1. $USO $UWTI $OIL $OLO $BNO $OIH $DWTI $SCO $SZO $UCO non-OPEC production has started to collapse, insightful article:http://finance.yahoo.com/news/non-opec-oil-production-collapse-215148290.html

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  6. $USO $CL_F $BNO $UWTI $OIH $OIL $SZO $SCO $DWTI Bears, DON T be in denial, read article about oil from Art Berman:http://www.resilience.org/stories/2016-01-12/arthur-berman-why-the-price-of-oil-must-rise

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  8. $CL_F $DWTI $DBO $DNO $SCO $SZO Let s see WHO is brave or insane to short BRENT tomorrow with such news today:http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/01/saudi-arabia-severs-diplomatic-relations-iran-160103202137679.html

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  10. $SZO, DB Crude Oil Short ETN due June 1, 2038, gained 48% YTD; 65% since May low. Brinker Capital is a top player. https://hedgemind.com/real-time-insights/stock-holdings?filed_by=BRINKER-CAPITAL-INC

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  19. Oil Is Down - You Shouldn t Be Surprised http://seekingalpha.com/article/3681606-oil-is-down-you-shouldnt-be-surprised?source=tweet $USO $OIL $UCO $UWTI $SCO $BNO $DBO $DWTI $DTO $USL $DNO $OLO $SZO $OLEM

  20. $OLO $DBO $DTO $SCO $SZO $COP Total s CEO: World oil demand will grow 1.7 million bpd in 2015. My traders told me more than that .

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  25. $SCO $OIH $SZO $DIG $DUG $BNO aside Tropical storm Erika that enters GOM, a widespread GULF Conflict came closer: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/tensions-in-yemen-may-soon-become-a-big-deal-to-oil-2015-08-28?mod=MW_story_latest_news