1. @venkysrinivasan thanks Venky! $SWKS is all you!

  2. $SWKS new highs on low volume..

  3. @cybercash28 but P/E at 70+ while $swks a 31. So yea u can quit now

  4. Peeling some more $SWKS here. Now 1/4th position letting it run.

  5. @BosnianxBroker $SWKS BTO March $95 calls @ $.60 on unusual options buys Out of full position at $.85, nice trade!

  6. $NXPI PEG is only .65, even cheaper than $SWKS

  7. $SWKS $MXIM $SWKS $AAPL... my apple plays making my day :)

  8. A2M Capital LLC holds an allocation of 7.1% in $SWKS in his Technical Swing Investment Portfolio

  9. @venkysrinivasan: $SWKS Price outside upper BB. Trim and trail.

  10. $SWKS long term 200sh

  11. i like the way you $SWKS it, no diggity, i got to bag it up

  12. $SWKS Price outside upper BB. Trim and trail.

  13. @venkysrinivasan $SWKS Happy,happy,happy

  14. $SWKS Nice overview underway http://wsw.com/webcast/rj95/register.aspx?conf=rj95&page=swks&url=http://wsw.com/webcast/rj95/swks/index.aspx

  15. $SWKS Still long since 78, 81 & 87... No need to sell!

  16. EQM Capital holds an allocation of 5.9% in $SWKS in his Mid Cap Quant Investment Portfolio

  17. $SWKS She didn t like the 90s quite yet, but she will be back. Hopefully today.

  18. $SWKS - I wish this would go back to $79, so I could start over.

  19. @cheri1: @WallStJesus: $SWKS some bullish action here, small sweep 693+ Mar15 $93 C $1 posted feb 27

  20. $SWKS intraday cup and handle. new highs

  21. $SWKS Here comes $90!

  22. $DIS over 106.00 if it holds the day looks interesting, and $SWKS over 89.75 would get me in for a small position

  23. @DarvasTrader: $SWKS hits a new high during the first half-hour of the trading day.

  24. $SWKS what the hell is with the wide spread?

  25. $SWKS I need to STOP trading this and just buy n hold.