1. $NUGT closed my gold miner short today. Moving on to solar etf $tan . Will revisit nugt at lower prices and go long

  2. very good day for portfolio (long $msft $ntct) @ivanhoff: Earnings Results vs Market Reactions http://y.ahoo.it/caNtaUKf $FB $MSFT $NTCT $TAN

  3. Earnings Results vs Market Reactions http://y.ahoo.it/npxtmkBq $FB $MSFT $NTCT $TAN

  4. $TAN the good news for $TAN, The Tea Party Wants to Help You Go Solar http://y.ahoo.it/IBqfgAUL

  5. $TAN at lateral and downtrend line resistance, like it for 5 through the 45 level...carry on

  6. $tan sexy monster, had much chance to play it. doubt i will have a very easy opportunity to enter.. on the other hand, i cant buy it all

  7. $JASO breaking HUGEE resistance at 11.20 on watch $CSIQ $TAN $GTAT

  8. $TAN...4280... = got a bounce when $SUNE perked

  9. $CSIQ what a $%$#%$# bounce for solars $TAN $JASO $TSL

  10. $JASO thank god I heard myself and got 1k more at 10.58, now holding 11000 shares $TAN $CSIQ $SUNE $TSL $CSIQ $GTAT

  11. $TAN solars bouncing $JASO $CSIQ $TSL $SCTY $SUNE

  12. Got the lotion on deck #FrontPorch @NikkeiDreams: $TAN keep an eye on solars for breakouts across the board http://y.ahoo.it/BqJBZYPE

  13. $TAN waiting for it.

  14. $KNDI bingo bounce!!!!! $tsla $jaso $sune $tan

  15. @fabiancapital My Top 3 in the ETF Portfolio since 4/14 low: $BIB +19%, $TAN +9.4%, $RXL +8.7% - nice.

  16. $SPY Solar ETF $TAN just Ripping, dropped -27% to lows, and rocket up http://y.ahoo.it/mjT5dn5A

  17. $SPY Solar resurges - $TAN +4% Top 4 since 4/14 Low: $BIB +18%, $RXL +9%, $DIG, +8%, $TAN +7.9% http://y.ahoo.it/riewTxrv

  18. $TAN keep an eye on solars for breakouts across the board http://y.ahoo.it/rHPfI2rh

  19. $TAN and $TQQQ seeing some volume today. $SPY $TNA http://y.ahoo.it/pDe2jxfj

  20. $TAN $SPWR $JKS $CSIQ Same price, same sector, different fundamentals. A nice solar basket for your portfolio with defined risk.

  21. $KNDI rocket@@!! off to never-land! $jaso $gogo $sune $tan $tsla

  22. $SCTY Near term target $68.53 $TAN http://y.ahoo.it/ET4TzJAd

  23. Leading market sectors higher included: Oil Holders $OIH Solar $TAN Biotech $IBB and Healthcare $XLV

  24. $KNDI the $kndi company can! strong like bull $tsla $jaso $sune $tan

  25. $TAN scalp closed... scotch money