1. $SWKS Ok, lets take out that HOD

  2. @MrB1 same here. grabbed 2000 @ 36.75. glad I did, My $SWKS also working for me.

  3. $AAPL $AAPL @ all time high.$SWKS catching up. The better buy now imo

  4. @nickshawz sold $IBIO with 1 cent profit, nice going. hw much u down? bt. $SWKS , 60 s coming soon.

  5. A2M Capital LLC bought $SWKS and now holds an allocation of 12.1% in their Technical Swing Investment Portfolio

  6. $SWKS Time to go back to all-time high. Just market noise knocked us off our upward trend. Back on it and see you at $60 in a week.

  7. Analytic Investment holds an allocation of 3.8% in $SWKS in his Focus Growth Investment Portfolio

  8. $SWKS thanks fonsie..,.that was very enlightening...i think u really have got to get away from your 9 computers for a while and go get laid

  9. $AAPL Valley man suffers second degree burns from iPhone 6 http://www.abc15.com/the-now/valley-man-suffers-second-degree-burns-from-iphone-6 $BBRY $GOOG $MSFT $NOK $ERIC $SWKS

  10. @rapture133 I think it was a veiled rebuttal against $MCHP which we ve definitely seen did not speak for all the $AAPL semis $SWKS $BRCM

  11. Bullish move after Earnings reporting - $SWKS $GD $CBST $SMSI $RHI $UIS $EVR

  12. $MBLY hang in there bulls it s going to get wild next week. Just a warning shot today. $DATA $GPRO $ANET $SWKS

  13. TheStreet website Optimistic for leaders $XLNX $MU $INTC $TXN $SWKS ...Good Sector $HPQ $AAPL $AMD $MSFT......Villain is $MCHP double-orders

  14. $SWKS This is a buy for me

  15. Robert Freedland holds an allocation of 7.0% in $SWKS in his Growth and Momentum Investment Portfolio

  16. $SWKS Skyworks Ramps Revolutionary Diversity Receive Modules for LTE Smartphones http://www.finances.com/company-news/26907-skyworks-ramps-revolutionary-diversity-receive-modules-for-lte-smartphones.htm

  17. $SWKS Skyworks Ramps Revolutionary Diversity Receive Modules for LTE Smartphones.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/SWKS/communique/794581

  18. Long setups $AAPL $MU $SWKS $QCOM $ORT.CA

  19. 4 Horsemen for 2015 .... $SWKS, $BABA, $EXPE, $N !!!! Ride em Cowboy or Cowgirl !!!! YEEEE HAAAA !!!!

  20. $SWKS to ma-50 as planned. Great swing trade plan from $48. Thx MCHP

  21. $SWKS congrats longs. Lets do this again 2morrow.

  22. $GILD $SWKS $MU and $V licking our $KO wounds today #portfolio

  23. @NuggetInvester just thinking out loud... I bot $SWKS around 46ish... off the $MCHP warning

  24. $SWKS cup and handle?

  25. $MU in Well Position To Take Advantage Of Strength In The Dram Market- $SNDK $SWKS http://www.emarketsdaily.com/micron-technology-inc-nasdaqmu-in-well-position-to-take-advantage-of-strength-in-the-dram-market-sandisk-corp-nasdaqsndk-skyworks-solutions-inc-nasdaqswks/1820038/