1. $SU.CA $ABX.CA $TD.CA $BCE.CA GoldDrawsTSXLower http://web.tmxmoney.com/caarticle.php?newsid=8279373082101022

  2. TD Bank Q2 2016: Revenue: $8.26 billion up from $7.76 billion last year | $TD.cA

  3. TD Bank Q2 2016: Profit: $2.05 billion up from $1.86 billion last year | $TD.CA

  4. $TD.CA

  5. Earnings announcement: $TD.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Aug 25 2016

  6. $TD.CA would love to buy some more but SP way too high 😏 maybe we can get some when market has a correction, slow entry point 51-52

  7. $TD.CA $BMO.CA $CM.CA poised for new 52 week highs.

  8. $TD-CA great long term hold with decent DIV, me like it long long time 🤓

  9. $TD.CA f n webbroker down again

  10. $TD.CA just 40!cents away from all time high for the year

  11. $TD.CA quotes here are delayed big time . 56.27 is what i see on rbc

  12. $TD.CA on a tear today

  13. $TD.CA TD : less exposed to oil than ry.ca, or na.ca

  14. Pay Yourself 1st to Enjoy a Better Future $AAPL $TD $TD.CA #investing #value http://www.fool.ca/2016/05/09/pay-yourself-1st-to-enjoy-a-better-future/

  15. $TD.CA back where it was one year ago

  16. $TD.CA every cad bank clobbered

  17. $TD.CA re entry..

  18. Why you should not fear a market meltdown http://www.theglobeandmail.com/try-it-now/try-it-now-inside-the-market/?contentRedirect=true&articleId=29834669 $TD $TD.CA

  19. $TD.CA $BAC which fintech will kill banks? http://www.slideshare.net/ishmelev/bank-future

  20. $TD.CA $BAC which fintech will kill banks? http://www.slideshare.net/ishmelev/bank-future

  21. $TD.CA would love to see it break 56 gain

  22. $td.ca probably a good buy, even tho time to buy was january. likely be in ath territory soon

  23. $GSY.CA earnings May 2nd after mkt close $RY.CA $TD.CA

  24. $TD.CA Future of Banking, Trend and Fintech forecast 2016-2100. http://www.slideshare.net/ishmelev/bank-future

  25. $TD.CA $RY.CA $CM.CA $BMO.CA $BNS http://seekingalpha.com/article/3966095-westmoreland-coal-company-excellent-short-candidate-bankruptcy-protection-likely