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  4. Covestor holds an allocation of 0.4% in $T in his Risk Protection Investment Portfolio

  5. Eddy s review is always a must read to end your week: http://y.ahoo.it/6FZIUEBh @EddyElfenbein $SPY $DTV $T $FISV $BBRY

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  9. if there s no growth left in $SBUX then it s expensive considering the dividend when $T is cheaper for a higher dividend.

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  19. @nanteos They have great ideas and service ahead but $GOGO may run out of time along W/capital. $T works incredibly fast for BIG business.

  20. @nanteos I believe $GOGO can t compete with $T. 2B brutally honest, they ll need something other than themselves unless they hurry theFup.

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  22. $GOGO Again good things come with time. $VZ or $T will buy . Mr.M Small will bring them to table with a high value. I am staying long.

  23. @kickinwing You think $T is just driving down price? Seems like a hard road for meager investment. Honeywell might lose out if so.

  24. $T in the process of trying to acquire DirecTV (DTV) . This would give them the ability to start offering services on a nationwide basis

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