1. $WFM tagging the 4hr 10 ma again. Alright make up your mind. $TFM over there having itself a nice little day.

  2. On the long term side, $TFM holding up well today +1.06%

  3. $TFM The Fresh Market, Inc. Announces Analyst Day Presentation http://www.finances.com/company-news/19973-the-fresh-market-inc-announces-analyst-day-presentation.htm

  4. $TFM The Fresh Market, Inc. Announces Analyst Day Presentation.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/TFM/communique/777373

  5. Into Bollinger Band Squeeze, on watch for directional clue $HBI $COV $CELG $PVTB $CP $CAH $KR $TFM $VEEV $JAH $SPR

  6. sld $NKE for a 10% gain; sld $OSIS (seasonal) for a 5% loss; sld $TFM for a 10% gain; sld $THOR for a 25% loss;

  7. The Fresh Market upgraded by Wolfe Research to market perform. http://y.ahoo.it/MpswwGK2 $TFM

  8. Eyes on $TFM !! Short Squeeze Candidate and Potential Upside breakout http://y.ahoo.it/eE0cK4AG

  9. Parabolic Sar Buy Signals 4/4 $SLM $SNDK $STM $SWKS $TFM $TRN $TRP $UBS $UNFI $UNH $VMW $VRTX $VVUS $VZ $WYNN $XL http://y.ahoo.it/tDJXS9dd

  10. Huge day for $TFM +3.7% $ARUN +2.0% and $BRKS +1.6% http://y.ahoo.it/K5OU6uWl

  11. FonsieTraderBlog Working well today $TFM +3.31% $FSL +3.40% $BPOP +2.17 $AMTD +1.57% http://y.ahoo.it/vFlqFOjB Sign up! Its Free

  12. $TFM almost to $37 today. Still heading for $40 imo >> http://y.ahoo.it/LPvLxbvz

  13. $TFM Ripping

  14. $TFM - http://y.ahoo.it/NRYsHUMb - People are talking about this UP MOVE - Up 3% for the day.

  15. $TFM has 28.13% of short float! Short Squeeze is coming

  16. $TFM Is taking off

  17. $TFM Nice follow through! http://y.ahoo.it/IVQutM0g

  18. $TFM HOD

  19. $TFM there it goes! Long setup http://y.ahoo.it/55yHEARv

  20. FonsieTraderBlog: Long Setups to watch today $ABT $COF $FSL $HALO $TFM $ZNGA $A $AMTD $BPOP $DHI $LL $PNRA http://y.ahoo.it/mFobSclt

  21. Bullish MACD Crossovers 3/3 $PGR $PPP $RCL $RIO $SMA $TFM $TNAV $TWX $UNP $ZNGA http://y.ahoo.it/tgBWyuRK

  22. @ManukStocks: @Greenspud: Daytrade Watchlist for 9/18/14: $YHOO $BABA $NYNY $SKX $MBLY $DD $TFM $MOBI $SWHC http activist target

  23. @Greenspud: Daytrade Watchlist for 9/18/14: $YHOO $BABA $NYNY $SKX $MBLY $DD $TFM $MOBI $SWHC http://y.ahoo.it/wx88zzjO

  24. Daytrade Watchlist for 9/18/14: $YHOO $BABA $NYNY $SKX $MBLY $DD $TFM $MOBI $SWHC http://y.ahoo.it/yDWxWiiR

  25. Daytrade Watchlist for 9/18/14: $YHOO $BABA $NYNY $SKX $MBLY $DD $TFM $MOBI $SWHC