1. #stocks http://www.chartmill.com/stockscreener.php?filters=adev_m520%2Cv1_50b1000&tab=5&p=0&v=9&s=0&ticker=&nt=&timeframe=DAILY&type=CANDLES&o1=3&op1=200&i1=49&ip1=&cl=F&months=0&o2=3&op2=50&i2=&ip2=&width=400&o3=1&op3=&i3=&ip3= large player sell signals on $FMC $SYMC $MPEL

  2. $SYMC hot on social media now, but analyzed at ChartMill everyday http://chartmill.com:4040/urllog/73682b91-9ffe-49b1-aa74-95f095da575b #President #tradingpsychology

  3. $SYMC #downtrend continuation detected around 12:00 PM, May 23 EDT; use 16.93, 17.14 as stop

  4. Symantec s hold rating reiterated at Pacific Crest. http://www.marketbeat.com/r/650263 $SYMC

  5. Automatic shelf registration statement of securities of well-known seasoned issuers http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary2/?id=2782118 $SYMC

  6. $SYMC: New SEC Filing for SYMC: Form 10-K, No. 0000849399-16-000022 http://stocknewsflow.com/849399_000084939916000022_0000849399-16-000022

  7. Symantec Corporation Just Filed Its Annual Report: Earnings Per ShareBa... http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/Q/summary/?id=2781994 $SYMC

  8. Looks like $SYMC has been repurchasing shares. The drop in share count ranks them #124 on this buybacks list: http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/cannibals/

  9. $SYMC Symantec Corporation Correlation Histogram MODE : 0.7 #bigdata http://dataunion.tistory.com/919#.VznZazWLS8E

  10. $SYMC: New SEC Filing for SYMC: Form 4 http://insideri.com/1387504_000120919116121535_0001209191-16-121535

  11. Symantec Corporation director just picked up 19,184 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=2776239 $SYMC

  12. Symantec Corporation director just picked up 16,233 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=2776232 $SYMC

  13. Symantec Corporation director just picked up 11,363 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2776231 $SYMC

  14. $MGT I m buying $SYMC! At least they can get rid of the viruses!

  15. $SYMC At good support. Should move up from here

  16. $SYMC Symantec Antivirus Software Flaw Creates Vulnerability To Overflow Bug http://marketexclusive.com/symantec-corporation-nasdaqsymc-antivirus-software-flaw-creates-vulnerability-overflow-bug/6855/

  17. $SYMC Symantec Corporation Kurtosis : -1.19 Skew : -0.47 Correlation Histogram #bigdata http://dataunion.tistory.com/919#.VznZazWLS8E

  18. MACD Bull Crossover: $EPD, $HZNP, $KMI, $NEM, $SYMC, $UAL http://www.ninestocks.com/2016/05/macd-bull-crossover-enterprise-products-partners-l-p-epd-horizon-pharma-ord-hznp-kinder-morgan-kmi-newmont-mining-corp-nem-symantec-corporation-symc-united-continental-holdings-ual/

  19. Symantec 2016Q4 Earnings: A Shift Towards the Cloud http://www.trefis.com/stock/symc/articles/356105/symantec-2016q4-earnings-a-shift-towards-the-cloud/2016-05-17 by Trefis Team $SYMC

  20. $SYMC fundamental and technical analysis gives you a tight stop and potential big short.

  21. Liking this $SYMC short under the base. This had not participated in market rally. Relative Weakness

  22. $MGT $SYMC should buy it

  23. MANAGED ASSET PORTFOLIOS, LLC appears to have added to its $SYMC position in the most recent quarter http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryh/?id=2760275

  24. ALERT: New MACD signal created on $SYMC - Direction: Buy at 16.93 - Time: 15:05 - Strength: 8.

  25. Watching today $STAA $ADRO $ADXS $SYMC $GSAT $MGT