1. NEW POST: Hey, REITs: Step Into My Office http://y.ahoo.it/IPsg65pW $DRV $IYR $SRS $TBT $TLT

  2. Just had pit session close 30yr HOD 13607 LOD 13516 last 13524 -0.14% Euro HOD 12937 LOD 12843 last 122925 unchanged $ES_F $TLT $TBT

  3. Bonds, currencies and other 2pm markets close in 5 minutes Will have prices on close $TLT $TBT $ZB_F $ZN_F $EC_F

  4. Crude headed into pit session close in 5 minutes will have numbers on close $CL_F $ES_F $SPY $TLT $TBT

  5. Recently Just had Gold pit session close. December HOD 12287 LOD 12163 last 12269 -0.73% $ES_F $TF_F $NQ_F $YM_F $TLT $TBT $GC_F $GLD

  6. Gold pit session close in 5 minutes will have numbers on close. $GC_F $GLD $ES_F $TF_F $NQ_F $YM_F $TLT $TBT

  7. $TYX now testing reversal of last breakout to higher yields. If it s going to happen, yields should decline within 1-2 days. $TNX $TLT $TBT

  8. European markets close in 5 minutes and we will have numbers on the close $ES_F $TF_F $NQ_F $YM_F $TLT $TBT

  9. @howardlindzon: @KimbleCharting: Breakout and breakdown of two key assets- $SPY $GLD $TLT $TBT $GDX $EURUSD http://y.ahoo.it/KiULEZpR

  10. @KimbleCharting: Breakout and breakdown of two key assets- $SPY $GLD $TLT $TBT $GDX $EURUSD http://y.ahoo.it/SQ3nlJsD

  11. Breakout and breakdown of two key assets- $SPY $GLD $TLT $TBT $GDX $EURUSD http://y.ahoo.it/1V9rUv55

  12. $UUP there you go. Coming off a false breakout yesterday. $TNX $TLT $TBT TLT is a buy here IMO.

  13. $TBT Dot Plots VERY informative... to get to 3%+ from 0%, starting mid-2015, is up .25% EVERY MEETING!! http://y.ahoo.it/a2cRI57K

  14. $TBT I like it to $63 then $68 short term. http://y.ahoo.it/F12KQZv3

  15. T3 Live Daily Recap: September 17, 2014 http://y.ahoo.it/lP0wzcon $SPX $QQQ $IWM $XLF $GLD $TBT $TSLA $AAPL $GOOGL

  16. $TBT Just wait for the Asian market to wake up and start selling their bonds... Here comes the snowball.

  17. Looking Down on Bonds http://y.ahoo.it/9G2nbgpD $SPY $TBT $TLT $TMF $TMV

  18. @Birdseyeview You getting into $tbt or $tmv ?? Nice reversal today.

  19. @gmreid86: $TBT 7,000 Oct 31st (w) 59 calls @ $1.38 Can be sold here for 60% gain. $SPY

  20. @ForesightInvestor: Why the US Treasury Rally is Over: http://y.ahoo.it/JulfFnC3 $FED $TLT $ZN_F $ZB_F $TYX $TBT

  21. $TBT rates going to 3%. this stuff s going to 80

  22. $TBT Adding to any weakness give it to me been waiting two years

  23. $TBT oh yesssssssssssss

  24. Again I ask, with LT Treasurys up 25 bps today, why isn t $TBT down ~ 50 bps? Maybe by the close...

  25. Trade based upon what Janet says or price action? $TLT $SPY $TBT $GLD $EURUSD $USDJPY http://y.ahoo.it/uQbZkJDq