1. $TEVA trading at a 16% discount for a reason?

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  3. 07/28 Stock Watchlist: $TEVA, $XUE, $NYMX

  4. Our DCF shows Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is available at a 16% discount $TEVA:

  5. $TEVA breakout over ~$69 area to 52-week highs with huge volume from news.

  6. $MYL independence from $TEVA embrace comes with a price http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/07/27/us-mylan-deals-idUSKCN0Q128V20150727

  7. $TEVA seems like a penny at this point, certainly a good tax break

  8. $TEVA I hope there is an earnings pull back so I can buy more before this blue sky break out continues... Wow!

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  10. Hot 100 list for the day. $XUE $TEVA $UVXY $BECN $WAB $TRUE $MYL $AG $FXE $MGLN $BIDU $NUGT http://i59.tinypic.com/es2ps5.jpg

  11. $TEVA big equity issuance coming... And long time to resolve antitrust. Sold for now, will buyback much later.

  12. $TEVA perfect entry intraday at 68.80, retest of earlier HOD and daily ATH support. over +3 on that entry.

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  15. $AGN we closed this one today and reduced $TEVA first time in many months.. tape didn t smell right

  16. $TEVA Awesome trade today!!! Go to RoboticTweet.com

  17. $AMZN $BIIB $AMGN day 2 names all had clean opens... but #1 trenders? $TEVA $MYL complete duds. Not sure how that works out. Summer sucks.

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  22. $MYL this is the other side of the $TEVA Deal.

  23. $TEVA to buy $AGN generic business for $40.5 billion, drops $MYL bid http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/07/27/us-allergan-m-a-teva-pharm-ind-idUSKCN0Q10QE20150727

  24. Crowd and Market Prophits bullish on $TEVA https://marketprophit.com/stock/TEVA/

  25. With The Teva Money, Allergan Could Engage In Large M&A Next: Evercore ISI http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/15/07/5707185/with-the-teva-money-allergan-could-engage-in-large-m-a-n $TEVA $AGN