1. $TBT will look at this next week... might be time

  2. 10 Year at 2.33% because of Economic Strength. $TLT $TBT $SPY

  3. @BeckyHiu: $TLT breaking ... LOD now // $tbt

  4. Sold all last remaining $XIV and $TBT from Oct 15 in pre-market it was a really nice party but I think we are done here with this blow off.

  5. Direct link to the Weekly on The Market Meter. http://www.themarketmeter.com/#!blank/c1hlf $spy $dia $qqq $tbt $dxj $gpro $lnkd $wix $gld $xlu $xlv $xli $xly

  6. $TBT So Japan is going to export even more deflation, + weak consumer spending data today, and TSYs sell off? Senseless move, won t last.

  7. THE WEEKLY onThe Market Meter. Check it out http://shoutout.wix.com/lp/ea4703c3-e802-4140-b3a6-28c0e98b3626 $spy $dia $qqq $tbt $dxj $gpro $lnkd $wix $gld $xlu $xlv $xli $xly

  8. Julian Robertson On 3 Things He Looks For In Stocks; Says There Is A Big Bond Bubble http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/10/julian-robertson-interview-2014/ $AAPL $TLT $TBT $$

  9. $TBT Holding my straddle. The puts were doing okay, for about a couple hours, lol. Whatever you do, just make a big move.

  10. @Sassaenius I think $TBT could easily hit 60 by eoy, not sure about 65. Just bought a June call spread 58/61 for .7

  11. @AlohaTrades Indeed, what s your price target for $TBT for the end of the year? I think it can go back above 65 easy.

  12. @Sassaenius makes me scared I m missing something, but I think when it turns it will be a violent wake up call $TLT $TBT

  13. @AlohaTrades Good to see I m not the only $TLT short via $TBT, not sure why its still heading up.

  14. So the Fed quits buying bonds, and the $TLT rises? I, for one, am going to buy some $TBT today

  15. $TBT hmmm ... $TLT breaking 120 pm ... watching.

  16. $TLT is where the hedge remains as said. Up 0.45% premarket vs. -0.55% for $SPY. $SPX $TBT $TYX $TNX

  17. $spy $tbt $TLT These are the most important words uttered in the Fed FOMC statement. http://www.benzinga.com/top-stories/14/10/4963381/word-cloud-of-the-federal-reserve-statement-that-ended-qe

  18. $TLT Longer rates (30 yr) are DOWN and shorter (10 yr) are UP. $TYX -0.29% at 3.048$ and $TNX +1.71% at 2.323%. $TBT

  19. $TBT LONG 52.70

  20. As I said, it s a nice hedge against stocks: $TLT UP 0.47%. $SPX down 0.57%. $SPY $TBT $TYX $TNX

  21. $TLT is up from pre-Fed decision by 0.30%. $TNX $TYX $TBT

  22. $TLT watching. a failed bounce of 119.80-120 (wkly 5ma) gonna get short via $TBT so far 61fib bounce so watching

  23. $TBT Bought a Nov 7th (w) 53.5 straddle here for $1.85

  24. Especially when bullish sentiment is at the highs seen in Jan. and Sept. $spy $dia $qqq $tbt $tlt http://stocktwits.com/message/28579199

  25. I need to see this trend change. $spy $dia $qqq $tbt $tlt $IWM http://stocktwits.com/message/28579045