1. Market Outlook - 2/12/16 http://funanc1al.com/article/market-outlook-21216/ $USAP $STX $TLMR $UTX $GE $APD $HBAN $PII $PSX $AGRX $TSS $ABTX $AXP $SXC $LM $KMI $KEY

  2. Stocks on the Move – 2/10/16 http://funanc1al.com/article/stocks-on-the-move-21016-food-for-thought/ $GLT $SXC $CGA $POPE $AEPI

  3. Market Outlook - 2/11/16 http://funanc1al.com/article/market-outlook-21116/ $UTX $GE $APD $HBAN $LEU $PII $PSX $AGRX $TSS $ABTX $AROC $AXP $SXC $LM $KMI $CASI $KEY

  4. Market Outlook - 2/10/16 http://funanc1al.com/article/market-outlook-21016/ $SXC $LM $STAA $KMI $KEY $MGIC $WYNN $SMLP $C $PNC $XNPT $DFRG $ARRY $WLB $LE $ARDX $AEO

  5. $SXC Moody downgrades Sxc http://m.moodys.com/research/Moodys-downgrades-SunCoke-Energys-corporate-family-rating-to-B2-from--PR_343338

  6. Market Outlook – 2/8/16 http://funanc1al.com/article/market-outlook-2816/ $AXP $SXC $GE $LM $KMI $KEY $MGIC $WYNN $SMLP $C $PNC $XNPT $WLB $LE $AEO $TUES $BNED $ACAD

  7. 2/7 Nightly Watchlist $XOMA $UNIS $XLIT $TMST $DUST $SXC $VLTC $LINE $LNKD also watching $ATVI $SKX $CVS $KO $DIS $P

  8. Market Outlook – 2/5/16 http://funanc1al.com/article/market-outlook-2516/ $CFR $UTX $APD $ZION $HBAN $LEU $PII $PSX $AGRX $TSS $ABTX $AROC $AXP $SXC $APPF $LM $STAA

  9. $SXC Chart from Feb. 3rd – bouncing today & currently foreign Bullish Homing Pigeon reversal http://mychartcoach.com/Forums/?noaccess=1

  10. $SXC crossed up into the cloud good sign.

  11. Market Outlook - 2/3/16 http://funanc1al.com/article/market-outlook-2316/ $TSS $ABTX $AROC $AXP $SXC $APPF $LM $STAA $KMI $CASI $KEY $RJF $MGIC $AQXP $WYNN $SMLP $C

  12. Top watches tomorrow: $EYEG $TMST $GOL $INO $TRXC $SXC $ENOC $WMLP $PACB Go to: https://www.tradingview.com/u/PaperChaserr/ where charts are made simple!

  13. 2/3 Nightly Watchlist $IDTI $VSCP $UNIS $CIE $FLXN $ETSY $SXC Also watching: $MAT $TSLA $TRVN $ANFI $nHTC $PACB $CMG

  14. WARNING: $SXC FEAR indicator (as seen by investors in News & Social Media) enters alarm zone!

  15. Market Outlook - 2/2/16 http://funanc1al.com/article/market-outlook-2216/ $APD $AMID $SMLP $NOG $ZION $HBAN $LEU $PII $PSX $AGRX $BCRX $TSS $ABTX $AROC $AXP $SXC $GE

  16. Video Lesson Going Over My Planned Trade on $SXC. Also Watching: $MDVN $KORS $MSFT $NTRA $JUNO $LABU $BOOT $DWTI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVCFh05SVPU&feature=youtu.be

  17. Market Outlook - 2/1/16 http://funanc1al.com/article/market-outlook-2116-breakout/ $PSX $AGRX $BCRX $TSS $ABTX $ZION $AROC $AMID $AXP $SXC $APPF $GE $LM $STAA $KMI $CASI $KEY


  19. 1/1 Nightly Watchlist $CC $NEOS $SXC $CIE $TRXC $lPTH $WATT $SDPI $TMST $QSII Also Watching $ADM $MAT $PN $AXLL

  20. 📡 $SXC #((EMAC))-EMA-Crossover *HL/HH*VOL*TTM *click pic. for TTM Squeeze*

  21. Stocks I m Researching This Weekend: $AMDA $TXMD $AST $CDRB $ARNA $GBSN $SXC $TXRC $AQXP $WTW

  22. $SXC Chart from 29th – bullish close above the 50 DMA @ 3.24 – key level to turn into suppor http://mychartcoach.com/Forums/?noaccess=1

  23. $SXC OI for maturity 02/19/2016. 2.50 Highest put. 5.00 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=SXC&urk=SXC https://twitter.com/Maximum_Pain_cm/status/693142875480010752/photo/1

  24. $SXC Max Pain is 2.50 for maturity 02/19/2016. Price = 3.75. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=SXC&urk=SXC

  25. most volatile under $35: $SDPI $TMST $MPO $AMDA $WATT $QSII $CLD $SXC $FMSA $TRXC #daytrades