1. $SYN where do you think this goes from here? Wait for pullback or get in? Thanks

  2. $SYN The potential market value of this drug is undoubtedly in the billions given vast number of patients this drug would directly benefit.

  3. $SYN Stock continuing up on high volume because of news announced on today s call and fact disclosed that no competitor to this drug exists.

  4. $SYN entered two days back at 2.00. forgot to post. caution here. more volume means more shorts.

  5. $SYN

  6. $SYN Company also just announced in the conference call just now that it would be amenable only to beneficial partnership opportunities.

  7. $SYN can someone post a chart here, please

  8. $SYN So many positive prospects today, and fantastic volume! There is no way this is staying down here.

  9. $SYN Company statements were from the conference call just concluded.

  10. $SYN not only are there analyst upgrades to look forward to but phase 2 data, all coming this month !

  11. $SYN Company stated it would seek FAST TRACK designation and has no need to dilute until next year AT THE EARLIEST.

  12. $SYN nice & steady upward movement - expecting new analyst coverage with bullish PTs over next few days maybe even as early as late aft :)

  13. $SYN please indulge me for 1 min. this is why i said buy the dip yesterday & i think it s good advise to remember

  14. $SYN $MNKD $TNXP Loving the action today! Great companies with revolutionary medicine!

  15. $SYN Literally.

  16. $SYN Any partnership announcement, which is now more likely than ever, and this stock will multiply.

  17. $SYN why does it keep stalling?

  18. $SYN Still A LOT of room to run! Better get in now before the train leaves the station!

  19. $SYN here we go, synners!

  20. $SYN Let s break the opening high!

  21. $SYN slow and steady. I like it

  22. $SYN nice looking chart

  23. $SYN

  24. $SYN next leg up!

  25. $SYN Let this run!