1. $SYNA triggers RStop, exit at open, replacement determined in tonights scan & posted at that time. $RMBS lives another day.

  2. $RMBS within a few cents of violating RStop. Update after close. [And $SYNA will violate. Deets re replacement this evening]

  3. $SYNA earnings call next thursday should be very interesting! I m interested what management has to say about Samsung Note 4 design loss.

  4. $SYNA remains on RStop deathwatch. Update if needed aft close

  5. dumping $SYNA @ monday s open...violated 77.81 stop....+30% give or take based upon exit price...

  6. $SYNA avoids stop violation by 33 cents & $RMBS avoids by 12 cents. No changes Monday.

  7. $SYNA getting spanked...close below 77.81 will have me exit on monday...that looks imminent...entered on 1/21 so it s been a nice run @ +30%

  8. $SYNA short really kicking in now... Porterhouse + Prawns week for sure @canuk2usa

  9. @putsandcalls Please explain how $AMZN can be THAT important to $SYNA??

  10. $SYNA 7% down and no news??

  11. @putsandcalls The Fire phone also houses chips from Synaptics Inc .. how can this news be bad for $SYNA?

  12. $SYNA down on amzn news

  13. $SYNA on EOD death watch, flashing intraday trigger of RStop. Update after close.

  14. $SYNA Anyone know whats going on today?? Down big so far.

  15. $SYNA cheap.

  16. Wallick Investments holds an allocation of 1.5% in $SYNA in his Core Growth Investment Portfolio

  17. Triboro Investment Management sold $SYNA and now holds an allocation of 3.2% in their All Cap Investment Portfolio

  18. Eric Linser holds an allocation of 3.1% in $SYNA in his Eagle Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  19. Triboro Investment Management holds an allocation of 3.6% in $SYNA in his All Cap Investment Portfolio

  20. Long set ups for 7-23 $STWD $BRP $EVHC $MCK $HPT $SYNA $HP $BWLD

  21. $SYNA Good buy dip here, IMHO http://y.ahoo.it/OgBmMjyo

  22. Fairfax Global Markets holds an allocation of 3.9% in $SYNA in his Global Value Investment Portfolio

  23. Will EA have a strong earnings tomorrow before the big fall season kicks off next month? $EA $FFIV $SYNA $SIMO http://y.ahoo.it/87dhFuUc


  25. stock portfolio $AMAT $EOG $EQM $FB $GPRE $ICON $SLXP $SYNA $TRN $WWAV $ZBRA