1. $SYMX I m going to home depot. But I ve dropped some food for thought this morning. Good day!

  2. $SYMX Oh, and what s this? John Paulson has a history of being involved with CNOOC? http://www.institutionalinvestorsalpha.com/Article/3159747/Blogs-Portfolio-Watch/Paulson-Taps-a-Gusher-in-Nexen-Takeover-by-CNOOC.html

  3. $SYMX We know from this article that CNOOC is making a bet on coal gas. http://www.kaixian.tv/gd/2015/0509/742810.html

  4. $SYMX I wonder if CNOOC could be the player in strategic partnership discussion.

  5. @elhamawy @Lambda $SYMX its been over since this got pumped to 2 and dumped back to where it belongs

  6. @Lambda $SYMX C mon let s see a push to 1.31. I don t want to lose to @elhamawy

  7. @Mr305 $SYMX So he sold HMHC for 40% what makes you think he still holdin this and didnt sell at 2 for 60% prfit

  8. $SYMX Ok so I ve decided to hold for at least a year. I am not however going to drive myself mad over this co day to day.

  9. $SYMX Paulson sold $HMHC @23. Bought at 16.08. Any thoughts for $SYMX? Around a year hold.

  10. $SYMX I am not expecting this to go anywhere. But I decided to not chase the hype. Ill just keep this in my portfolio until scans go off

  11. $SYMX Bollinger bands are looking like a break out forming soon. Might see 1.37 by next week IMO

  12. $SYMX C mon let s see a push to 1.31. I don t want to lose to @elhamawy.

  13. $SYMX Yes, things will turn around, come back 1st week of june

  14. $SYMX Hang in there. Things will turn around

  15. $PBMD in from yesterday at $6.1! Anyone recommend bridges in NC to go jump off of? :( What s sad? I m in $ISR $SYMX $ENZN $VLTC $AMZG too!

  16. $SYMX Need the volume to increase on the way back up

  17. $SYMX Building support in the 1.20 s but on the verge of a breakout

  18. $SYMX The trend line has moved down to 1.30 now. All we need to do is get above that and stay there to be back in an uptrend.

  19. $SYMX turned this into one of my long term stocks. I always follow the smart billionaire money. Wahoo.

  20. $SYMX she might spike up at 1.30 before EOD

  21. $SYMX this stock is gnna give a high blood pressure

  22. $SYMX Added more at $1.26

  23. $SYMX $EROC had been acquired by vanguard

  24. $SYMX will drop to low 1.20s and then teens coming

  25. $SYMX Bullish Swing Set-up http://swingtradebot.com/equities/SYMX