping


  16. $SWKS recommending this since $67, recent buy breakout covered as well http://www.letsinvestnow.com/stock-spotlight.html dont miss the next one

  17. $SWKS wow sold calls too early! Holding stock....BEAST MODE

  18. Overall my portfolio is not bad $CRTO $HAWK $CYBR $SYNA $SWKS $AVGO $NXPI

  19. $SWKS damn, just missed reentry

  20. $SWKS they are hitting on all cylinders

  21. Huge breakout in $SMH...Nasdaq $COMPQ going to new highs in the next day or two. Too much strength. $BRCM $SWKS $ALTR $MU

  22. $SWKS Leg 3 now basing... stops in place.

  23. $SOX up 3.5% today. Mobile chip stocks $SWKS $NXPI at all-time highs. $AVGO-$BRCM M&A report helping? Also, $INTC for $ATLR talk back again?

  24. $SWKS please hammer don t hurt em

  25. $SWKS man o man..y didnt i buy more on that dip yesterday...godsend gift...wanted to double on my common too...5k poof just like that