1. $SYNA retraced & filled 12/17-18 gap up; may add here if holds &/or bounces this p.m. http://stocktwits.com/message/30472587

  2. $SYNA and 66.90 is daily 50ema support, too.

  3. $SYNA looks like that gap from 1-2 days ago is pretty much filled, so that s good to see on this low vol p/b today.

  4. $NEON shortie certainly NOT prepared for a surprise bid by $SYNA

  5. $SYNA darn, I set my limit a bit too high for exiting the rest of my Jan Calls, oop, oh well, low vol p/b.

  6. $SYNA continues to look very strong on most timeframes. position

  7. $NEON $SYNA a huge parabolic shift in optical touch technology to lowest cost touch and best optical performance. Synapics must move quickly

  8. $NEON $SYNA global monitor mkt is today >140M units ann according to IDC s June 24th report. Today s touch is a MUST MUST HAVE FEATURE

  9. $NEON $SYNA Synaptics has a void. Cap touch has difficultly working with small bezels hence the reason why only 5% of the PC mkt is touch.

  10. $SYNA price getting pretty close to my profit point(s), should p/b a bit soon after MACD signal crosses zero. http://stocktwits.com/message/30447983

  11. $NEON $SYNA should start to see speculation on the out of money call options over the next few days with a possible Synaptics bid

  12. STC 1/3rd $SYNA Jan $75 Call @ 1.10 from 0.67, +61%, 2/3rd remaining.

  13. $SYNA nHOD $80-85

  14. Needham s Top Stock Picks For 2015 $ATML $CY $MU $SIMG $SYNA http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/14/12/5088762/needhams-top-stock-picks-for-2015

  15. $SYNA started small position

  16. $NEON $SYNA $ALV Synaptics is very aggressive acquiring next gen touch technologies that don t already own

  17. $NEON $SYNA $ALV Synapics doesn t have the optical auto touch solution or the $HPQ entire print fleet solution or the low cost PC solution

  18. $NEON $SYNA watch the call options to start to become very active

  19. @Mitchnole Thanks buddy, for both your original attention & current thinking! Agreed. $SYNA

  20. @ibex I plan to stay with it and trade around a core...well into 2015...Fundamentals rapidly improving... $SYNA

  21. $NEON $SYNA We still think Synaptics will bid aggressively for Neonode prior to end of the year

  22. $SYNA ~

  23. $SYNA beautiful, long my Jan $75 Calls from 0.67 avg.

  24. $SYNA MOMO

  25. $SYNA RIPPING. $80-85 year end close