1. $WIN.CA up 6%. Fellows, we got to get better at buying into panics, as those last 5 days showed us. Ex: $TFI.CA $BIN.CA $HCG.CA $PHM.CA

  2. $TFI-CA Held up after missing on multiple measures. Quarter got leaked for sure. Was down 22% before ER.

  3. TransForce Announces 2015 Second Quarter Results http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=1863141 $TFI.CA

  4. TSX companies reporting earnings this week: $MTL, $CLS.CA, $L.CA, $RCI.B.CA, $TCK.B.CA, $TFI.CA, $VRX.CA, $ECA.CA

  5. TSX companies reporting earnings this week: $CFP.CA, $CFX.CA, $CLS.CA, $L.CA, $RCI.B.CA, $TCK.B.CA, $TFI.CA, $VRX.CA, $ECA.CA

  6. $TFI.CA ER after the close, Jul 23. With economy tanking, especially Ontario, I don t expect much. Looking for a cheap long straddle

  7. $TFI.CA The only stock burning a hole in my portfolio. May cut my losses

  8. Wesjet s pullback is not cool, but notice how many transports are down 20% including $CN.CA, $TMA.CA, $TFI.CA. And there s a div $WJA.CA.

  9. $TFI.CA Finally some movement to the upside, trend change

  10. Earnings announcement: $TFI.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Jul 23 2015

  11. Great buying opportunity $TFI.CA

  12. $TFI.CA of the 7 analyst s covering, no comments. Unreasonable to keep this puppy in the doghouse. See chart

  13. $TFI.CA looks like it s going to test the trendline from Oct 2012.

  14. TransForce had the most insider marker $ insider buys May 6. $TFI.CA -0.1%: https://canadianinsider.com/company?ticker=TFI#ui-id-15

  15. $TFI.CA waiting til Friday or Monday, just making sure its got all the analyst s displeasure out of it.

  16. Added more to my positions in $TFI.CA, $ITP.C$CFP.CA. All great buying opportunities.

  17. $TFI.CA Don t understand either. Breakout of support this morning. A good time to initiate a position.

  18. $TFI.CA Bought more at 26.98. I don t see anything bad with their earnings. Anyone?

  19. TransForce Q1 2015 Earnings: Net income: $14M vs $5.9M (2014) | Revenue: $926.2 | http://app.tmxmoney.com/news/cpnews/article?locale=EN&newsid=22TB607 | $TFI.CA

  20. TransForce Primed For Quarterly Results Statement In After-Hours Today $TFI.CA

  21. Key Cdn ERs for this week: $CNR.CA $RCI.B.CA $CP.CA $MRU.CA $ESP.CA $TFI.CA $CRH.CA $WFT.CA $WPK.CA

  22. Buying more Canadian industrials $TFI.CA $ALC.CA

  23. Earnings announcement: $TFI.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Apr 22 2015

  24. $TFI.CA $ZEB.CA $BOS.CA $TLM.CA Stock Trends TSX Weak Bearish Breakout trading strategy http://www.stocktrends.com/stPortfolio.php?id=11

  25. $TFI.CA CIBC ups target to $34.50 from $34. Keeps Sector Outperform rating.