1. $SYN now that I review the yesterday taped I love the price action on this puppy up to 2.42 on 275k shares and down on50k MM doing his thing

  2. $SYN can t be mad with a green close heading into the weekend!

  3. $SYN Hopefully we can get an update on SYN005 on Monday...a PR would be great

  4. $SYN blah kind of day

  5. $SYN Another day, another week closer to news.

  6. $SYN Nice day! Looking forward to next week and hearing more about this weekends conference!

  7. $SYN

  8. $SYN just felt like shakin the pom poms - go team go! G.R.E.E.N for the weekend!

  9. $SYN 90 day average vol is 1.14MM.... we are at 235k today.

  10. $SYN all I want is for this puppy to close at 2.35 or higher I hate been under 50dma

  11. $SYN this needs help..smh. was at 2.42 earlier

  12. $SYN volume 326K? where are the traders? Are we headed for another depression?

  13. $SYN the fiddle is playing a nice song......I foresee some news maybe not new news...coming out next week....and UP we will go!

  14. Share an idea on $SYN The professional vultures just pick the carcasses of retail to the bone on this one...sad!

  15. $SYN good things happen to those who wait. Our time is coming

  16. $SYN wait to 2:30.....

  17. $SYN really testing my patience with this price action ..jesus

  18. $SYN slow Stochastics is over 50 bullish... trigger about to cross over bullish... this is on the daily chart. BUT NO VOLUME?

  19. $SYN cant hold gains...how the hell does this drop 5 cents on one trade?

  20. $SYN im a very positive person so I see this baby go up high around 2:30 pm we should end day around 2.54 hope more

  21. $SYN near 10% from yesterday s low to today s high. this is why you buy at supports. doesn t always work but you can make quick $ w/ a swing

  22. $SYN Moving up before news on Monday

  23. $SYN

  24. $SYN

  25. $SYN looky there. your supports held yesterday & today not looking so bad